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Hearing aid found near Marsh Lane allotments

A hearing aid was found on Friday just by the allotments on Marsh Lane.

If you believe it to be yours, please email crosspoolnews@gmail.com.


Treating Your Hearing Loss In The Best Possible Way

One problem can surely be botheration for one and all and that is called hearing loss for more than one part of the ear or in fact both the ears. 515 more words

Hearing Impairment

Opting For The Right Professional Hearing Test With Pure Tone Audiometry

Right in future, you may need a hearing test as considered. There are two types of tests which one might encounter right as an adult. One can take part in audiometry as well as speech discrimination tests of pure tone. 337 more words

Hearing Impairment

Causes Of Hearing Impairment To Help People Live Ideal Life

Problems associated with hearing is on a significant rise, people from every corner of the world are experiencing and are facing the issue, which definitely increases several eye-brows. 430 more words

Hearing Impairment

What to expect at an audiology appointment

Before getting to the stage of an audiology appointment, most patients will have already seen a GP or an ENT doctor. However, you (or your child / relative) may have suspected the presence of hearing loss for months or even years. 734 more words


Hearing Aid

Ebaristo, my little Trinidad shoeshine friend recently complained that his hearing aid was no longer effective. I researched all the models and brought him the most powerful one I could find that was similar to what he had. 27 more words

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Hearing Centre Specialists Can Advise on Optimizing Hearing Aid Performance

Experiencing some difficulties Adjusting to your New Hearing Aids? Professional Counseling from Bravo Hearing may help Alleviate any Anxiety or Concerns. Read More

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