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Healthy Muesli Slice Recipe

When I was in Christchurch recently my mum made me this AMAZING slice and kindly said I could share her recipe with you all. Now I preface this recipe with a bit of a warning: It may not be for everyone. 208 more words

Low Fat Sweet Chilli Hummus & Tortilla chips

All week I had been craving tortilla chips, literally every night. So when the weekend came along I decided to hop into the kitchen and make some from scratch to kill the craving once and for all. 251 more words


The game changer.....smoothie.

I have a house full of constantly hungry boys. What in the world and am i going to make today, how the heck am i going to make it good so my boys will eat everything without throwing fits. 425 more words

Clean Treat

Naturally Delicious

All summer I’ve been getting back into my healthy chilled treats. This smoothie is over flowing with vitamins¬†and antioxidants, not to mention it well cool you down and taste great. 77 more words


No Melt Popsicles

I have to admit that this stemmed from being attacked by all sorts of winged little armies preying on the innocent. ¬†I’m just a short walk to the community pool, so there have been plenty of times when I just wanted a refreshing treat for the stroll. 335 more words


Paleo Brownies

Now just to clarify, we are not a purely Paleo family. We love grains and one of hubby’s weeknesses is a ham and cheese toasted on white bread. 127 more words


Recipe: Healthy Brown Rice Bites

As I’ve changed my eating habits over the last decade or so and learned more about nutrition, overall, I’ve felt better and don’t really miss much about the fatigue, bloat and general “yuck” that went along with all of my poor food choices. 919 more words