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Tiger nut rosemary cheese crackers

Naturally gluten-free, nutrient dense and anti-inflamatory. These crackers are super quick and easy to make and have the perfect amount of crunchiness. Enjoy with cheese, spreads or make canapés! 469 more words

Gluten Free

Caring for your piercings 

As some of you might have noticed, I have a few facial piercings and my earlobes are stretched. So I decided to write a few posts on piercings and how to take care of them. 306 more words


Foolproof mayo

I see soo many people struggle (to be honest, i’ve struggled to make mayo at first as well so there is no shame!) to make their own mayonnaise or spending a lot of money on paleo, whole30 compliant mayo’s but it is so easy (yes it is ;) ) to make your own. 279 more words


Post-workout To Dos: Cool Down And Stretching

There are certain things that trainers tell their trainees every single time and which are also written and said after each and every workout routine post or video, yet a lot of people tend to skip them automatically, not realizing their real importance. 487 more words


Spiced Lemon Turkey

If you’re looking for a delicious meal that is healthy, light on calories, and fairly allergen free…this is a great meal!

The dish in its entirety is served along with a… 180 more words


Benefits of Eating Eggs!

Hello Sunday!

What do you do when you wake up on a Sunday, you crave a delicious plate of scrambled eggs or an omellette or an eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce and some muffins or boiled eggs or a sunny side up, okay I know what I want to eat now! 292 more words

Super Foods

recipe: roasted squash and blue cheese salad

After the excesses of Christmas (and the never ending boxes of chocolates that we are still trying to demolish), I often fancy something a bit lighter; it is still winter though so the salads of summer just aren’t going to cut it. 321 more words