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Low Cal Pudding Shake

This is my the answer to my husband when he wants to go out for ice cream.  He has a serious ice cream addiction.  It’s been a lifetime love of the stuff for him.   94 more words



Two weeks ago, I wrote about quinoa, and I feel like kale is the quinoa of vegetables. Kale is gross—I’ve never met a person that has said, “I genuinely like the taste of plain kale—no fixings necessary to me!” That just does not happen, but it’s healthy for you, so I get why people eat it; there just has to be a better way to consume it. 465 more words


Homemade Shamrock Shake

My husband and son were recently driving together when my boy realized that it’s that special time of year when all of the talk in the treat world seems to find its way back to the shamrock shake.   181 more words

Weight Watchers

NutriBullet - A Blast of Goodness

I’d heard and read a lot about the Nutribullet in the past year.  If you’ve not heard about this genius piece of kitchen kit, which cave have you been living in people? 277 more words

Diary Of An Honest Woman

A Smoothie is a Healthy Alternative for a Breakfast, Snack or even a Dessert ~ ENJOY

As I start on my diet transformation, I am looking for new ways to incorporate interesting foods and drinks into my lifestyle. One of my absolute favorites are smoothies!   215 more words


The Fruits of a Sugar Addiction

My name is Setareh and I am addicted to sugar. Since a couple years back I’ve cut my addiction down from the white, processed kind of sugar but nevertheless, I still love sugar in other forms. 253 more words

Blood Sugar

Did You Know?

After 8 to 12 hours overnight without food, your body needs to refuel its glucose levels. Without healthy breakfast your brain and muscles will not have the energy they need to sustain activity throughout the day. 43 more words