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Dinner on my journey to the Orient.

Tonight’s trout wasn’t trouty at all, pardon that lame pun, but it sounded really quite witty when Eva Marie Saint played with these words when suggesting trout for dinner in North by Northwest, a film I particularly like because of the scenes in the restaurant car, I love traveling in restaurant cars, it’s the closest you can get when trying to evoke the glorious times of the Orient Express, the most storied set of carriages in the world, although, sadly, you’re not living in the 1920s, neither are you on your way to any oriental place, it’s not Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire you’re heading to, just your parents’ place in the provinces, anyway, I love the restaurant car’s little table lamps, just next to the window, turned on as soon as the sun starts to set, when the landscapes you’re passing by are being dimmed to a secondary role, the spotlight’s on the fresh white tablecloth, and for a moment, you are expecting your vichyssoise being served and some Russian émigrée making her entry in diamonds and black Chanel, but, alas, there will be nothing to marvel at, just pea soup and a cranky waitress. 23 more words


The hubbys steak and chips !

Life is for the living right, so it’s okay to have your favourite calorie loaded foods… “moderation is key though”.


* 2/3 medium sweet potatoes sliced into medium sized chips… 217 more words

Healthy Food

Gluten Free + Vegan + Adaptogenic Blueberry Oat Bars

I have always found that it’s important to have a good breakfast bar recipe up my sleeve.

Whether you want a quick grab and go breakfast or you need to meal prep for traveling, they’re constantly coming in handy. 346 more words


Avocado Balsamic Salad


They’re good for you.  They’re low on calories.  They’re a good way to get your daily servings of vegetables.  They’re filled with nutrients and vitamins and antioxidants all that good stuff. 287 more words

Easy Dinners

Managed to avoid old comfort foods 

I was super hungry this morning because I had to fast for blood work at the lab. So I went there early so that I can go back and eat. 149 more words

Clean Eating

Metabolism boosting smoothie bowl

It’s winter and I normally don’t drink a lot of caffeine, but I need some serious injections of it today to wake up. I wanted to be a little creative with it, so I put coffee in a smoothie bowl…it’s like a jolt of awesomeness.   142 more words


Lekovita Shiitake

Lentinus edodes je latinsko ime pečurke šitake, nadaleko poznate kao šii take (shii – hrast i take – pečurka). Tako je zovu u Japanu, dok je u Kini poznata kao ko-ko ili hoag-ko. 672 more words