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STT: White Wine Turkey Burgers

So my husband went to the doctor today and came home a little disappointed.  Although one probably wouldn’t make the observation by looking at him, his doctor informed him that he was a little overweight.   568 more words

Season To Taste (Recipes)

Omes jauno dārzeņu sautējums / Grandma's spring vegetable stew

Bioloģiski audzēti jaunie dārzeņi no pašu dārza – tas vienmēr ir tik… aizkustinoši :) Bet ja nav pieejams dārzs vienmēr var pieteikties kādā “Tiešās pirkšanas” pulciņā un iegādāties nepieciešamos dārzeņus. 316 more words


Spicy Mayo and Tacos

My food habits have changed quite a bit over the years as I am sure many people’s do as they age. I do not recall what I ate regularly for lunch during my first years of school. 546 more words

Healing the Gut with Saurkraut

I did it! I have now completed my 9 month long certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association and have been granted a new status in life as a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. 959 more words

Where Warriors Meet

Today I am up with an early start and back at the office.  Yes!!!  Time to work out.  This feels like a long awaited moment with all the hype and expectations, all the trash talk and the legacy two warriors about the meet for the first time with one massive explosion of talent and in the end when all the dust settles, when all the blood sweat and tears hit the canvas. 50 more words

Baking Bread-Tsoureki Greek Easter Sweet Bread in a Bread Machine.

Happy Easter Everyone,  Question. What is better than sliced bread….Answer. Fresh Bread from a Bread Machine because it makes prepping for Easter treats easy as XYZ. 600 more words

Lunch is a wrap

I’m really enjoying the freshness variety and deliciousness that my homemade wraps offer for lunch. Today I had avocado lettuce tomato bocconcini cucumber and capsicum on a multigrain wrap. 13 more words