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Gaining Confidence in the Gym

The gym can be an intimidating place whether you have been going consistently or not. I always have my ups and downs in my gym routine. 798 more words



I recently (yesterday) had the the experience of being questioned by a borderline misogamist.

I don’t mind other people’s views but I don’t appreciate when they project their views onto me. 248 more words

Eating out healthily and minimising food anxiety

I recently went on a holiday where we ate out three times a day, for days on end. For the weeks preceding the holiday I had been eating a mostly clean diet with food that I had mostly cooked myself. 938 more words

Fighting the 'buffet bug': how to prevent overeating at hotels, events and buffets

The struggle is real guys! It is crazy just how often these days are we faced with celebrations, functions, and all you can eat specials (just to name a few!) where we find ourselves inundated with food. 589 more words