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Ear Trumpet

One of our members, Andy, has come up with a fantastic idea and is looking for some funding…..

“The E-ear trumpet  will be a boon to the modern man (and woman). 37 more words

Bell’s palsy, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Hearing Loss

Bell’s palsy is a sudden or rapid onset facial paralysis or weakness which develops over hours to a day or two. If the face takes longer than 2-3 days to become paralyzed, the disorder is probably not Bell’s palsy and other causes need to be considered. 587 more words

Hearing Aid

Digital Hearing Aid and Hearing Aid Repairs in Satellite, Gujarat

Digital Hearing Aid is seeking of remedies to the matter of deafness like best hearing aids or sensory system corrective. In earlier times, once there was no any device, folks were wont to curl hand round the ears to concentrate clearly in an exceedingly struggle yet on show their incapacity. 504 more words

Hearing Aid

Sunday research

Two weeks have passed since Oticon introduced the project topic followed by an introduction to IBM bluemix and IFTTT during the course and how this can be used to develop an IoT solution for the Oticon Opn hearing aid. 140 more words

My perspective change on my hearing- aid.

(Intro) My perspective on hearing loss went from hated wearing it to accepting the fact that I need it. Here is how my feelings, experiences, beliefs, perspective, and values have changed from Kindergarten to Tenth grade.  409 more words

How do I identify hearing loss?

Hearing loss begins gradually.

When a person doesn’t hear as well anymore, it’s usually other people who realize it first. Friends and family members begin to notice that so… 218 more words