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Glowing Skin

Carrots Contain

         Vitamin A is an Antioxidants and Mineral,such as Potassium.

Carrots Skin Benefits

Which help your cells from breaking down . Because of this carrot juice can help your skin to remain young and healthy looking .Carrot juice can  even help keep your skin moist. 42 more words

Beauty Tips


On Today’s episode of “Secretly turning my roommates healthy” (only half  kidding about that title) we have PIZZA!!!

I had to break the news to Chris that on paleo, normal cheese is not allowed so I was substituting with Nut Cheese and he still agreed to try it!! 203 more words


Manfaat Buah Manggis Bagi Kesehatan

Manfaat buah manggis sangat fenomenal dan sampai saat ini ia di sebut ratu buah karena khasiatnya yang memang superrrr sekali. Manggis dapat mengobati dan mencegah berbagai penyakit berbahaya seperti kanker, ini lah yang menjadikannya buah super luar biasa. 407 more words


Quick & Easy Chicken PHO

When it’s cold outside and you need a warming, immune boosting soup, but don’t wanna spend hours in the kitchen, then this tasty quick cooking chicken PHO is just right for you! 304 more words


Satay Sauce

Ok, so all the peanut lovers out there, this is the best Satay Sauce out there! No MSG, no coconut milk, no crap, just good healthy ingredients……well part from a small bit of peanut butter!…it never hurt anyone…right! 180 more words

Vegansk blondies

Greit med et sunnere alternativer når søtsuget melder seg, i disse etter-juletider. Jeg bakte de for første gang for noen år siden, og de fikk veldig god respons ( 114 more words


Veggie and Egg Muffin Cups

Since it’s a new year, and everyone is on a “diet” for the next few days, I thought I would start my blog off on the lighter side! 742 more words