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I Hear Better Now

“Suddenly the world is loud

I hear the birds

The creaking of chair and door

The loud footsteps

The hammering in the background

The ambulance… 738 more words


The New Normal

The pandemic has driven everyone to change. It isn’t comfortable but necessary to go through everyday life and of course survive. The stress, anxiety it has given to everyone and the negative side effects it gives to children and the elderly, I couldn’t imagine. 391 more words


Sleep and Hearing Loss Care in Gainesville, GA

It is time for bed, and you are exhausted from a long day, so you put on your most comfortable pair of pajamas you have, pull back the comforter, and snuggle into your cloud-like bed. 425 more words

How to Protect Your Hearing for the Fourth of July from a Leading Hearing Specialist in Bessemer, AL

With the Fourth of July being right around the corner, families and friends typically get together to shoot off fireworks and have a barbeque, or they decide to go to the city’s firework show. 439 more words

A Search for An Ear Cure

When you have a common cold, you can get many suggestions about how you can cure your cold, When you have the hiccups, there are many suggestions about how you can cure them. 887 more words

A Big Problem encountered!

Circuit Breaker Day 27 of 56.

Life is not smooth sailing all the time. At times, it may throw you issues or problems which may be a big headache. 1,073 more words

Hearing-impaired Journal

A Transom on a cannon. And a lost hearing aid.

After a fruitless 3-4 hours searching for my lost hearing aid, I decided to make a bit of progress on the Armstrong cannon chassis.  At least I got the workshop floor swept clean for the first time since last winter.   214 more words

Armstrong Cannon