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About hearing aids - How To Acquire Right

Hearing problems is common. That is not an condition or disease; it is however, second simply to rheumatoid arthritis as a medical condition for folks over the age of sixty-five. 545 more words

Hearing Aid

BAHA Surgery Update

The bandage is off my head now and the incision is healing nicely.

The BAHA surgery involves drilling into the skull, so it sounds like it would be extremely painful.   109 more words


This past Sunday in church, the pastor was speaking on interruptions that we experience in life and how we react to these interruptions. I’m going to share just one of my life’s interruptions. 664 more words

Death of a Hearing Aid

I broke my hearing aid and I don’t think it can be repaired.  The insides are popping out of the hearing aid.  It looks really bad.

10 things I wish audiologists had taught me

Audiologists and hearing rehabilitation

Gianluca Trombetta: A new course to the rescue

When my audiologists finally convinced me to start wearing hearing aids at age 20, I expected to immediately have perfect hearing. 119 more words

Hearing Aids

It's a noisy world out there! SSD Story 4 week review.

Hi Guys,

I have single sided hearing, this condition is also know as unilateral hearing, in simple English terms, I am deaf in one ear- since birth, you can read more about it… 760 more words

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Feedback from the audience

Friday 7. of April we had a progress presentation which included a speak about our progress in the project and feedback on our chosen concept ( 19 more words