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I'm Featured on Shape.com!

You have no idea how thrilled I was when Shape.com contacted me about a blog I wrote almost a year ago called, “5 Ways to Get Your Husband to Eat Healthy… 30 more words

Mrs Healthy Ever After

6 Foods For Eternal Youth

 The food that enter’s into your body also affects to the appearance of your skin.

  Accordingly to that, it is not worthy if you use the best and most expensive cosmetic products, and eat food that is harmful and bad for you and your body. 430 more words

Healthy Living

5 Food Tips/Tricks

When I was living on my own I was extremely contentious about what I purchased at the grocery store. I always bought plenty of fruits and vegetables, some proteins and maybe one snack item. 622 more words

Cheesy Tips & Tricks

I’ve always hated cheese, so that’s where I got lucky on the calorie-saving train.  Too bad I’m obsessed with chocolate, haha.

But one of the best calorie-saving tricks I’ve ever heard was for cheese swapping in your recipes: 204 more words


My least favorite four-letter word.

I am a lady – but sometimes a four letter word is the only word that can convey a situation.

However –

There is one four letter word that is never ok to bring up in a public setting. 559 more words

The 64 Calorie Chocolate Sauce That Goes With Everything

I see a lot of dessert recipes on diet blogs that involve making 12 calorie reduced cupcakes, or 2 dozen low fat cookies, or one sugar-free cake. 311 more words


Love Your Onions

I love onions, but in raw applications they can be a bit overpowering. Never fear- the solution is here (and super low calorie!)

What gives cut raw onions that acrid umph are sulphonic acids, and they’re the same things that are responsible for making you cry while you cut them. 177 more words