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The Porridge Diaries ~ A girl who religiously eats smoothie bowls for breakfast ventures into the mysterious world of Oats.

It all started with a churn in my stomach and feelings of exhilaration taking over my body. My chest felt a strange rush and soon my head began to feel like it was being compressed. 2,110 more words


Almond Chocolate Oatmeal with Greens

YES!!!!  Oatmeal that has veggies in it!  As anybody that follows my blog knows, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to add as many veggies into my recipes as possible.   353 more words


Matcha Oatmeal

For a while now I’ve been very curious as to how Matcha (green tea powder) would taste in oatmeal. I adore the flavor of Matcha, especially lattes – which are my absolute favorite way to have Matcha. 311 more words


Easy Overnight Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal!

Learn to make this easy healthy breakfast you can prep the night before. This cinnamon apple oatmeal bowl is sure to keep you full for a busy. 247 more words

The Breakfast Club (Oatmeal Two Ways)

So, judging by the recent messages and emails I’ve received, sounds like you guys want some more healthy food options.  Well, ask and you shall receive… 603 more words