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Sea Salt Sprays + A Hair Trick

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone’s surviving the heat.  They keep it nice and frigid in our office, so there’s approximately a fifty-degree temperature difference between my desk and the other side of the door I set ten yards from. 428 more words


30 Days of Results

In just 30 days this Monat customer has revolutionized her hair! By using our simple and easy to use products we’ve have created a new level of awesome in her hair! 10 more words

Healthy Hair

Benefits of Oils

Their are many different varieties of essential oils, and each is packed with different benefits. Now I’m going to show you ways you can use oils and how it may help with your hair. 782 more words

Healthy Hair

Hair Care Routine

Good afternoon everyone!

I am just going to start off the bat by saying I love my hair. I get complimented on it frequently, and don’t feel complete unless my hair… 734 more words


Mix & Match

It’s time to shake things up a bit!

Mix and Match your products to get up to 15% off your order of $120 or more. Monat offers a line of truly great products, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Message today for details!!

Healthy Hair

Pro-Tips to Make Detangling Easy!

The day is here…..the dreaded wash day! Yikes!

Why do naturals dread wash day so much? Or maybe it was just me. But I think it’s in part due to the detangling process. 894 more words

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