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Giving Back and providing fresh healthy food choices

Summer is coming and this is the best time to plan ways you and your family can give back. Gardeners are some of the most generous people I know, and it feels great to share fresh food with others. 130 more words

Plum & Strawberry Crumble

Made this on the weekend and it was a big hit!  Super easy and a perfect healthy dessert to fill those sweet cravings!  I only had a few plums so had to improvise and use some strawberries too.   198 more words


Couscous Bean Salad

This is my ultimate super quick and refreshing couscous bean salad.  All you have to do is add some simple ingredients and you can then sit back and enjoy a scrumptious bowl of goodness.   140 more words


Strawberry Granola Crunch Parfait

We all have sweet cravings but over indulgence in decadent desserts can leave us feeling guilty. So I have created my own version of a parfait. 224 more words


Managing Fluid Intake

My sister inspired me to write this post, especially after she looked at my recipes for infused water. So I decided to outline the importance of water. 348 more words



Exciting opportunity! Be part of the blog!

I want to make this blog about what you want to read, a place where you can ask any nutritional questions or want to read about certain nutritional topics that are of interest to you. 84 more words


Managing Pregnancy Symptoms

The first three months of pregnancy can be tough. Some are lucky and have very minor symptoms or none at all and then there are those that have them all! 220 more words