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Exercising more may make you naturally crave a diet rich in fruits and vegetables - Quartz

Who knew? I certainly didn’t think much about the cause and effect described here, but it does make sense. If you are expending the physical, intellectual, and emotional energy to build fitness, you probably are thinking about optimizing your intake, too, so that all your effort does not go to waste. 72 more words

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Antioxidants - what are they and why do we need them?

Antioxidant is a word that is thrown around pretty carelessly nowadays. It’s trendy, it’s something to do with looking younger and being healthier and all the celebs like them, right? 250 more words

Healthy Eating


After a very long day of visiting we arrived home not with the “Sounds of Silence”, but rather blood curdling screams from our wee little one. 268 more words


3 Reasons Why You Should be Spending More Time in Nature

1. Spending time in nature increases your sense of vitality.

A series of studies examined the effects of nature on participants’ self-reported levels of vitality. The results showed that spending time in nature (and even looking at pictures of it or visualizing nature scenes) increased participants’ energy. 308 more words


It's Always Like Springtime with You

Tonight I was driving home from Nashville, Tennessee where I had spent all day reuniting with friends. Initially I was a little concerned about taking a day trip down there because of circumstances, but I knew God had special plans for the day. 867 more words

Predictable VS Worthwhile

Stuck in a Rut

Being predictable can be a great thing. It makes you reliable. It makes you trustworthy.  I am nothing if not predictable. I have a routine for everything and I rarely deviate from that plan.  849 more words

Peanut Butter and Oats snack balls

Sometimes there is nothing more frustrating than being at the market, reading the labels and only finding chemical after chemical listed on the labels of cans, boxes and bags of so-called food products.  249 more words

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