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8 Great Dental Tips for Thanksgiving

The holidays are right around the corner and the last thing anyone wants to think about is their teeth. Many are busy with shopping, cooking, family coming in for the holidays, it’s a mess really. 241 more words


Fact or Fiction?  Five Popular Tooth Myths Debunked

The 5 Myths…

Forget the tooth fairy! Far too many tales are being told about teeth and it’s time to clear the air. Popular claims that range from scary to wacky and everything in between are about to be debunked. 549 more words

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Tips for Maintaining a Dental-Friendly Diet

Teeth are built to last, and with proper care they can provide us with a lifetime of great smiles. One way to keep teeth healthy and strong is with a dental-friendly diet. 394 more words

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eat right to keep your smile bright

A healthy smile is not only limited to brushing and cleaning teeth regularly but every bite you eat also affects the oral health. So, be very wise while choosing food to munch on.  338 more words


In order to keep your teeth healthy, it is important to develop a good dental care routine early in life and maintain your teeth as you get older. 302 more words


Basic Dental Care for healthy teeth, because we all love smiling!

We often consider food rich in sugar unfriendly when it comes to healthy teeth. But the sweet-lovers cannot anyway keep away from pleasing their sweet tooth claims Dentzz Dental. 7 more words

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What are the various ways to keep teeth clean?

The correct way as featured by Dentzz Dental is to wrap a portion of floss around your index finger and maintain at least two inches between your fingers when you work. 7 more words

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