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Will Is A Skill

After having a baby, many women gained their weight. Besides, there are some other reasons for gaining your weight as hormonal, genetical, behavioral and many more. 474 more words

Yammy Taste

Conversations with my 14year old Son.

Sometimes I wish my two teenagers are still toddlers, who couldn’t argue with you or question you. At the same time, we know that the only constant thing in life is change, and change comes as result of growth. 833 more words


Do all these 'Fit Moms' have fit kids too?

I see an awful lot of ‘fit moms’ in my line of work. Myself being one of them.  I follow quite a few ‘fit moms’ on Instagram and here on WordPress. 676 more words


Corky Dough

There are a few items out there that work great when you are happy as well as when you are sad. These are things like cake and alcohol…. 366 more words

Week One of the 28 Day Life Detox

A week’s worth of decluttering my life and it feels so great.  I was in a lot of pain this week, so I am happy with all that I was able to accomplish.  515 more words

Healthy Spirit

Low Carb Chinese FOOD

I love chinese food! But I’m avoiding the carbs these days and always looking for ways to get the flavors I love in a healthy way! 100 more words