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A new commitment.

I hereby commit myself to Good Sex: to feeling connected and confident in my sexuality: to feeling unashamed in my body, and the the way it is expressed; to cultivating positive, potent energy that empowers me in all aspects of my life; to healing; to safety, physically and emotionally; to powerful orgasms; to not tolerating the objectification and ridicule of being a sexually confident woman; to not being belittled and demonized for my decisions; to not being afraid to have healthy conversations about sex; to not accepting pain; to growing spiritually; and finally, to being myself, and making no apologies for it.


Children, Sexual Behaviours & Healthy Responses that Preserve Innocence

One child was just under 2 years old, and the other just past 2 when the adult walked in and saw them engaging in what was unmistakably a sex act, of the oral kind… This adult related the event to me soon after, horrified, and asked, “What is the right response?” among many other questions. 985 more words

Sexual Abuse & Violence

Vaginal Kung Fu ~ Kim Anami Interview

You’ve not heard of it, you say?   WELL!  Cruise on over to learn about it!  Will change your life in more positive ways than 11! 7 more words


Having "the talk"

by Brittany Lafirara, Youth Advocate, H.O.P.E Works

I am not a parent, but as a young twentysomething, I can remember sitting down and having my mom have “the talk” with me. 437 more words

Changing Social Norms