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didn’t post yesterday sorry, been really busy with end of term shows at university

haven’t eaten the best yesterday or today – yesterday started good, i had porridge for breakfast with green tea, then a salad for tea but my sweet tooth emerged and i had a few chocolate biscuits… didn’t exercise either purely because i was so tired from the day, and today i had green tea and porridge for breakfast but it wasn’t very nice today so i didn’t eat more than 10 spoonfuls, and then i had an asian styled stir fry for tea with a vegetable spring roll. 108 more words

The Confessionals of a Kettlebell Instructor

Part 1 – Food

Challenge: Willpower vs Food

(Or: That certain food vice that always beats your brain)

Everyone has a food vice.  For example – If I were to shout “ICE CREAM!”,  some of you would immediately start walking to the freezer.   468 more words

Eating Healthy In Vancouver

This is what your grandma never taught you. . . .

You need to include the colour groups in your food intake. One cup of each colour every day.

Greens, Reds, Orange, White, Purple

A different way of looking at your food intake!


Recipe: Greco-Moroccan Salad

I’m best known in the kitchen for throwing stuff together on a whim. Based on which colours look good together. Or how much salt is offset by the sweet. 249 more words


The I in Your LIFE

May 5, 2016

The way to succeed in your new, improved healthy life is to focus on yourself.  Take back time for just you.  Put yourself on the list, and your health as a top priority.   152 more words

You Are What You Eat

I know we love in an America where everything is fast and convenient but, take the time and love yourself.  Show the only Temple (body) you will ever have a little respect.  30 more words

I wasn't built to get up at this time...

Brief description of my hectic day…

Up at 3:30am – airport run done and back home by 5. Managed an hour’s kip before getting up to take the kids to school, feed the animals, get my hair done (DH didn’t even notice I got about 5 inches chopped off :|), do the food shopping and vote. 71 more words