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An old man in his late 80s has been struggling with a hearing difficulty for a long time. One day he decides to consult a doctor and was given a hearing aid which appeared to boost his hearing about 99%. 70 more words


It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No, it’s a Williams Sound Pocketalker!

The Pocketalker, manufactured by Williams Sound, is one MyHearGear’s all-time most popular and best selling personal sound amplifiers.

What is a Pocketalker?

Think back when you got your first small, portable radio you could fit in the pocket of your shirt or your pants (My first portable radio was about the size of a micro-wave oven!)  On top of that radio looking gadget is a plug-in microphone that will pick up conversation, music, sports activities, special meetings with special speakers, etc… and AMPLIFY AND ENHANCE sounds that will go to your ears via headphones or earphones. 372 more words

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Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Regular maintenance can improve the performance and lengthen the lifespan of your hearing aid. Fortunately, you can perform most of the maintenance your hearing aids need by yourself at home with a few simple tools. 357 more words

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How to Find the Right Audiologist?

The first and most important step in addressing your hearing problems is to find the right audiologist.

Taking the time and effort to locate a skilled and reputable audiologist can keep you from wasting money on hearing aids you don’t need or hearing aids that do not work. 370 more words

Hearing Aids

Need to adjust your hearing aid? There's an Apple Watch app for that (Video)

Hearing aids are pretty sophisticated pieces of technology these days, capable of adjusting the sound they pick up to suit a range of different environments, from a noisy restaurant to a windy day outside. 212 more words

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Thinking Outside of The Hearing Aid

I’ve had a hearing loss for the last 38 years, ever since I got a severe case of amoebic dysentery in Central America and was given sulfa drugs, which killed the amoebic parasites but also killed off a lot of my hearing nerve endings.  519 more words

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Deafness is not something you can see, so please, just look out for those around you.

This week is deaf awareness week (4-10th May 2015 in the UK)!

My commute home from work involves the London underground which is normally just fine…But today there was an incident which reminded me of how much I rely on my beloved hearing aid. 229 more words