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Stretch Mark Free in my Third Trimester

I just had what seems like my 50th checkup and the doctor said I don’t have a single stretch mark and I’m measuring perfectly. I have been on cloud nine ever since we left. 361 more words

Are we letting our kids live? Sugar and how it can effect our sweet children

without doubt, every time we have guess in our house, invited to a friend house, or just out and about with friends, I get ask this question: “why you don’t let your daughter to have sugary treats?”. 1,197 more words

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My Essentials For Pregnancy #4

And just like that, I’m in my third trimester with less than 11 weeks to go until baby number four arrives. This pregnancy has flown by for me! 1,355 more words

Modern Rice Pudding

When I was a kid, there was a fantastic deli that had some of the best food. Everything was fresh, and every item in the display case looked like it had been made minutes before I walked in the door. 514 more words

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Dr Aruna Kalra, Gynecologist and Obstetrics Surgeon on infertility and pregnancy myths…

We have the honour to interview Dr Aruna Kalra, the Director and Senior Gynaecologist Surgeon of CK Birla Hospital and MD of Mums Clinic, Gurugram. Through her expertise, the doctor has brought many smiles to those with complicated pregnancies. 1,360 more words

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The Healthy Baby Bump Crew

Hey Mamma!

How crazy is it what our bodies can do? We can go about every day life and at the same time grow a tiny human! 355 more words