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Mediterranean Style Ancient Grains Bowl

Food trends like the paleo diet have been taking us back to our ancient roots and encouraging us to eat like our ancestors once did. While we have more sophisticated ways of cooking now, maybe it’s not so bad to take a look back every once in a while and eat how humans used to eat. 230 more words


Formula 1, Enrique Iglesias & Wolfgang Puck What I Eat #29

I’ve been covering the Bahrain Grand Prix every year since 2014, so I thought it would be interesting to bring you guys along for the ride. 82 more words


Biblical Health: The Spiritual Aspect

We need to ask God to give us the desire to be healthy, but not for those vain reasons. Examples of vain would be to catch the eye of her/him, to be loved by him/her, to make someone else happy or stay with us, etc. 430 more words

The Good Kind of Fat

As someone who used to not understand the importance of fat, I now make sure to get enough healthy fats into my diet.  When I started my fitness journey (and even before), I was afraid that eating too much fat would make me fat.   737 more words


A Quick and Easy Weeknight Meal!

Hi readers!

I apologize in advance- I’ve fallen slightly off the bandwagon! New work has kept me busy and traveling (yay!), but has left a lot less time for cooking for fun (boo!). 499 more words

Golden Milk

Today we are going to go over the benefits of golden milk and a easy to follow recipe.


Better Digestion

Turmeric has been shown to fight gas, bloating & indigestion.   362 more words

Eating out: Smoking Gun Bagels

Holy crap. BAGELS.

I love food, and ever since going to America, I’ve been obsessed with bagels. (Rainbow bagels anyone!?)

After gym I was starved, so decided to explore my options in the area. 139 more words