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Featured Finds: Planned Parenthood demonstrates consent

Planned Parenthood released a series of videos to demonstrate what consent looks and sounds like in a true-to-life, practical, and engaging way. The videos, featuring different types of partnerships, answer the question, … 148 more words


“But how did the baby get in there?”

My three year old loves it when we tell her stories at bedtime. Once I decided to tell her the story of when her little brother was born. 409 more words


Different Strokes - Chef's Choice

It is unnecessary to continue living with a wounded sexuality while there is healing in Christ.

This month we have been going through a sermon series different strokes in which we explore the attitudes and beliefs that are prevalent in this day and age. 1,157 more words

Mavuno Sermons

The Sexuality Light Switch

I was 23 when I had my first kiss. It was after a cartoon movie, in his apartment, on his overly squishy couch. He held my hand during the movie, and at the time I thought it was so corny but perfect. 1,654 more words


Having a Pussy Does Not Make You Sexually Empowered! A Conversation with a group of young women...

“My pussy that fi-yah!” she so excitedly exclaimed while snapping her fingers and rolling her neck in all her grandeur!

Not too long ago, I was chatting with a group of young women about their thoughts on sexual empowerment. 648 more words