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How to choose the right hearing aid for your child

When it comes to choosing a hearing aid for your child, it must be perfect. It is important for the children to be rightly fit with the right hearing aid and accessories to meet their individual need as they keep growing. 499 more words

Hearing Aid Shop In Kolkata

BeHear Now - The Swiss Army Knife of Hearing Technologies

Tech Report/CES 2019

Have you ever had trouble hearing what people are saying in specific situations – like at a party, or talking on the phone, or while watching TV – but you don’t think hearing aids are the answer? 186 more words


BAHA Free Week

I spent a week without my BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) and it was not easy.

I would try to focus on every word people were saying, but I still missed a good bit of it.   86 more words

BHearing - New Hearing Amplifier with Bluetooth Functionality

Consumer Update

There are about 48 million people who suffer from some form of hearing loss in the United States. BHearing from Jabees is a new hearing amplifier that’s making it easier than ever for people to hear in any type of situation. 184 more words

Consumer Update

Broken BAHA

I broke my BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) today.  It has to go to the shop for repairs, so I will be BAHA free for a few days. 25 more words

Tuning In to Hearing Aid Types

Tuning In to hearing aid types

Digital hearing aids are available five original styles and are classified through where on or inside the ear they’re worn. 1,022 more words

In-the-Canal Hearing Aid (ITC)

Debunking the Misconceptions about Deaf and Hard-of-hearing People

There can hardly be any denying the fact that being deaf or hard-of-hearing can be a challenging condition to live with. These challenges are compounded further when the person also has to deal with other people who harbour certain untrue and unfortunate myths about the condition. 357 more words

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