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1 Year 4 months hair growth. (Healthy Hair Tips)

Protective Hair Styles

Now that its getting colder, this could e a great time to wear Protective hair styles. (not that you can wear it any time of the year) This could be wearing wigs, braids, weaves, cornrows, etc. 233 more words

How to prevent hair loss, hair fall during winter season naturally

Problem of hair fall often makes the beautiful season of winter gloomy for many. If you are trying to prevent hair fall that is triggered by the cold season, first you need to understand the reason. 210 more words

Nutrients and Vitamins needed for Healthy  Hair 

Well with all of the natural hair phenomenon, extensions, lace fronts, braids so many are starting to lose their hair or their own hair is not healthy. 143 more words

How to Get Stuff for Free or Dirt Cheap on Amazon

Many people Youtube Vloggers have  accomplished gaining active subscribers and paid advertisement through major companies that consumers use on a day to day basis. I always wondered how they were able to find these big companies that would then sponsor them to use their products for free. 149 more words



I kid you not, during my relaxed hair days, I used to dread getting a trim because in my head, I felt like I was getting a haircut. 254 more words

What happened to my edges?!?!

There are many contributing factors to the thinning or loss of edges: Stress, Age, Hormones, Medicine, Poorly Installed Extensions, Years of Tight Ponytails & Head Bands, Over Processing Color and Relaxer, the list goes on…and on…and on! 304 more words

Hair Maintenance

Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask

My thought process with this post was that summer is coming up and I need my hair looking healthy and feeling great if I am going to be growing it out again. 453 more words