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Organic Veg Box

The best way to stick to a healthy diet is preparation.  I’ve previously tried to plan my meals in advance but have always struggled to find inspiration for new meals.   403 more words

Healthy Body

A healthier you and a healthier Earth

There are so many reasons to adapt a healthier eating regimen, but let me add this one to the list. Eating healthier not only helps you be healthier, but it also helps our planet out, too. 542 more words


I Am Thankful

For this year I set myself a goal to read 24 books, 2 per month. Somehow, in February, I managed to read 5 most of which have made me really thankful for being me and being in the position and culture that I am living in. 418 more words


Take the pledge: 30 days of Zero Waste

I started reducing the waste that my household purchases and produces as a new year’s resolution for 2017…some things are easy, like recycling and composting more, and some things are definitely not as easy as I had hoped – like giving up our favorite brand of pre-packaged organic blue chips, and finding the extra cash to buy bulk foods (for which we have to go to to a different market as our regular neighborhood store doesn’t offer bulk foods). 117 more words


Resist and persist in your unique way

This weekend, with our schedule more open-ended than usual, I’ve continued to contemplate the insights from Yale historian Timothy Snyder related to the challenges imminent and future for our core national values and commitments. 641 more words

Day To Day

Resist and Persist

On the day that Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier and opponent of environmental protections, was confirmed as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, I found myself trying to make sense. 504 more words

Day To Day