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Having a cluttered life = a cluttered mind

Declutter your life. It will probably be one of the most valuable things you could ever do. But what exactly do I mean by the term declutter? 187 more words


Healy and Felly Invite you to 'Live For The Moment'

Life moves fast, so fast it’s hard sometimes to just take a breath and appreciate it all. Happiness is fleeting, and if you don’t grab on quickly it’ll pass you right by. 188 more words


#WILTW "Angels" and "Montana"

Imagine a kid on Christmas morning that has just gotten everything he wants from his extensive list to Santa. That was me when I got the Soundcloud notification in the early morning on my drive back from Nashville. 195 more words


Fr. 673

  1. To any complication of selfhood, there must be joined a theoretical throughline which itself issues in a new set of (discursive) practices which aim at relaunching discussion.
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AK Hikes: Savage Trail

Dearest Mickey,

I finally ventured into the Denali National Forest after four months in Alaska. Most of the park is only accessible by bus (ie no personal cars can drive the road), but the first 15 miles or so, cars can come and go at will. 59 more words


Fr. 674

C.) opens a gap between individual and identity, understood respectively as that construct or property of self as bearer of a concrete, personal history and the creation of a self-image for others. 629 more words