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This week let's... Use a little less salt

EN. Miaus! February is here and I hope you are in the way to meet all your goals and I hope these posts (This week let’s…) are helping you to stay tuned with healthy and better habits to incorporate to your every day routine. 349 more words


Eat To Live

Eat to live. That’s me, all the way. I can survive with a few cookies and a glass of water.

Best meal of my life? Is there an accurate answer for this? 355 more words

Thoughts & Feelings

Salmon salad

I love salmon, personally I think it is a awesome fish, plenty of good thinks for the healt and with a good balance between price and quality. 134 more words


Green lentils and arboreo rice 

Arborio rice is a normal and most popular used in the preparation of Italian risotto rice varieties.

It is call with that name for the connection with the town of Arborio Vercelli, in the Po Valley, where the variety was selected. 180 more words


Buckweat with Artichokes and green turnips

Hello everyone! I promoting a wonderful initiative by my italian website eppurnonce.com , a whole week, from February the 1st to the 7th 2016. We are going to collect recipes from all of us using only gluten free raw material, I mean we do not use any packaged products or ready mixes. 560 more words


This week let's... Drink tea

Miaus, this year is just beginning and in order to accomplish some of my goals and probably yours too I decided that every week I’ll publish something that I want to do this week or something that would be nice to to the rest of the year. 342 more words


Dinner Salad with Yohurt Dressing and Turkey

Hello my favorites, for you all who dont have any more ideas what to do for dinner (as I have from time to time too), I prepare very easy and tasty solution. 260 more words