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Coming Out and Relationships (Explicit: Language and Sexual Activities)

This story dates back to when I turned 17… Yes, I am an old fart at 32, but let’s face it, back then, most of us didn’t have the families there are now, more families are starting to accept their children as gay, unless your from Mars, then your just an alien. 1,216 more words

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Exercise: It's About Sanity, Not Vanity

By Jonathan Decker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

When I was younger, working out was all about how I would look in my swimming trunks. In my 20’s it seemed easier to find time for it. 387 more words

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The Key to Sexual Fulfillment? It's Not What Many People Say it Is

By Jonathan Decker, LMFT

This article contains a frank, but not crass, discussion of sex and is intended for mature readers. To get more of my articles “like” me on… 1,682 more words

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Female Orgasms Are Really Important

I’m not entirely sure how it’s 2015 and we unlock our phones with fingerprints and armies use bullets that go around obstacles and we’re on the way to eliminating the need for gasoline in cars and yet the female orgasm is still considered a luxury. 856 more words

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Safe Sex... Going Out of Style? (Explicit: Language and Sexuality)

As I read different articles on sex and how to be safe about, I read that one gay bar owner has tried to get me to “rubber up” and be safe about sex. 468 more words

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