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Most of you who know me from these pages or my working days know I’m hearing challenged.

It’s a life-long disability that’s has gotten worse over the years. 602 more words


Don't Make Fun of Me When I "Mesh"..I mean "Mess" Up

A good friend of mine recently shared a picture on Facebook and a little admission about struggling to develop proper speech and pronunciation growing up. And while I’m not sure where the quote is from, and I can’t tell the same story Emma did, I can tell you I empathize and understand. 308 more words

Hearing Loss

Hearing health in tech

My career has spanned large consumer tech companies and early-stage startups (Speck Products, SOL Republic, Pebble). During this time, I’ve held various executive positions leading both marketing and sales strategy. 870 more words


Is Hearing Loss Harder For Men?

I have a hearing loss, as did my father, and believe me, it is not fun; but it seemed to have been a lot harder for him than it is for me (spoiler alert – I am a woman). 1,275 more words

Hearing Loss

Should Hearing Loss Be Blamed for Your Poor Psychosocial Health?

Hearing loss is not just the inability to hear your loved ones, enjoy your favourite TV shows or listen to your favourite music. If left untreated, the condition may put a lot more at stake than just your hearing ability and health. 323 more words

Hearing Aids

Advantages Of Resound Hearing Aids

Hearing problem has lately seen a rise, earlier this issue was observed only in elderly people but these days this problem is also being observed in young people as well. 374 more words

Do I Need a Hearing Test on the Gold Coast?

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age and, as with any other condition, it should be treated as soon as possible. The only way to know if you need a hearing device is by making an appointment for a… 281 more words

Hearing Aids