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Anticlimax: Conclusions

After a thorough examination of the sexual revolution and the attempts by sexologists to get women to accept more heterosexual intercourse, Sheila Jeffreys discusses the real reasons why women are reluctant to engage in more sex. 1,100 more words

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I'm a Slut and That's Okay

When I first got involved with D/s, my dominant of the day called me a slut. Gah! I just about hung him from his own damned rope. 482 more words


A better way to think about consent

This image is being shared on the Internet and giving us radical feminists a major round of *headdesk*. Although the sex-pozzies claim to care about consent, they consistently show that they have no idea what it is. 817 more words


No More Hugging Grandma (without consent)!!!!!  

by Laura Young, Youth Advocate, Umbrella

About a month ago, I had the awesome opportunity to visit a local school to talk with some 7th and 8th graders about supporting survivors of sexual violence. 553 more words

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Healthy Sexuality

A friend of mine posted this link to a Tumblr post by legalisedlies about how liberal “feminists” say “listen to sex workers” but then they will only listen to the most privileged women in the sex trade because they support sex-pozzitive ideology. 1,403 more words

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