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Something to Smile About

Today it was all about los dientes or teeth. We counted the tooth fairy’s tooth collection in Spanish (really beans!) going up to the number 20 and made a  diagram of foods and objects that are… 50 more words

Enrichment Classes

Root Canal Awareness Week

With Root Canal Awareness Week coming upon us this March 22nd-28th, your Portsmouth NH dentist wanted to do their part, and is here today to discuss the benefits and process of this tooth-saving procedure with you, the patient. 315 more words

If you’re taking multiple flights, brush your teeth as often as possible. When travelling, brush after meals and in between flights. I once landed at 11pm in the Vancouver airport and had to stay there overnight to catch a 7am flight out.   33 more words


Why I'm Scared of the Dentist

I’m scared of dentists, but not because of drills, or root canals, or cavities. I’m scared of dentists because I don’t trust them. I’m at the point where if a dentist tells me I have a cavity (even a tiny one) I’m heading for a second opinion. 1,497 more words

Dental sensitivity

One person everyone fears is the  Dentist. Many people keep putting up with dental symptoms just to avoid going to the dentist.
One such symptom is SENSITIVITY… 179 more words

Dental Crowns

Waterpik - Water boarding for dummies

Flossing is important according to every dentist ever and apparently should be done once a day before brushing. I used to prefer floss picks but I can’t promise that I was using them every single day. 309 more words