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Fruity Friday! - Reminder

In the near future, we are hoping to launch, ‘Fruity Friday’, a chance for children to purchase a pot of fresh, mixed fruit every Friday break-time. 51 more words

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Fruity Friday!

Every Friday is ‘Fruity Friday’, a chance for children to purchase a pot of fresh, mixed fruit.  The cost of each pot will be 50p.  Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help prepare the fruit on a Friday morning.  16 more words


Guatemala XIV: A Day in the Life of/Say Do You Remember/Yes I'm Still Here

The roosters/explosives/political rally/my-undeniably-prompt-body-clock props me into a sitting position at 6 am. I haven’t set an alarm since 2014. I immediately want breakfast. The fog is lifting from the mountains. 894 more words

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Is there any evidence that students do better in friendly schools?

What is a friend? If a friend is a ‘person whom one knows, likes, and trusts’ (The Free Dictionary by Farlax, 2014) then what is a friendly school? 1,575 more words


reproductive health: a practical application

Reproductive health is a delicate subject to teach in Guatemala. This is an extremely religious society. One of the challenges of being a Healthy Schools Volunteer is deciding how to approach the teaching of sex ed. 638 more words

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I recently found out that I am definitely not being replaced in Pachalum. When I leave next march, the Healthy Schools program will have to exist without a Peace Corps Volunteer. 650 more words

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A treat for Class 1

This week we have been planning a special healthy treat for Class One.

We each had a budget of £10 to plan a whole week of healthy packed lunches for a child in Class One. 63 more words