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Naturalista Jamellia

My name is Jamellia McFarlane but friends call me Millie. I was born in Queens New York but raise in Florida. I’m 27 and a social worker.  408 more words

Natural Hair

Natural Hair & Pregnancy


Congratulations! Whether you are expecting your first, second or tenth baby the effects pregnancy can have on your hair… 912 more words


How Effective Is Your Lice Shampoo Really?

It’s usual for you to walk down our favorite supermarket’s aisles, with a plethora of product labels shouting “the best for your ”! Lice shampoos are no exception to flashy adverts. 422 more words

Lice Prevention

I'll Raise You A Braid

Perhaps this is just me, but I feel like every doctor I have ever spoken to regarding my hair loss looks at me as if I am just being vain. 451 more words

Wash & Go with BioCare Curls and Naturals

“Wash and go” is a common term used in the natural hair community. At first, I thought it was just washing your hair then you go. 387 more words

Natural Hair Care

The Right Way to Trim Natural Hair for Maximum Length Retention

If you’ve been in the natural hair community long enough, I’m sure you already know the benefits of trimming. Trimming your hair is very important if you must have healthy hair and healthy hair results in long hair over time. 766 more words

straight hair care regime 

As promised, here is my hair care regime when my hair is straight!

  • how often I straighten my hair

I actually do not straighten my hair myself. 428 more words