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Entry 3

Im so ashamed of myself!
I woke up yesterday craving cake as the fatty I am. I keept craving it the whole day but I did not give in to the temptation. 311 more words

Book Writing

This week let's... Do something nice for someone else

EN.Dear Miaus we have been talking since the beginning of the year about improve our health and our life with small goals we can reach each week or include such habits in our lives, but how about doing something nice for someone else? 554 more words


Let's do the Oatshake!

Howdy Hungry Soul. Imagine the 41 degrees Celsius heat here in Manila today. I know we all love the summer vibes. Beaches, Henna Tattoo, Surfing, and more. 267 more words


Taboola Salad Recipe l وصفة سلطة التبولة


لا تنسو المشاركة في قناة المدونة على اليوتيوب لمتابعة كل وصفاتي


This week let's... Laugh

EN.Miaus this is my favourite month!  not just because my birthday is soon is also because the weather is awesome! I love to go swim in the evening or sit outside to enjoy the breeze, these small pleasures make me smile :).Other of the small but great pleasures of life is laugh; is free, is simple and you do not need to know about rocket science to enjoy it, but I am almost sure we still have some grey days sometimes so this week is about remember how important is that heartwarming feeling and simple solutions to make you laugh. 516 more words


Foods That Could Kill Your Pets!

1 Chocolate

We might love chocolate, but that’s no reason to give it to your pets! Chocolate products contain substances called methylxanthines that can cause vomiting in small doses, and even death if ingested in larger quantities. 454 more words


Cucumber Noodles Salad with Southwest Green Goddess Dressing

I am a hard core meat eater so I have no problems with dairy products etc. While this recipe is Raw, Vegan and Super delicious! The spicy dressing goes great with the cucumber noodles. 132 more words