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There's no shame in procrastinating! OWN it for better eating.

I can see myself doing it.  I’m procrastinating again!  I have a work project I had intended to work on today, but I keep getting up from my desk.   478 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Eat More Vegetables: A Diabetic's Perspective

This came to me in an e-mail from a particularly creative, artistic client.  In the past she kept a journal where she illustrated her food journal with the food she ate – in color!   684 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight loss tips

  • Take the weight off gradually – no over a few of kilograms each month
  • Eat 3 meals every day, beginning with breakfast
  • Enjoy your food, simply eat a bit less of it.
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Too much? Too little? Ahhh . . . that's just right!

Oh, the beauty of balance!  Yes, you can get too much of a good thing.  A new study claims that people who run a lot – not moderately – tend to have similar risks of dying as those who do not run at all. 401 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Time Out! Change scenes. Shake it up!!

I am noticing my breathing again.  Sounds in our beachfront room appear seemingly out of nowhere:  waves, birds, wind, voices floating in and out.

I am on vacation, and I feel like I’m checking back in with the world.   428 more words

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Ask Coach Jackie: Can I “make up” for weekend splurges?

Answer: The weekend represents about 30 percent of the week, so too many slip-ups will put you on bad terms with the scale. Case in point: Dieters usually lose weight during the week, but stop losing weight on the weekend because they ate too much. 67 more words

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