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Mysore myths #3: Ashtanga is hard

A week or so ago I almost got into a knock-down-drag-out argument (in public) with a friend over this myth. She’s currently training for a half marathon, and is known for readily volunteering for 100+km ultra races (both of which I would define as ‘hard’). 455 more words


Mysore Myths, part 2

Look at your Mysore self-practice teacher, now back at your mat. Now back at your teacher- is your teacher practicing? Are you practicing? Eyes back to your mat. 749 more words


the travelling ashtangi

as kids, my family never went half-ass on vacation. we travelled all over the U.S.- florida and disney world several times as my grandparents had a very nice jumping off point in orlando. 647 more words


heard around the studio 3...

Setting: two yogis are discussing yoga in front of a non-yogi…

Yogi: yeah, see, we practice brahmacharya…

non-Yogi: brama-blahblahblah?

EkamYogini: yes, brahmacharya is the Sanskrit word for ‘vibrator’. 25 more words


heard around the studio 2...

Setting: the Ekam Studio during Mysore-style practice. EkamYogini has bound a practitioner into Marichyasana C…

EkamYogini: see, i told you, if you practice enough your arms… 128 more words


my thong article

I wrote this almost 2 years ago sort of as a vent/joke. RecoveringYogi liked it, but they already had a similar article, so i’m publishing this here for your reading pleasure… 925 more words


heard around the studio...

in mysore, india, after practice, people gather at the coconut stand and drink green coconut water or chai. it’s part of the satsang. i did source coconuts last year for the studio in a (failed) attempt to bring a bit of mysore to johannesburg. 276 more words