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Partners In Hearing Workshop - Developing Tools To Better Navigate Hearing Loss

I recently attended a workshop hosted by The Ida Institute in Skodsborg, Denmark. Ida is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation.  992 more words

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What is Covered In Cros Hearing Aids Cost

After you follow the hearing to aid online shop link, you couldn’t help wondering, whether its collection as inclusive as the online shop claims it to be. 1,034 more words

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Harry Potter - Hearing Aids

You guys might not know this, but I use hearing aids. A couple weeks ago I saw someone post on Facebook – they had bought ‘decorations’ for their hearing aids, and I was intrigued. 248 more words


How to use Live Listen with Apple’s AirPods

”Your AirPods can function as hearing aids thanks to ‘Live Listen’ in iOS 12,” Chris Hoffman writes for How-To Geek. “This feature uses your iPhone (or iPad) as a directional microphone, capturing sound and reducing noise before piping it through your AirPods.” 239 more words


When You Are The Friend With Hearing Aids

Some friends know all the good restaurants in town. Others know everything about the local sports teams. Some can even score you two tickets to the hottest new show. 817 more words

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Best Hearing Aids Reviews

What is hearing aids?

A hearing aid is a small digital device that you wear in or back of your ear. It makes sounds louder so a person with hearing loss can hear, speak, and participate more completely in everyday sports. 1,146 more words

Best Hearing Aids Reviews

Over-The-Counter Listening To Aids

Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids (or OTC wearable hearing gadgets as endorsed inside the NAS report cited underneath) aren’t yet accepted by using the FDA. They could be listening to devices for adults with moderate to slight listening to loss bought immediately through purchasers from a store or online. 897 more words

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