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Health Benefits of Red Wine

Alcohol has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to its negative effects on your weight & health.  However, more and more research has uncovered some fantastic benefits that red wine can have on your body (and mind!).  412 more words


power up green smoothie

We recently splurged and got ourselves a vitamix. (standard 5200) Our juicer, which makes wonderful juices, is not the easiest to prep and clean up. Because of it, we were juicing less and less. 93 more words


Healthy Drinks and Beverages

There are certain drinks and beverages that are useful for detoxication of the body. Green tea, mint tea, cinnamon tea are the most common detox drinks that are easily made at home. 135 more words

Healthy Drinks

HEALTHY Cheese Cake Shop Opens in Brisbane!

Yep it’s true, you can now have your cake and eat it too. Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan cake that is! And not just any guilt free cake, but cake from our favourite girls at… 215 more words


How To Beat The Hangover This Bank Hol!

It’s here- the last weekend of August, which for a lot of us means a longgg weekend! Yipppee! But by the end of it, we can sometimes be left feeling a little worse for wear. 102 more words


Calamondin : dissolve kidney stones

I just wanted to share this good for the health drink which helped dissolved my mom’s kidney stone.  This also helped my husband’s blood sugar dropped from 9mmol – 3mmol for just a week, in time for his eye operation schedule, and which made the doctor say that it’s the first time he had a patient who had dropped his blood sugar level that fast and still looks healthy while his other patients take months.   150 more words


Blackberry Sorbet

A perfect sorbet for summer days! Ingredients will be;

  • 2 glasses of blacberries
  • Water
  • A glass of sugar (you might use less or more sugar, up to how sweet you like to have it)
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Healthy Drinks