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Drink More Tea.

Tea is a wonderful thing. Even if you didn’t care about the scientific benefits, it’s so calming. Something about hot tea in the morning when the sun is coming up, or peppermint tea to help you wind down before bed when you’re curled up with a book. 327 more words


Going Ga-Ga over Pickled Ginger

There are certain foods that one discovers later in life. For me, ginger is one of them. Growing up with a heavily Austrian/Italian cuisine, I found out about ginger’s zingy flavor, medicinal properties and anti-inflammatory capabilities when I was exposed to it through Asian foods. 408 more words

Featured Fruit And Vegetable

Stronger and better.

Hi guys! Good evening here in the UAE.

I was once a member of Fitness First, and working out in their gym is probably one of the most motivating program for losing weight. 628 more words


Part-Time Vegetarian

I eat carrots. I drink carrots. I breathe carrots. 

Funniest vegetarian campaign ever :

Or at least that’s what my friends say when they want to make fun of me. 156 more words

Healthy Eats

Strawberry Benefits

I’m a big fan of fruits for healthy snacking when I’m craving sweets. Some of my favorites are watermelon, cantaloupe and berries. My favorite berry has to be strawberries, not just because they’re juicy but for many other health benefits. 214 more words

Meal Prep

Sweet Potato and Sausage Egg Casserole

I love casseroles. This casserole is healthy, high in protein and low carb. This casserole can be paleo friendly, if you nix the cheese.

Ingredients: 181 more words

Healthy Eats

5 Foods that are Silently Killing You

Everyone deserves an occasional indulgence, but if you want to optimize your health, and still fit in your skinny jeans, these foods are a no, no, no. 336 more words