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Need more energy while pregnant? Try this!

It is common that when you are pregnant you might experience fatigue. In fact more than 50% of all pregnant women report they feel much more tired during pregnancy. 833 more words

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My Prenatal Pantry Staples

Generally speaking eating the right foods for your body is important when it comes to being healthy.  However, when you’re “eating for two” it’s super important to make sure you’re getting the right combination of nutrients for your body and baby’s.   769 more words

In The Pantry

Melanie Fiona's Emotional Birth Story: "I Felt Like My Body Failed Me" [VIDEO]

Every motherhood journey is unique and new mother Melanie Fiona wants women to know that whatever their experience, there’s no shame in being real about it. 522 more words

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Choosing to Wait

In October of 2015, I lost my second baby.

I wanted this baby. I was devastated when I lost her. My husband was sad, but also had a sense of contentment because he wasn’t ready for children. 367 more words

The first 6 weeks!!

The First 6 Weeks Post Birth

Lets talk post baby but pre 6-week check – up…This is a really important time for both mum & baby as the first 6 weeks are an intense rollercoaster for all new mums. 663 more words

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23/24 week check up

I gained a whopping 10 pounds since my last midwife appointment, 4 weeks ago. The last appointment was my 20 week check up with ultrasound. The ultrasound not only revealed we are having a baby boy; but he is measuring a week behind, at 19 weeks. 309 more words

Exercising while pregnant.

The last thing I’ve wanted to do since the first few months into this pregnancy is workout. I have been so tired, uncomfortable and overall not feeling well this entire pregnancy. 371 more words