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Morning balls

This early afternoon, I struggled with a big tub of protein powder down the stairs to the kitchen, fully pumped up to experiment with various recipes for some product testing tonight and tomorrow. 167 more words


Teaching athletes proper exercise technique- the younger the better

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This old proverb definitely fits when it comes to Strength and conditioning (S&C) with athletes. The later a player is introduced to structured S&C programmaes the more difficult it can be to get buy-in and learn the technique of exercises as they may have been doing things wrong for over a decade! 1,018 more words

Little blessings

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend here in Singapore! The weather has actually been really uncharacteristically not oven-like, even a little chilly at times. A weather forecast of 26 degrees these days almost feels like the DJ on the radio is telling me it’s going to snow today. 665 more words


Welcome to the Trinity!

When I speak of Trinity I mean ‘Spirit,Mind,Body’, in other words ‘Spirituality, Physicality, and Mentality’! Those are the foundations of fitness! When you are able to connect all three and put them to work together in order to support and keep your passion alive for being healthy in life, that is the only way you can maintain a lifestyle of freedom! 157 more words

Panquecas de aveia


Hoje acordei inspirada e decidi que o meu pequeno almoço tinha de ser panquecas!!!

Deixo-vos a receita, e quando fizerem, partilhem esses resultados

– 3 colheres de sopa de farinha de aveia (costumo utilizar aquela que faço cá em casa, mas hoje fiz com a farinha de aveia + proteica instantânea da CemPorcento) 97 more words


You Can't Outrun Your Fork (#TeamBLKGRLFLY)


So how many times have you heard the statement, “You are what you eat” Well that is true. Often times in our fitness journey we get so stuck on how many miles we are running, or how much cardio we are getting in, or did we get that strength training workout in for today. 269 more words

Why You Aren't Seeing Results in Losing Weight, Toning or Gaining Muscle.

One thing that I hear a lot from people is that what they’re currently doing isn’t getting them the results that they want or they find it hard to even do so. 913 more words