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Heap Corruption Detected - Why and how to avoid a buffer overrun

For our first coding adventure I’d like to share with you a problem I’ve ran into today. I was working away on a class to load GLSL shaders from disk, for one of my OpenGL projects. 527 more words


Save Our Souls -Troubleshooting Heap Corruption the Classic Way with Gflags and Windows Debugger

In my previous post I described my favorite way of troubleshooting unmanaged heap corruption with AppVerifier, DebugDiag and Windows Debugger. However, in a couple of incidents with few customers in last few months that way of getting culprit simply didn’t work for one reason or another, usually due to some overhead from AppVerifier rules. 841 more words


Save Our Souls- Troubleshooting Heap Corruption With DebugDiag, AppVerifier and Windows Debugger (WINDBG)–PART 2

In Part 1 of this post I went into basics of setting up a memory dump to troubleshoot heap corruption with App Verifier and DebugDiag tool. 798 more words


Save Our Souls–Troubleshooting Heap Corruption With DebugDiag, AppVerifier and Windows Debugger (WINDBG)–PART 1

There is probably nothing worse in this world for a developer than classic heap corruption.

The heap is a data structure, maintained by the compiler or OS’s runtime libraries, responsible for handling memory allocation (e.g. 1,043 more words