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Dad's Birth Story

This is such a sweet example of how one dad decided to “step up” and be there for his wife during the birth of their child. 773 more words

Birth Stories

What happens now?

I love my job, I love working, coming up with new ideas, planning, problem solving, learning, strategizing, etc. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I can be a workaholic too, I have a hard time disconnecting and just slowing down. 1,112 more words


9 Life-Changing Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

So you find out you’re pregnant, now what? It’s definitely more important than ever to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally, this way you’ll manage to have a near problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby. 725 more words

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My pregnancy weight gain-management routine

First of all, I’m not the one who gains only minimum weight during pregnancy: 10 kg which are left in the hospital anyway. I had gained 10 kg just by 28 weeks (3 more months to go). 496 more words


Creative Ways To Eat Your Placenta

The old adage, “you are what you eat,” has taken on a whole new literal meaning in recent years with more women – specifically new celebrity moms – choosing to eat their placenta after giving birth. 715 more words

Healthy Pregnancy


I have never been accepting of my body.

I have hated my body since I developed curves and have been on a hell-bent mission since the age of 15 to rid myself of my hips and a bumbum. 334 more words


ATTENTION: Pregnant Women!!!

Have you ever noticed how you might have soil cravings when you are pregnant? For some it’s just a habit, for others it’s tradition… but for most women eating soil is because of mineral deficiency. 161 more words