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On a positive note...

Around a week agoweek ago, I came to the realization that I needed to make some changes, if I ever wanted to get anywhere I wanted to be. 42 more words

Dealing With Depression

Stand up because sitting down could be killing you

WINNIPEG — If you’re sitting down, you may just want to get up on those feet, if you can, before you continue to read.

A study published Thursday in the Lancet Journal found sitting at work, at your desk, on the couch watching TV, for hours on end is as bad for your health as smoking. 303 more words


Could Excessive Drinking Lead to Hepatitis?

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two on occasion, but when you make it a habit of drinking, or craving a drink everyday after work, then it becomes a problem. 351 more words

Healthy Living

Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

Happy Thursday y’all! Hope you are having a great week. It has been very rainy here this week, but yesterday, it was cooler at least. I want to talk a bit about health today since I have already shared my tomatoes with you earlier this week. 723 more words

Healthy Living

Simple Natural Abundant Living

Dedicated to all those women and men too out there who for one reason or another find themselves out of the “rat race” and who are embracing it. 249 more words


Mean Green Matcha Smoothie

Well hello world meet the mean green matcha machine (I mean smoothie).

I was a little late to jump on the matcha bandwagon, because I wanted to make sure that this “it beverage” was really going to be worth it. 119 more words

Eat Well

A Gluten Lover's Guide to Being Gluten Free

I learned that I was gluten-intolerant last fall, practically the minute I cut it out of my diet as an experiment (learn more about elimination diets here… 952 more words