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Don't Give Up

This has been a trying season in my life.  I strive to keep it all together but you can’t always have that brave face all the time.   507 more words

Hearing Loss

Are Induction Loop Systems Better Than Infrared (IR) OR Radio (RF) Systems?

Neither Infrared (IR) nor Radio (RF) systems can top an Induction Loop system.  Induction Loop Systems are the most versatile technology available, suitable for the broadest range of hearing applications. 653 more words

Hearing Aid

My Cochlear Implant can change My life

By: Muhammad Talha Basit

After my surgery, I opened my eyes saw a bedroom in hospital. I thought it was a new life. Some people visited and asked about it. 204 more words

Hearing loss and Holy Qura'n


Hearing loss affects an estimated 325 million people worldwide. According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, people with untreated hearing loss are at twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as people with unimpaired hearing. 165 more words

Among chaos, there runs a silent angel.

Among her parents, grandparents, a little brother, toys, more broken toys, cluttered furniture, posters of gospels, vases of flowers, two aquariums,a cage of pigeons and a television set that relays cartoons, runs around a little angel oblivious to the sounds around her. 623 more words



I recently received a bag of hearing accessories from a friend whose mother passed away.  She knew I owned MyHearGear so I probably would have some use for some older hearing accessories that her mother used. 331 more words

Hearing Aid

Mi Senti?

So, we know from past posts that my favorite Italian expression is the deceivingly complicated “Dimmi tutto.” The one that’s most ingrained in my mind, however, is more straightforward: “ 574 more words