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Easy peasy mushroom teriyaki with egg fried rice

This week I’ve been home alone, I’ve found myself listening out for all those noises that you don’t care about when there is like three other people at home! 347 more words

RECIPE: Lentil Crackers

On my quest for some healthy alternatives to my favourite crisps, I came across lentil crackers. Nutritionally, this snack is sky high in goodness and although a packet of crisps is always easier to tear open, these crackers will stay good in your fridge for up to three days after making so feel free to increase the quantities if you want to keep some for later. 142 more words


Something sweet for breakfast


Trebuie să recunosc că sunt o persoană care mănâncă cam același lucru la micul dejun. Rareori se întâmplă să schimb. Probabil din comoditate, lipsă de timp… Și ce e drept, de cele mai multe ori mănânc mâncare sărată. 1,312 more words


RECIPE: Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Most people I know have a sweet tooth. For me (and a few others), when temptation comes knocking, it wears a slightly different outfit. A savoury one. 132 more words



Hello Rethinkers,

Hydration is one of those things that gets bypassed, forgotten about and deemed unnecessary. How many of us don’t think about drinking water until we have dry mouths, feel a little light-headed or have a pounding headache? 439 more words

Zooka Health

It was not so long ago that I discovered, by dipping my lips into a glass of green juice, how the taste is in fact acceptable. 1,752 more words


Shoe-manic 👟

When some people say treat yoself… they may be referring to splurging on some designer bags, cars, jewelry, sunglasses, or the newest pairs of Jordan’s. Although I do agree that these items can all compliment different people, my personal preference for a treat for myself would be something that ensures optimal comfort for my body. 581 more words

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