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Hannah Diop Of Sienna Naturals: ‘Beauty Should Be Uncompromised’

For Hannah Diop, a Howard graduate and mother to a beautiful, healthy baby boy, the creation of Sienna Naturals was a no-brainer, second nature really. Her late mother was a strong advocate of all things natural. 1,365 more words

Skin And Beauty

Yes I'm pregnant and yes I exercise (my thoughts & experience).

I used to look at those pictures of pregnant women lifting olympic bars over their head (below), and think “what the heck is she doing? SURELY that is NOT good for the baby! 1,457 more words


Prenatal Vitamins


There is an ongoing argument about the use of vitamin supplementation whether you are pregnant or not. I would say weigh out the pros and cons of the argument. 596 more words


Pregnancy Health

My Notes From The Healthy Gut Summit

Dr. Leonard Smith

A lot of research is being done that scientists are reporting to each other but very little trickles down to us to become useful. 1,449 more words

Childrens Health

9 weeks to go...

Time is ticking away far too fast these days! Only 9 weeks until this little surprise bundle number 2 will be joining us! I am excited, but part of me is super anxious! 101 more words

6 Months Pregnant ... Where Did the Time Go?!

All of the sudden, I blinked, and now I’m 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!

How in the world has time flown this fast?

With each passing day it’s becoming more and more real that little Zoe will be here before I know it. 589 more words


My pre-natal yoga experience

I’ve practiced yoga for almost 8 years now and always planned to continue when I became pregnant. But the truth is, I hated prenatal yoga in the beginning. 512 more words