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I Can't Hear the Phone

Staring into the computer screen, I watched my relay call get dropped for the third time in a row. I buried my face into my palms, fighting the urge to scream. 1,149 more words

Don't Eat my Hearing Aid!

One of the most common accidents with hearing aids is a pet thinking it’s lunch.*

If you Google the phrase “pets eating hearing aids,” you will find endless articles and pet shaming photographs detailing this horror. 865 more words

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New hearing aid app helps Saskatoon teen

SASKATOON – As a baby, Keelin Rooke’s parents knew she was special. At a young age she was flagged by doctors for having a lot of ear infections and failing hearing tests in her right ear. 637 more words


Telecoil Evaluation Procedure

The Telecoil Evaluation Procedure (TEP) was developed to provide a definitive, valid and reliable method for determining client performance with hearing aid telecoils when coupled to a standard telephone. 81 more words


Rainbow Passage

This passage was spoken by a male talker with a general American accent. The recording is in two sections; one is spoken with normal inflection and the second in a monotone, or “cold running speech.” The intensity of normal inflection will vary considerably over time, while the cold running speech will maintain a more constant level. 55 more words


Deafie on Deafie is easier, right? Um, no.

I’m often the identified person who is expected to attend to someone else with a hearing problem. Yes, I do have a lot of information, but most people don’t know that. 525 more words


Does Not Play Well With Others

I hesitate to even post about this topic because I’m sure to get a little backlash about this viewpoint. Because of that, you will see interspersed throughout this written confession, links of scholarly evidence and citations to peer-reviewed articles that will lend a little more credence to what I’m about to say. 2,094 more words

Hearing Loss