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Lemon Herb Soba Noodles

Today’s lemon herb soba noodles is only 6 ingredients and so easy to make! It serves 4, (perfect for dinner for a small family or for 4 lunches) and takes no longer than 40min. 209 more words


Tocaya Organica

I’m obsessed with burritos! Burritos, and guacamole, and spicy salsa. Mexican food is the bomb. Not that burritos is a legit Mexican food, at least not what I’ve heard…but I might be wrong. 164 more words

You're Wasting Your Money + Missing Out on the World's Greatest Secret Ingredient

If you are buying vegetable broth at the store, you’re wasting your money. Stop it. Read this and start saving your pennies.

If you cook vegetables at home, that is. 612 more words


Himalaya Botanique Complete Care Toothpaste Review.

I received the best package a few weeks back, a giant box full of Himalaya Botanique tooth paste to test out.  I was so excited because this falls right in with our whole natural living lifestyle so I couldn’t wait to test it all out. 245 more words


A fruit a day, keep a doctor away, or does it?

Such a beautiful day requires us to face it with a strong faith and an active mind.  Let not the failures, frustration and the disappointment of yesterday refrain you from embracing such moment of happiness. 33 more words


How sweet it is!

Are you sweet on sweet potatoes? If you aren’t yet, maybe you should be! It turns out that the orange flesh of sweet potatoes may be one of nature’s unsurpassed sources of beta-carotene. 367 more words

My Favorite Specialty Breads in Orange County

I love Duke Bakery in Costa Mesa, I went there twice in 3 days for fresh breads which we gobbled up rather quickly, which is good, because due to the nature of its freshness, they only keep for 2-3 days unless stored frozen.   96 more words