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Autoimmune disease vs Hair

Before getting diagnosed with my autoimmune disease, I had long flowing locks that I so desperately miss.

Let me give you a little backstory on my diagnosis. 352 more words


3 Ideas For A Quick Healthy Breakfast For Kids — Mike Rausa

Need some ideas for quick and healthy breakfasts for your kids? Here are 3 awesome recipes that taste great! The first one is…….

4 Reasons Why Seniors Don’t Eat Healthy & 5 Simple Solutions

As the effects of aging take their toll on our bodies it can be a struggle to remain well nourished. One of the greatest concerns of adult children is that their elderly parents are getting proper nutrition. 14 more words

For Richer or Poorer and Eating for Better or Worse... 

I can’t believe I’ve never commented on this before, but it has been in pretty much every single nutrition/training consult and friendly healthy-eating conversation I have ever had. 874 more words


Backyard Ducks (and Why We Got Them Instead of Chickens)

Happy Hump Day! Some weeks, this midpoint feels better than others. This week is off to one heck of a start. Chris is officially away on business and yesterday I came down with a terrible stomach bug. 1,638 more words


13 Things by Amy Morin - Chapter 2

“They Don’t Give Away Their Power”

“Retaining your power is about being confident in who you are and the choices you make, despite the people around you and the circumstances you’re in” (37).

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REAL TALK -- Be Proud of What You're Proud Of

At 5:30 this morning it was already uncomfortably humid. I had my short shorts on and an ELEV8 Nutrition shirt that’s two sizes too big with the sleeves cut out covering the rest of my body (sort of). 724 more words