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Nike Shield : protection et visibilité par tout temp. Nike Shield

Réfléchissants, chauds, imperméables et respirants, découvrez les nouveaux vêtements et chaussures Nike Shield

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Healty Eating

i-Run: La Nocturne

parcourt a pied de 5 km ( sans dossart ni chrono )
venez courir ou marcher dans une ambiance festive
animation au depart et a l arrivèe asssurè par les dj de la school MJC… 55 more words

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WTF is a container?

You can’t go to a developer conference today and not hear about software containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and a bunch of other names with a nautical ring.. 17 more words

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Five Ways Docker Can Reduce Startup Time for New Hires

Docker is particularly adept at reducing the onboarding time for new devs. Let’s look at five ways Docker can reduce the startup time for new hires. 12 more words

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With help from Docker, Google's Go jumps in popularity

The language has climbed to 16th place in Tiobe index and could claim Programming Language of the Year honors

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Ken Loach: ‘If you’re not angry, what kind of person are you?’

He’s been a thorn in the establishment’s side since Cathy Come Home and Kes. At 80, he’s made his angriest film yet

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