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Would you like white beautiful teeth for your wedding day?

Then you must read the beauty blog in the link below! Beautiful healthy strong white teeth, no pain, just glory!

Can a mouthful of oil give you ‘healthy’ white teeth?

How to brush your teeth

Most people know that the recommended number of times you should brush your teeth are a minimum of 2 times per day. Some people stick with a 2 times per day brushing routine, while others prefer to brush their teeth at least 3 times after each meal or snack. 474 more words

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The ABCs of Teeth Whitening

I get a lot of questions from my patients about teeth whitening. Should I do it? Which whitening method is the best for me? Etc. Here are some of the most common questions received and my suggestions. 21 more words

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Tooth fairies are overrated and freaking expensive!!!!

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So on Wednesday Dudie jumps in the car after soccer practise and announces that his big tooth, central incisor (did you know that it actually had a real name), is loose. 635 more words


Causes and Effects of Dry Mouth

What Does Dry Mouth Feel Like?

When your mouth produces too little saliva, the skin around your mouth becomes dry and tight. Lack of saliva can cause dry, cracked lips, and even sores at the corners of your mouth. 147 more words


Oral Health: How To Have Healthy Teeth And Gums?

Oral Health: Diet for a healthy teeth and gums. Have a beautiful smile, teeth and a protected gums against bacteria begins at the table. Food (the kind of food and how we eat) is a first essential to keep out the problems mouth, since the deterioration of the enamel, gingivitis and bad breath…. 13 more words

Tariq Drabu Helps Patients Get a Better Understanding of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used extensively in dentistry as a way to preserve the natural tooth after it has been damaged. The tooth may be cracked or chipped and the cap fits over the tooth, providing it with a strong outer shell, while enabling the patient to keep their natural tooth for as long as possible. 349 more words

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