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Short-Term Hearing Loss Can Cause Long-Term Problems

The short-term hearing loss experienced during childhood may increase the possibility of getting persistent hearing deficits. This might be because the way our brains process sounds are shaped by our early experiences. 386 more words

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Noisy Toys Can Cause Hearing Loss

It has been said that noise and some technology can cause our hearing to be compromised. It was said in the article that the use of headphones, earphones, and inner ear sound amplifiers can be linked to hearing loss, and at a much younger age for that matter. 389 more words

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How to Prevent Hearing Loss

We live in a world where noise has become something we are used to every day. We may not know it now, but these noises can be causing us a problem that is irreversible: hearing loss. 478 more words

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Hearing Loss Related Apps for Your Smartphone

We now live in an era where there’s an app available to cater everything we need. You need to decide what to eat for dinner, there’s an app for that. 499 more words

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How to Not Lose Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are very small. It is a common case for children and elderly people to lose their hearing aids. Due to kids’ hyperactivity tendencies, there’s a high chance their hearing aid could get lost while they’re playing around. 458 more words

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Are Your Hobbies Making You Deaf?

We all have hobbies that we like to do out of passion, to get away from stress and to relax after a long day or week from work. 493 more words

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How to Properly Change Your Hearing Aid’s Battery

Batteries play important roles in hearing aids. It also affects the lifespan of your precious little device in the long haul, that’s why it is important to be informed on how to replace them when the battery juice runs out. 468 more words

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