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Screw the Food Industry!

Screw the food industry! There I said it! I said it and yet I still don’t feel any better. The thoughts in my head are never ending when shopping to fill my kitchen. 850 more words

Packing lunches...let the creativity flow!

My oldest daughter just started 1st grade!!  Since she will be in school ALL DAY, I have to figure out how to pack her lunch and not let it get boring. 212 more words

Healthy Food


I don’t like to be negative and I’m not a fan of ranting but today I have something quick to say. Parents/grandparents/uncles/cousins/random people/friends/anyone really, stop smoking around your child and certainly do not do it around mine! 150 more words


Meal Plan Monday

It’s been a while, but I’m back…… here’s a sneaky peek of what I was doing……


Welcome Kailer Chris. Born March 8, 2015. Yes, he’s 5 months old now. 49 more words


Health, happiness, & family are inter-connected

Anyone who has had serious health problems, or has a loved one who has, knows how hard it can be.

I hope this video will encourage all of you


I Love Natural Immunity

Woke up like this, tired, sore, unmotivated, hungry and dreading work. yikes! I quickly had to snap myself out of this unacceptable mood. I pushed myself out of bed and hit the living room floor for a workout! 290 more words


Body Lovin'

Morning Workout: 8 sets of 10/side side plank crunches, 10/side glute extensions, 10/side curtsy lunges, 20 calf raises.

Lots of stretching! This workout was not hard in any way, I need to amp up my routines! 250 more words