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Keeping Our Brains Young

Aerobic exercise can change the brain’s anatomy, physiology and function. Wendy Suzuki, PhD, author of Healthy Brain, Happy Life.

Perhaps you think exercise is all about your body—building muscles, conditioning your heart, circulatory systems, etc. 165 more words

Left brain vs right brain ...

The human brain fascinates me for lots of reasons. I have taken several courses in it from The Great Courses and recommend them for anyone curious about this amazing organ that lives inside our heads. 982 more words


Memory Care: Learn A New Word Each Week

I have been a lazy blogger this past week.  I only managed one post in that time period.  It was nice break, though, and I was kind of busy.  251 more words

Health Coach

Thinking about your brain - infographic

I love this infographic of the brain. Surprisingly, they left out one of the most impressive facts to me, namely, that the brain burns 20 to 25 percent of our daily calories. 35 more words


The Healthy Brain

By now, most people understand that we are what we eat. *Below are the top 10 foods for a healthy brain. These foods are neuroprotective and not difficult to incorporate into our daily food intake.  71 more words

Optical illusion tricks brain - Study

I really wanted to reproduce this just because the illusion seemed so cool to me. I don’t know that you can benefit from in any way, but to enjoy it. 248 more words


Running and Listening to Your Mind

One of the reasons for starting my blog was that it was a way of keeping a diary of my thoughts and observations that arise whilst running and seeing what benefits can be shared with others. 612 more words

Positive Thinking