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Wednesday's Breakfast and a Book

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I’m excited to share Wednesday’s breakfast and reads with you all!

This morning was a bit chilly and I really had a taste for oatmeal. 904 more words


Sweet Potato Oatmeal

Alright, my favorite vegetable of the moment is SWEET POTATOES!  I am falling more and more in love with these guys!  Want a salty snack?  Whip up some sweet potato fries or sweet potato chips!   352 more words


Four Simple Mistakes That Are Ruining Even The Best Flavor In Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an amazing dietary choice, not just for breakfast but for any time of the day. The tonne of nutrition packed in one bowl of this goodness apart from the highly satiating quality of the food, ensures a lifetime of good health among people of all age groups. 186 more words

Allergen Free Foods

Banana Chia Oatmeal

Hi all,

Here’s one for all you healthy eaters out there who simultaneously don’t want to give up delicious comfort food.  This dish is gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, filling and delightful.  185 more words

Comfort Food

5 proven health benefits of Oats/ healthy and quick breakfast recipe

A quick and nutritious breakfast that will keep you full for most of the morning, while nourishing your body. 684 more words

Healthy Eating

The Porridge Diaries ~ A girl who religiously eats smoothie bowls for breakfast ventures into the mysterious world of Oats.

It all started with a churn in my stomach and feelings of exhilaration taking over my body. My chest felt a strange rush and soon my head began to feel like it was being compressed. 2,110 more words


Almond Chocolate Oatmeal with Greens

YES!!!!  Oatmeal that has veggies in it!  As anybody that follows my blog knows, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to add as many veggies into my recipes as possible.   353 more words