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MEXICO CITY: Cemeteries & Hay Farming

I don’t think I could ever move to a city and live somewhere far from a church. One of my favorite things is hearing the bells toll out the hours. 3,520 more words


Hearing Aid in Noida/Delhi Be a Part of The Conversation

Inability to hear properly is not restricted to age. It can be by birth/ younger/Old.  It is important to understand that hearing Problem and its solution. 419 more words

Hearing Aids

Meeting Your Tribe

Couple weeks ago was the Annual Say What Club Convention.  This yes is an annual event but it is my first time attending.  I should back up, The Say What Club is an online group where everyone has a hearing loss or their life is affected by hearing loss by a spouse or a close family member.  889 more words

Does God Speak To Us Today?

The host of a radio talk show asked his listeners, “Does God speak to us?” He was reacting to a sports celebrity who claimed that God spoke to him about his relationship with his girlfriend. 454 more words


...all the better to hear you, dear...

Its been 3 years since our son was diagnosed with sudden onset sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus.  Its been 2.5 years since we acquired his hearing aid that serves as a tinnitus masker. 688 more words

Costco Hearing Aids Bluetooth

How do I pair my Costco listening to aids?

Go to Settings – trendy – Accessibility – hearing Aids and make sure that Bluetooth is on. 1,100 more words

Costco Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Brand Reviews

The Top Most Reputable Hearing Aid Brands


ReSound is an agency founded in 1943 with its headquarters in Denmark. They’re owned through the GN ReSound group. 990 more words

Hearing Aid Brand Reviews