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How Different Types of Hearing Loss Affect Communication

Often, we give little thought to the sounds around us until one day we notice people are mumbling, or family members complain that the television is too loud. 26 more words

Hearing Loss Specialist

Quest of Hearing Aid

Penurunan pendengaran pada usia 40an bukan hal yg baru di keluarga saya. Nini (nenek) pada tahun 1990an sudah mengalaminya sehingga terkadang mengganggu komunikasi dengan orang sekitar. 525 more words


The Broken BAHA

I broke my BAHA again and it will take 7 to 10 days for it to be fixed.

I have a conflicting relationship with my BAHA.  94 more words

Supporting Your Loved Ones Through Hearing Loss

Coping with hearing loss is a journey, and, it’s always nice to have company along the way. If you want to be there for someone you care about with hearing loss, there are some helpful things to keep in mind. 21 more words

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If Only People could Fill the Shoe in Ours

I am a Hard of Hearing person (HoH). I will explain how my situation is like, but first let me tell you how it happened. 945 more words

My Hearing Journey

Yes this is a sappy post about my hearing journey from start to end. I know, it’s not as big of a deal as most things in life, but it’s huge for me. 700 more words

Monday Means Better Hearing

It’s good to hear the birdcalls in the woods.

One of the worst things about getting older is the gradual decline of the body. The bits and bobs one used to be able to rely on suddenly prove themselves utterly unreliable, and it comes as an unpleasant surprise. 869 more words