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Pregnancy Week 30 Plan

I think I should print this one out, maybe if I see it enough I’ll believe it. :P 

Last week was rough. We all came down with something, AGAIN, cough, stuffy nose, extremely low energy. 315 more words


Why you should get that bump moving!!

Hi Ladies!!

So the age old sitting on your ass when you are pregnant is well and truly gone….There was once time when you were advised by your Doctor not to over exert yourself and take it easy to protect you and your baby.However after years of research and studying the female body through pregnancy it has since gone full circle. 424 more words

Active Pregnancy

RECIPE I Guacamole

Last week I shared a pic of my yummy homemade guacamole.  Everyone knows that avocado is a good fat, and we make this all the time in the summer as it goes great with barbecued chicken and salad.  147 more words

Healthy Pregnancy

Getting out of a Slump

Week 24 is kicking my butt. My energy has dropped, I have a slight cold and my son isn’t sleeping well. These all add up to me not working out. 171 more words

Working Out Pregnant

Study Finds Big Benefits Of Daily Chocolate Consumption During Pregnancy

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have some very important news: chocolate may have some big benefits during pregnancy.

Research to be presented at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s annual meeting this week shows daily—yes, daily—chocolate consumption improved both placental and fetal blood flow. 143 more words


Half Way Milestone

I cannot begin to explain how happy I am ♥ Our little babe is now 20 weeks and 5 days. We have made it to a new milestone! 1,321 more words

Gluten Free

Pregnancy Week 29 Plan

It seems I completely forgot to post last week’s plan… It’s been a rough past two weeks, with Sophie transferring to a new classroom, one level up, and me spending a lot of time observing this transition (they have an observation room) which is nice but it was also heartbreaking to see some of the things I observed, like her struggling to communicate with the teachers and them understanding her or seemingly not taking the time to understand her (I know when she speaks English it’s sometimes a full on English sentence completely understandable, other times it’s mixed with Hungarian or it’s plain fairy dust, as I like to call it), or her being unhappy at the end of every day we would pick her up. 397 more words