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Finding the Best Hearing Aids for Your Budget and Needs

The sheer number of different hearing aids available can make it difficult to choose one for you. If you have had a hearing test at a local hearing centre, the experts will be able to help you find exactly what you need, but do not buy one unless you have been tested and had them set to your needs. 266 more words

Hearing Aids

Telecoils - a tool for enhancing language, educational and social development in deaf children?

Hearing aid wearers are most familiar with their ‘T’ switch to help them hear better in public places fitted with loop systems, such as churches, theatres, banks and post offices. 612 more words


My Head Is Ringing Off The Hook!

Do your hearing aids help with your tinnitus? I am lucky to say that mine do. I know this is not the case for everyone. But I hadn’t realized how important this was to me until recently, when I had to go two days without my left hearing aid. 385 more words

Coping Strategies For Hearing Loss


I love music. A lot. I studied music at college, played in bands, went on three exchanges to a specialist music school in Sweden, was a DJ for 6 years, and I listen to music ALL THE TIME. 722 more words

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Life This Morning

My people don’t talk in the waiting room.  They are already tired from asking directions at the front desk and figuring out the receptionist’s instructions. Once they are sitting down and waiting to be called, they want to be left alone. 697 more words

Hearing Loss

Don't Eat my Hearing Aid!

One of the most common accidents with hearing aids is a pet thinking it’s lunch.*

If you Google the phrase “pets eating hearing aids,” you will find endless articles and pet shaming photographs detailing this horror. 865 more words

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A great start at college

College life turns out to be keeping Hayley pretty busy but also very happy

Saturday morning, in the garden…

I’m standing by the washing line pegging out flappy rows of little white chef’s jackets and aprons, making the most of this glorious autumn sunshine. 485 more words