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What if you had the magical ability to magically disappear your past?

In a FB conversation this morning with one of my favorite young women (I have quite a few of you out there!), we were exchanging stickers back and forth and she said “sometimes I forget you’re an adult” to which I was immediately flattered. 182 more words

Life Change

I Discovered a New to Me Seed Potato Catalog

Have you seen the new Wood Prairie Farm catalog, the Maine potato catalog for 2015?

A photo illustration from this attractive well done seed catalog. 279 more words

The Small House

Are you a slave to fashion?

Me either – but, I used to be….

Yesterday, lunch – Here I am in pastoral NZ, more than 6,500 miles from Hollywood, and the conversation briefly segued to a discussion about what ‘they’ were wearing… 476 more words


Are you creative but judge the sh*t out of yourself?

I meet so many people who tell me they would love to be more creative but don’t think they are any good at it.

I wonder. 142 more words

Life Change

Ready to stir things up?

The thing about doing Access classes is that it stirs stuff up in your world. You can’t go back to the way things were. Why would you want to? 155 more words

Life Change

If you didn't judge your abilities, what would you create?

I remember writing and drawing when I was a kid but I allowed other’s judgments of my creations to stop me from creating. Until I realized how totally insane that was. 103 more words

Life Change