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How to retain length with protective styles

Protective hairstyles are hairstyles that require low-manipulation and shield your hair from physical or environmental agitation. So basically, it is a hairstyle that can stay in place for a while without the need to re-style the hair, anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks (or months). 551 more words


Simply Beautiful

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Yeeeeeessssss to Oil Rinsing

Since I decided to amp things up this year as far as my studies are concerned, I realised that I have to find ways of maximising my time. 341 more words

Healthy Hair

Currently...Protective style 02

Hello, Happy new month and Happy new new year for those of us that have decided January was the trial month and the new year starts this month lol, I hope you accomplish in this month what you couldn’t in January. 548 more words

Kinky Hair

Hair Help

Hi, it’s Maggie. For many months now, I have felt like my hair is getting oily more often, especially in the back. So one day, just out of frustration, I tried my brother’s shampoo: 131 more words

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