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The Erasure of Kinky Hair

The erasure of kinky hair is a real issue, and I’ve been speaking on it since I started this blog and big chopped over four years ago. 626 more words

African American Hair

My Curly Journey

People often ask me how long I’ve been “natural”. To be quite honest, I don’t know the answer to that question.

I’d say, I’ve been natural most of my life. 819 more words

Ashley Victorian

Strong Hair Don't Care

Bring on the elements! The most glorious crowns atop our heads are not made of the longest strands… but the strongest. Strong, healthy hair can stand up to the worst abuses, be they caused by nature or our own hand (we see you over there with the blow dryer/flat iron/hair spray). 351 more words

Hair Oil

Self Help: How To Keep Your Hair Healthy! ❤️

Okay, so before you read this here is a *disclaimer* I am not a hairdressers nor do I have any qualifications on hairdressing or beauty. This is merely what I’ve learnt on how to keep my own personal hair healthy.  313 more words

Healthy Hair Journey

My healthy hair journey

Being a stylist, keeping the integrity of a client’s hair always comes first. I realized I needed to do this for myself also. 240 more words

Hair Care Empties September 2017

Hey guys! How’s your weekend? Mines great! I hope everyone is getting ready for fall soon. I know I am.

Here are my hair care empties! 225 more words