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Importance of Rest Day

My shoulder is still a bit sore from training and BJJ last week so I took this weekend to rest and did some lounging around the pool and beach. 44 more words


Connecting with nature for our health and that of the planet

As they learned the unspoken language of the inhabitants who live in the forest, the Seneca understood the necessity for living in harmony with self and with nature. 1,970 more words


Healthy Exercise Tips

Experts are now saying that most important factors in preventative medicine are nutrition, quality relationships, and exercise. However, the majority of Americans don’t at healthily nor do they exercise. 3,337 more words


My Healthy Dieting Tips

The key with any long-term healthy lifestyle is to research, experiment, and figure out what works for you. Some vegans find they thrive on a raw diet, while macrobiotic vegans feel best when they eat mostly cooked foods and whole grains. 2,864 more words


So excited that I forgot my shoes

I was hustling to get out the door for my weigh-in appointment and I forgot to change outta my uglies! But the excitement I felt was worth it, and at 2pm after I’d had breakfast and lunch–two cups of coffee and lots of water–I still officially lost 5 pounds! 105 more words


Part Two: Blood Drama Boogaloo

That first night of rest, I posted about my harrowing day on Facebook and many of my friends texted me. As this blog grows I hope I can tell you about the amazingly supportive and brilliant people in my life, in a way of course, that doesn’t compromise their identities. 1,416 more words


Blood Drama: Part One of Two

About two weeks ago, shit got real. Hubs finally called me back after I had been murder ringing his phone, so I pulled over into the Freescale campus and completely lost my mind. 597 more words

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