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Scientifically Proven Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

I hate to admit it but during my first pregnancy I wasn’t very active and barely exercised. In hindsight, if I had exercised more I possibly could’ve avoided a cesarean section and had a an easier postpartum recovery. 590 more words

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Nutrition For Prepregnancy, Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy is a sacred responsibility. So much of what you do, eat, think, feel and surround yourself with during this time can have a dramatic effect on you and your baby. 545 more words

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Why do I choose organic cotton over conventional for my baby clothing and bedding

As I am getting ready and shopping for my baby number two, a big question that some of my friends are asking me is why do I choose organic cotton for his bedding, clothing and pretty much every thing and anything that he will have close contact with. 708 more words

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2018 Dirty dozen and clean 15

Finally on April 10, 2018 Environments Working group, EWG, released this years shoppers guide to pesticides in produce. Even though the list stays pretty similar to last year, there were some new interesting findings that worth to take a look at. 450 more words

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“Just as in a start-up, there is never a boring day, in motherhood, there is never a day like the last,” Pooja Duggal

“1 in 20 searches on Google today are on health! 61% of the total deaths in our country are due to lifestyle diseases.”

Despite being among the top 5 women in the diamond industry globally and reigning in her domain, Pooja Duggal felt something amiss.

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Fishy Pregnancy

Some pregnant moms feel very insecure about eating fish when pregnant and doubt if they should be having any type of fish at all. It’s “common knowledge” that many fish have mercury and other harmful chemicals that can affect the mom and the baby creating a lot of complications, but Is this True? 304 more words

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