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Superfood Breakfast Bowl for Pregnancy (and after!)

Mint, almond, coconut, and chocolate are just a few of the flavors that we mixed with the nutty, earthy flavors of quinoa to give you a delicious breakfast bowl you can eat during pregnancy to satisfy your tastebuds and your nutritional needs! 372 more words


Vegetarian & Pregnant?

Been a little busy lately with the kids and was also busy making a zootopia birthday cake for a friends daughter. I have only just managed to get my kitchen back to what it normally looks like! 684 more words


Laura Shanley on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show #UnassistedChildbirth

Laura Shanley on The Jenny Hatch Show https://t.co/NN67GGTEdM #UnassistedChildbirth #Birth #Freebirth #LotusBirth #HusbandWifeHomebirth

— Jenny Hatch (@JennyHatch) April 28, 2016

Laura Kaplan Shanley is an author, freelance writer, speaker and childbirth consultant widely recognized as one of the leading voices in the natural birth movement.

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Why Do Black Babies Have Twice The Infant Mortality Rate?

Black babies are succumbing to infant mortality at double the rate of White babies across the nation. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the national infant mortality rate is 6%, Whites come in at 5.1% , while 11.1% of Black babies are dying. 620 more words

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30 Weeks: Dealing With Pregnancy Weight Gain

I am 30 weeks pregnant. 70 days until my due date. I’m sitting here eating a brownie as I write this blog post because my baby told me to. 569 more words

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FAQ about having twins

As a mother to twin girls, I get asked A LOT of questions about my pregnancy, the early days with two babies, and what life is currently like for us. 904 more words

Chicken Salad, Anyone??

I made chicken salad with that chicken I baked last night! It was sooooo good! 3 breasts shredded, 1 1/2c grapes, 1/2 red onion, 1 green apple diced tiny, and almonds slivered (I let the husband add those as he wanted instead of mixing them in). 105 more words