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Dyspraxia, Mindfulness and Food

I was born with dyspraxia so I’ve never known anything different. Dyspraxia affects my co-ordination and balance, among other things, but I’m not going into all of that now. 898 more words

Carrot Cake Cookies

The original recipe for these cookies included sultanas.   I left the sultanas out and sprinkled the tops with chopped pecan nuts instead.

We eat so many bananas in our household and I buy many bunches a week but we still have difficulty leaving them to go really ripe (the more black spots the better) so when this recipe called for mashed banana and mine weren’t particularly ripe, I decided to grate them along with the apple and carrots in my food processor.  216 more words

Healthy Eating

I used to...

I used to spend so much time responding to everyone else, being there for everyone and them not being there for me I am going to start making more time for me. 354 more words

Life with a Broken Jawbone

No, not my mouth but my fitness band.

I was at work when I happened, enjoying the 00’s pop music when I suddenly felt something lose on my wrist. 223 more words

Staying Low-Carb on Vacation

If you’re like me, it’s extremely hard to stay with a diet on vacation. Just a few weeks ago I went to Mexico and completely undid everything I had worked weeks for!! 516 more words

Healthy Eating

Summer Travel Food Essentials

How many road trips have you been on so far this summer? And how many of those trips involved low-quality food consumption? You very well may not have craved those types of foods (you know: fast-food burgers, candy bars, greasy potato chips, gas station pizza), but you didn’t have much choice in the matter. 390 more words

Healthy Eating

Food Resets are Necessary

“Detoxification works because it addresses the needs of individual cells, the smallest units of human life,”. There is something to be said for doing food Cleanse resets, that is going back and in some cases for the first time in our lives promoting nutritional health and wellness by going back to the basic tenets of Healthy Eating.- TJH… 246 more words