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uses of water

In this post I am sharing the uses of drinking water for our health. Drinking water at right time increases the effectiveness on the human body in following ways:= 97 more words


Flatten your belly using an ancient drink

Are you affected with stress, inflammation, no sleep, and a week immune system?

Are 100 sit ups a day not ridding you of your belly? 190 more words


Rising trends of the healthy drink market

Healthy drinks as you well know are highly popular among the youngsters, especially the millennial of today. In the meantime, you will also see that the trends of the healthy drink market are also going through a lot of changes or modifications. 282 more words

best fat burning juice recipes

Juicing can reduce the waist size at a faster pace if done properly, along with boosting you so much energy that you will feel like nuclear powered. 267 more words

Drinks for healthy body

For healthy drinks there are many drinks that keep our health more younger and happy. These healthy drinks can help in making a better mood and also reduce chances of diseases.Following are some of the drinks described which are helpful to our body:- 111 more words


Skip the diet,just drink healthy !

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art.

Hello my wonderful family of whatshevoice,

Very often ,I have seen people skipping their food just because they believe in a myth that eating less will make them look good and healthy .On the contrary ,it has an adverse effect on your health and body. 210 more words

Pineapple-Orangerita Drink Recipe

Have you heard of all the health benefits pineapples and oranges can offer you? Yeah, I have too, which is why I created the best of both worlds by combining the two fruits into one delicious drink that you probably won’t get enough of no matter how many glasses you down.   148 more words

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