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Indian Pepsi and Zipzicle.(R).

Pepsi is the name we fist knew as cool or frozen fruit drinks in small plastic  pouches which was available near our school St. John’s in Mandaveli, Chennai. 330 more words

Healthy Drinks.

Good Morning Sunshine Juice

Beautiful, delicious and healthy. This drink reminds me of when I was a slushy obsessed kid, and how I often couldn’t choose between two flavours, so I would just get them both. 96 more words


Homemade Soya Milk


½ cup soybeans (80 grams)

4 cups water (1 liter)

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

sugar ( you may use any food sweetener of your choice) 119 more words

Refreshing Summer Drink Idea - Tasty and Healthy Too!

Hello world! I’ve said for quite some time now that summer is here! I do live in Phoenix so summer comes faster than most places. Now that I’ve lived here for awhile, I tend to forget the rest of the country has seasons and normal weather. 459 more words


Whittle Cocktails – all under 150 calories!

What is your favorite cocktail? Do you worry about the calories in those fruity drinks?

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is being happy. These three whittle cocktails are sure to make you happy as they are all under 150 calories. 100 more words

Cocktail Hour!