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Different Types Of Hearing Aids Available To Meet Your Requirements

The problem in hearing is common to a large section of population and it needs to be tackled brilliantly. There is a great necessity for all the people suffering from hearing impairment to get the best of the services and treatments at their disposal which would guarantee them to live a healthy and brilliant life. 273 more words

Hearing Impairment

N is for Noise

Can you guess the #1 hearing complaint? Wait, what did you say? Boys? Toys? Ohhhh- you said noise!

Restaurants, lecture halls, and busy work meetings with several talkers can all pose a challenge due to many competing sounds distorting and drowning out one another. 138 more words

Too Vain for hearing aids...hear

How most are in denial….. At first I pushed the realisation away, refusing to believe that my hearing was deteriorating.   It started eight years ago, gradually. 264 more words

Myth about Hearing Loss

So this blog is inspired by my visit to my optometrist the other day when I asked him whether is it true that frequent contact lenses user can actually maintain their eyesight instead of worsening it. 357 more words


Hearing Loss Treatment To Cure Your Hearing Impairment With Brilliance

Hearing is a sense that most of us take for granted and hardly pay any attention to. Throughout our lives, our ears are subjected to specific loud-noise, power tools, lawn mowers and loud-music which gradually affect our ears and take away our hearing power. 271 more words

Hearing Impairment

How does hearing loss affect communication?

What is the relationship between hearing, speech and language?

Hearing is important for speech and language development, communication, and learning. Children listen to others speak for approximately a whole year (even a little more) before they can actually start to speak. 475 more words


Phonak India - Make The Right Choice By Wearing New Technology Of Hearing Aid In Mumbai


Hearing is something that is primary for the proper functioning of the human body. We use our senses in collaboration with other senses for better response to different situations. 490 more words