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2 ways to keep your teeth glowing and healthy

Are you worried about your teeth turning yellow? Coffee, wine, and other harsh foods we eat do not help with keeping our enamel healthy and white. 425 more words

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The Importance of Perserving Healthy Teeth

For most people, our teeth are strongest and healthiest when they first erupt from the gums.  This is true for both primary and permanent teeth.  Once the health of a tooth is compromised, it’s difficult to return it to that strong, healthy, original state.  372 more words


All you need to know about WISDOM… Teeth!

Wisdom teeth are considered to be a third set (upper and lower jaw) of molars.  They typically appear during your last few teen years and early twenties.  538 more words

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Healthy Teeth!

Last week in September continues our journey about ourselves and our community. Healthy teeth, and from there a conversation about hygiene. While Global Handwashing day… 341 more words


Pet Product Review - Bluestem Pets

Ever since Rolo came into our lives he has always had horrible, disgusting teeth and we have been working on getting them into tip-top shape. This has been a very slow process but we are better off now that what it was like when we first got him. 909 more words

Enhance Your Smile For A Better First Impression With These Tips

When you meet someone new, your smile is one of the first things that they will notice. We live in a world where, sadly, how we look affects how other people think of us. 486 more words

Foods you can snack on that are great for your teeth

You already know that things like soft drinks and chocolate bars aren’t good for your teeth. Back in high school, my science teacher once taught my class this lesson by dropping a tooth into a jar filled with a sugary soft drink. 415 more words