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8 Reasons You Should Actually Drink Kombucha

Okay, so the latest craze is kombucha (especially here in Southern California). Ever heard of it? Well, if you haven’t, here’s what you need to know: … 343 more words

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Beet, Carrot & Apple Juice

Beet, Carrot & Apple Juice*

Our Breville juicer is probably one of the best gifts we have given to ourselves over the years.  It gives us one more way of getting additional fruits & veggies into our daily diet. 87 more words
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Golden Milk Turmeric Tea

Golden Milk Turmeric Tea* 

1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk, preferably coconut milk beverage or almond milk
1 (3-inch) cinnamon stick
1 (1-inch) piece turmeric, unpeeled, thinly sliced, or 1/2 teaspoon dried turmeric… 89 more words

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Ginger Tea, Please!

Happy New Year! We are well into two weeks of 2018! Hopefully, you are keeping up with your new year resolutions or even trying to *wink wink. 540 more words

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Why you should get your malt based food in bulk

quipped with a plethora of health benefits and other advantages, malt-based food is reigning the markets. Whether it is the range of food for adults or small children, malt-based products are being used in them all. 156 more words

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The Kombucha Craze

By now you’ve probably heard of kombucha, you may not have a clue what it is or does but chances are you’ve heard it talked about by someone. 1,059 more words


Το πράσινο είναι το νέο μαύρο.

Ο μαύρος καφές είναι φτιαγμένος από καβουρδισμένους κόκκους, ενώ τα πράσινα ροφήματα του καφέ παρασκευάζονται από μη καβουρδισμένους ή “πράσινους” κόκκους. Πρόσφατες επιστημονικές μελέτες έδειξαν πως αυτά τα ροφήματα έχουν ποικίλα οφέλη για την υγεία του οργανισμού.

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