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Little kitchen explosions for your Film Noir date


I love to make popcorn for a healthy, nutritious and completely moorish snack. I am not a fan of soggy popcorn with too much butter, call me cray cray but I love my popcorn crunchy with just a little salt. 295 more words

4 ingredient Quickie- Smoked Maple Butter Microwave Popcorn

There has been a lot of press lately about the dangers of store-bought microwave popcorn.  It contains about 20 different chemicals, including ink, glue and Diacetyl.   291 more words


January 19, is National Popcorn Day

January 19: National Popcorn Day

Quote of the Day
“In a movie theater a few days ago, I go to the candy counter, and there’s this huge menu — candy, popcorn, ice cream, pickles. 194 more words


2 Healthy Low Calorie Snack Ideas!

Popcorn & Deviled Eggs!

These snack ideas are Classic but I have made a few adjustments to make them healthier, lower in calories and fat. They are both extremely basic and simple to prepare.  320 more words


Healthy coconut popcorn.

I stumbled on this healthy coconut popcorn snack recipe and feel it is a MUST share.

If you have been to the movies in the past, I don’t know…EVER, you have most likely been suckered into buying a big, salty, buttery bag of bright yellow popcorn. 286 more words


Easy Microwave Popcorn (Brown Bag Popcorn)

Oh boy, do I love popcorn. It really is the perfect snack, isn’t it? Well, perfect except that the seemingly innocent microwave popcorn may contain  593 more words

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