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The SUGAR in fruits-Is it as bad?

Fructose is a suger, then why do we always promote fruits that are full of it.

We see a major trend in the health industry that promotes fruit juices, advertisements claiming no preservatives and no added sugar etc. 292 more words


Macros / Week 1

Up until recently I always thought I ate enough. I ate every 3 hours, I had protein with most of my meals and I always had carbs every single day. 632 more words


I’ve been thinking of other ideas that I could write about on here and thought that I could just share the workout I did today. 263 more words



Appendicitis is acute inflammation of vermiform appendix. So first you should know about Appendix.
Appendix is actually a vestigial part of intestinal tract, it looks like a worm therefore named as vermiform appendix. 1,041 more words

Healthy Lifestyle And Medical Problems

How to play the social media game

Well it has been one hell of a busy two weeks!

I have literally not stopped, and it feels like I haven’t really had time to sleep either! 493 more words



For some people, being vegan is the most annoying thing out there, due to the fact so many people who choose this lifestyle like to spread the word and their opinions or even try to tell others how to live their lives. 546 more words


DIY Pineapple "Battle" Smoothie Bowl

Hi there!

Ce spui de o masa delicioasa, care pe langa aspectul fantastic, are un gust extraordinar si este suuuper simplu de facut? 448 more words