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I Took My Noise-Cancelling Headphones To Disney World

I love visiting Disney World – the festive atmosphere, the unique rides and the fully immersive experiences. But as I get older, and deafer, and more sensitive to loud noises, enjoying things like a Disney theme park have gotten more challenging. 420 more words

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Why One Just Go for a Hearing Test?

yourself for a hearing test to access your hearing capability. More than 3 million people in US participate in this kind of test annually. Hearing test is very helpful as you can ascertain your hearing strength and at the same time can gauze the presence of any hearing difficulty. 370 more words

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Getting a Cochlear Implant

I live in a world of soft sounds. Low-frequency sounds, such as drums, I hear quite well. Speech sounds are harder. I can usually hear that someone is talking. 1,775 more words

Ear Mold Impressions and Speech Therapy Session - February 8, 2016

Ear Mold Impressions

Now that T’s ears are ear wax free, T was ready to get new ear mold impressions made!

T wears behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids (common in children, because they’re so durable) As shown in the picture below, the ear mold is a clear piece that fits snugly in the ear. 746 more words

Speech Therapy Session

Deciding to Visit a Hearing Specialist on the Gold Coast

Hearing loss is usually associated with old age but it can affect people at any point in their lives. Unfortunately, there is still some stigma around hearing issues, which is why it can take up to ten years for a person to address the problem and during that time they will have suffered a great deal. 270 more words

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Misleading Ads

Must we read ads like a lawyer to avoid the traps? Apparently so, as this ad for hearing aids in our local newspaper illustrates:

“WANTED! Miracle-Ear Hearing Centers is looking for qualified people to test their latest product . 378 more words


Now Hear This

When this mobile acoustic horn appeared mysteriously outside the office the other day, I wondered if the students had finally found an effective way to ask me questions in the corridor without getting a completely inappropriate response. 157 more words

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