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The Myth of the Cheat Day

We’ve all been there.  We are tired, we don’t want to cook, and by golly, we ain’t gonna do it.

Then the ease of ordering in sets in.  346 more words


Cooking in Memory of Mom: Simple & Easy Penne Pasta with Herb

So many of us share powerful memories of the loved ones we’ve lost. One of the things that I miss most about my mom was her cooking. 266 more words

Creampitera sk11

Terobosan baru cream pitera @creampitera_sk11 berikut adalah manfaat dan khasiatnya,aman untuk semua jenis kulita…, >> EFEKTIFITAS/MANFAAT PITERA : Muncul dari proses fermentasi natural yang dikontrol secara ketat, Pitera adalah cairan bening kaya akan vitamin, asam amino, mineral dan asam organik. 70 more words


My thoughts on massages

As you guys can see, I’ve been really MIA lately (basically this whole summer). Well, I was working, going through a few health issues, etc. I worked over 70 hours a week on a weekly basis, which I definitely DO NOT recommend anyone doing. 292 more words


Nail care ingredients you should avoid and safer alternatives.

Hey babes. Welcome back and forgive more the for the short hiatus. In short I was under pressured to write. Which is silly to think about because I am the only one putting myself into this position. 315 more words


Picadillo Dump Lasagna

I saw a recipe similar to this one on Food Network and it inspired me to do one of my all-time favorite moves: the dump meal. 279 more words


Hello has always been something I'm good at.


Usually when I say “hello”, I mean:

“I feel awkward”

“Yes, I was staring at you”

“There are too many people in this room” 411 more words

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