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Guess Who's Back? Back Again?

Guess who’s back? Back again? The Doc is back, tell a friend (cue Eminem’s Without Me).

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while, the stress of healing the world’s ears has kept me busy, BUT, rest assured, my public prescriptions of Music Medicine is back! 170 more words

Hearing Aid

What Independent Audiologists Do?

Independent audiologists are practitioners of the science branch called audiology. An audiologist is a educated professional that works in the field of human’s hearing system. Hence, when people have some hearing-related issue they visit an audiologist. 371 more words

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Nothing Funny Lately

There hasn’t been anything really funny lately. Maybe it’s the dog days of summer – August.

My little black dog was born in August many years ago. 107 more words


Vanity, noun : excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements.

…certainly not a word I would like anyone to associate with me, but something that I have noticed in other people when I talk about bone anchored hearing aids… 398 more words

Single-sided Deafness

New Custom Earmold ~ by Sam

Don’t worry, “earmold” is not some kind of frightening new ear infection.  It’s actually an earpiece for my hearing aid that has been custom molded to fit perfectly in my ear canal.   505 more words

Appointments for body parts

Three of my mother’s appointments today —  hair, teeth, ears.

The hair needs to look good. It helps to frame the face. My father used to call a woman’s hair her crowning glory. 205 more words