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What I miss about being pregnant

All my friends are getting pregnant, many for the second time. While I’m not jumping on that bandwagon again, there are a few things I actually miss about being pregnant. 613 more words


Fitta Support Maternity Leggings review

I´m sure by now you’ve all heard me raving on about Fitta Mamma in a few of my last posts, about their Trimester specific exercises… 368 more words


Have a fit pregnancy with Fitta Mamma

I think its safe to say the times have changed from “you’re pregnancy you should rest”. As much as it is important to rest during pregnancy it is also just as important to exercise and stay healthy too. 290 more words


10-Minute Pregnancy Workout: Shoulders, Core and More!

As moms we shoulder the weight of many things — from caring for babies, to bringing home the bacon (vegan bacon in our case!). That’s why I created this easy, but effective set. 109 more words

Fit Pregnancy

10-Minute Pregnancy Workout: Lower Body Burn

Take 10 minutes to work your lower body with me! All you’ll need is a set of dumbbells. I chose to use eight-pound weights for this workout, but you can use weights that suit your fitness level. 135 more words

Fit Pregnancy

Real food freezer meals!

Hi food loving friends! I did something so fun the other day and I had to share because I think this could be helpful to many of you! 1,274 more words

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Found a great, healthy recipe!

So, the big problem, as I have discovered, is a lack of meal planning. If you don’t plan, you’ll grab any old piece of junk to still your hunger. 265 more words