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15 Weeks Pregnant Today!

“Cry Baby, Cry Baby, but I don’t even Care” (Melanie Martinez)

15 Weeks Today! 
Baby is the size of an Apple. 

According to my Ovia App, Baby is the size of a Multi Tool. 366 more words

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Tone/Build Muscle From Home-Resistance Bands

Hey guys….

I have mostly been posting about my pregnancy, And I am finally caught up to my current weeks!! I had them in my phone notes  before I realized there was a wordpress App that   I can write them in  instead lol. 553 more words

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3 Ways to Curb Sibling Rivarly

If you have kids you’ve probably thought about sibling rivalry.

It’s kind of like debt or a skin rash: You don’t think about it until you have to deal with it yourself! 933 more words

Weeks 12-13-14 (Positively Pregnant )

Phew…. I Did it. I Am All Caught up!!!

I am Currently 14 Weeks Pregnant! Baby Is measuring closer to 15 Weeks!! I am officially in my Second Trimester!! 504 more words

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Positively Pregnant. Weeks 8-9-10-11

Weeks 8,9,10 and 11!

Oh man!!! So I’ll just combine these last 4 weeks. 🙈
I had my 8 week appointment, all went well until I had to get blood drawn! 633 more words

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7 Weeks Pregnant!! 

7  Weeks Pregnant...
Take 2… I can’t believe I just deleted my finished post I had in my notes!! 🙈 wow lol

(Written March 8th) 507 more words

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