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10-Minute Pregnancy Workout Challenge: Day 3

It’s summer, so let’s get outside for today’s 10-Minute Pregnancy Workout Challenge! It’s Day 3, so I want to get you moving with some fun exercises inspired by cardio kickboxing. 54 more words


Summer of the Ever Expanding Belly: Day 1

Hi Everyone! I’m reporting live from my couch on Day 1 of summer vacation! I remember writing this post last year with a tinge of anxiety since I hadn’t found a job yet for the following fall and trying to embrace the joy of the unknown…now that feeling of unknown comes in the form of a little human growing inside me…talk about changes! 365 more words


10-Minute Pregnancy Workout Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the 10-Minute Pregnancy Workout Challenge. I put together a slightly more advanced workout for you today to increase your heart rate and build strong muscle to support you and your growing baby. 38 more words


Things I wish I did differently my first pregnancy

Hello beautiful people!!!

I though I could share with you things I wish I had done and knew differently during my first pregnancy. Some of you may be able to relate and those that have not had kids yet will hopefully take something from this post. 1,072 more words


50-Days of Credible Feast

The more I learn, the more I believe in Credible Feast’s message!

With so much focus on the evils of Big Pharma, it’s easy to forget that Big Supplement can be just as scary; especially because vitamins and supplements are regulated far less stringently than medicine, and even food. 437 more words

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New Sex Toy Helps Lesbian Couples Conceive

There comes a time in every couple’s life when the desire to begin a family sets in and for the traditional family the process to procreate is typically simple, but what options are available to the non-traditional couple who wants the organic feel of conception without a male partner present? 995 more words

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Flowing for a fit pregnancy and bending to an easy birth....get posing!

Being a very active person and really enjoying my exercise and keeping fit I continued to run after I found out I was pregnant. I know you can continue and I have treated a lady before that continued running several times a week right up to 6 months pregnant, but to my body it just didn’t feel right. 1,725 more words