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Day 14!!!!! Wow it's already been 2 wks!

So the book talks about around this point in the program you may have food dreams. Dreams about food you aren’t eating. Guess what??? Last night I had a dream about pie and almond butter fudge! 181 more words

Day 13 

So today was great! Today I had some non scale victories:-) I was finally able to wear a pair of pants I haven’t worn in a few years!! 242 more words

Day 12.....

Well I guess it’s sign that I had to go back to yesterday’s blog to see what day I’m on! To me that says a lot about how I feel about what I’m eating! 439 more words

Personal Best

My mom came in from the rain triumphantly holding a bag of frozen strawberries she had acquired from the freezer in the garage. She explained that in order to climb through the garage window with her short legs she needed to put a little stepstool on the inside, but that was a minor issue. 719 more words


Yesterday was day 9!

So I’m blogging this Whole30 to keep me accountable but also for after the whole30 when I’ve changed the way I eat for good and I’m having a rough day I have a place to come and look back at where I started and why I started it. 199 more words

Day 8 was great!

Woke up this morning feeling great! Even though my poor babies are both having an eczema flare up and didn’t sleep, I still didn’t feel tired or grumpy. 285 more words

12 Traits of a Healthy Family

Our family has come up with this list and have it our refrigerator. We’ve all signed it and have promised to live by its ideas. We share it with you, in hopes that it will encourage others to follow it as well. 169 more words