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22 Week Update

Weight: 133lbs

Belly Measurement: 35 ¾ inches

Symptoms: Leg cramps in calves, clumsiness, nosebleeds, belly button is starting to flatten out, back aches, shoes fitting tighter, breaking out around chin and upper back, more peach fuzz on sides of my face… 532 more words

First Pregnancy

first trimester real talk

Hello? Remember me? I am back! It has been way too long since I have posted, but my first trimester got the best of me. Let me catch you up from where I left off…after we found out we were pregnant, I made an appointment for our first ultrasound that was unconventionally early because this pregnancy is considered high risk (due to my two previous miscarriages and being on Clomid & Progesterone). 750 more words


Here is to 2018

Well if you clicked on this article to read no parts of it is click bait. Wrestling with how to even get things out clearly. How do I muster up the courage to say “I’m pregnant”. 781 more words


Why I will become a Doula

There are many minority women who suffer or have died at the expense of child birth. Hospitals and doctors do not care about the well being of mothers; they are only concerned  with their statistics and making money (in my personal opinion). 155 more words


Why Exercise is Crucial to a Vibrant Pregnancy & Quick Labour

I am not a gym person. I don’t like pushing myself with weights or running on the treadmill. I’ve never felt “skinny” but I was ok enough with my body image that only working out occasionally suited me. 417 more words

Healthy Pregnancy

Folic Acid is Important for Pregnant Women

January 7-13, 2018 is Folic Acid Awareness Week. The National Birth Defects Prevention Network (nbdpn.org) promotes this week to increase awareness of the importance of consuming enough folic acid, particularly for pregnant women. 128 more words

Health And Wellness

What I'm eating today

This morning I had a bowl of Kashi cereal with almond milk, which was delish. I haven’t been able to find a vegan frosted wheat cereal but this was sweet enough on its own since it has fruit in the middle. 56 more words