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Xanthan & Xtras

Xanthan & Xtras (sorry :P )

Come on… ‘X’ of the A-Z Alphabet Challenge was always going to be one of the difficult ones! :) Only two more days then you won’t have to put up with my Xcruciating titles! 617 more words

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By: Faith Llera

Here in the Philippines, we’re all blessed with different kinds of fruits. You name it, we got it. Here we’ll feature a fruit that bitter on the outside but gets sweeter as you get to the seed. 274 more words

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Day 87 : Low Fat Sugar Cookies

This was a last minute decision after a very long and exhausting day. Sugar cookies are always nice, they have a great texture, they are soft and gooey and I thought I could find a low fat version it was even more of a win. 209 more words

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Day 86: Today's Recipe is Apple Muffins

On Saturday we had found a recipe we wanted to use but could not find it again. So yesterday when we decided to make these, we found a recipe to work off of and than basically just made it our own so this is the recipe we used to make our own awesome apple muffins. 120 more words

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Why are greens so good for us? And how exactly do they assist detoxification?

‘Eat your greens’…yeah yeah you know, your mums have repeated this phrase for generations on generations. You know they are healthy, but has anyone ever told you why? 436 more words

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Light Pasta: Lemon Ricotta Capellini with Gulf Shrimp

I found a pretty great starter recipe on Pinterest for a light creamy pasta. Using skim Ricotta cheese can add creaminess without all the fat. It took my all not to add butter to this dish!  100 more words

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Freshman 15

Two things college students worry about: Money and time. To find balance between studying, working, and having a social life can be tremendously stressful. You can see why health is an often overlooked aspect for students. 117 more words

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