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uSound - Hearing aid in a android app

Once in a while comes along an app that is hard to describe as useful for normal people but invaluable for a small select group. uSound falls into that category, it’s a free trail for 14 days, but we thought it deserved a special mention for the few folks who need hearing assistance. 519 more words


Cochlear Implants, BAHA and MIPS - What's The Difference?

Hi kids!

Last Friday something really cool happened at the Montreal Children’s Hospital – Surgeons performed a MIPS – Minimally Invasive Ponto Surgery – on a 15-year old girl. 541 more words

Hearing Loss

It's Not You, It's Me: How It Feels to Breakup With My Hearing Aid Audiologist

Image Credits: Global Nerdy

This weekend I realized something for the first time.

I will never again use a hearing aid.

I haven’t worn a hearing aid in more than 2 months since I broke the one for my right, unimplanted ear and every backup I had (the battery compartments snapped on them both awhile back, preventing me from closing them and causing them to whistle incessantly).

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A Heavy Scent of Bananas But Not a Hint of a Hearing Aid

Oh dear. The last few times I’ve visited my mom, her room smells like bananas. It’s not due to a new air freshener. It’s because she’s started hoarding bananas. 327 more words

Sandwich Generation


Am I ready? I mean really ready for this operation? My letter has arrived and the date is set, pre op assessment passed,  well, apart from my low blood pressure so they’ll need to keep a closer eye on me  – but aside from that from that it’s all systems go! 575 more words

Single-sided Deafness

Disability News Weekly Roundup – Monday, October12 to Friday, October 16

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Autism coming-of-age documentary to debut on HBO (Disability Scoop)
A film following a group of young women with autism spectrum disorders as they prepare for the social challenges of attending a dance is set to air on HBO October 26th at 9 PM. 2,063 more words

I've Got Me A Three-Foot Rambo

Having a kid with health problems inevitably turns you into a nut job. For reals. I mean, I was a little on the nutty side before that adorable little one-eared, bum-kidneyed, mute Nugget sprang forth from my loins, but he’s only made it worse. 1,050 more words