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First Tuesday in June...

How does this Tuesday feel? For sure, it should feel like no other,as it is the first Tuesday in June. RedyMoney wishes that your week has been off to a desired start, and we are adding our two cents worth of inspiration to your week: 371 more words

RedyMoney Cares


It is Earth Day.  I want to celebrate by getting the word out about about an important issue:  food waste.  Did you know that about 40 percent of the U.S. 249 more words


Five ways to get healthy and save the planet

I’m not kidding, you can do both at once and it’s not even that hard! One of my pet peeves is how often health and the environment are seen as two completely different and unrelated topics. 586 more words

Sustainable Lifestyle

Vegetarianism and Sustainabililty

I recently made the decision to incorporate more of a plant-based diet. People like myself decide to do that for several reasons, primarily for health or compassion for animals.  562 more words


MCS WTH TED (Part 2)

If you’ve read yesterday’s post or have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) — you’ve got a good sense of how few people are willing to give up toxic chemicals whether in the form of their cleaning products, “fragrances”, pesticides…. 869 more words


t'is the season.....

when this blog started, i had just been diagnosed and it was about my treatment plan and the benefits thereof…it seems to have grown into a blog about healthy food and garden stuff, then morphed into some more emotional stuff when my parents started another journey….so, in keeping with the theme of changing…of late i have been very involved in the balance of human, spirit, nature..blah blah!…so, one of the things i have been pondering on is the difference between the religious GOD and the GODDESS…some of the things that stand out to me: guilt, judgement, fear and resentment, blatant killing and much hatred….to me, it appears much of the fore mentioned issues are being played out by many different sects of religion against each other in some sort of shouting match gone awry…since the basis of each of these is Abraham’s law as stated in the scrolls i guess…Jewish, Christian and Muslim are  equal in the eyes of GOD, no matter which dialect you speak, the name means the same ONE…Christians like to separate the entity just a bit more by adding the son and the holy ghost part……which kind of seems as though that was intended to assert more control by making more emotions and feelings immoral and against GOD….setting up a perfect foil, where you can never achieve a balance….the GODDESS rings a bit more true to me….she shows her facets without shame, goddesses portray each of our human emotions and, rather than impose guilt, enlighten us by showing the force in nature that mirror those emotions, therefore we learn that our emotions and feelings are normal and consistently in motion as is the flow of energy which is life….within the GODDESS circle all are welcomed , the forces of nature, wind, fire water and air….the spirits above, brother wind, sister moon, the father sun..to all below,, the Great Mother Earth, the winged creatures and those relations which 4 legs and those that crawl upon and below the ground..with the GODDESS, all are equal and valuable beyond words….the scared path of the GODDESS teaches us to thank the spirit of the living animal we use to sustain our life, to the waters we drink, to all the inhabitants of Earth, by doing so we are honoring the magical cycles of life forms we encounter each day….. 119 more words

Leaning forward ~ November, 2015

We made good progress in October on the 2 new lifestyle choices for work and 2 new habits for home. So for November, we added two additional steps for each. 115 more words

Day To Day