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The 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' Reality of Hearing Loss

The Blood 

David’s eyes were focused on his friend walking beside him on the sidewalk. In order to “hear” the conversation, David looked right at his friend who spoke. 692 more words

Hearing Loss

LOST: Needle in a haystack

The queue to the gallery slowly inched forward in the rain, and I passed the time by thinking about the tedious business of getting a replacement hearing aid. 803 more words

Hearing Aids

United States Hearing Aids Sales

Albany/New York
Pune/India, Oct,2016.

Marketresearchdata.net has added a new report on United States Hearing Aids Sales . The report predicts the market size of United States Hearing Aids Sales  is expected to reach XX billion by 2021. 424 more words


Part forty three: LIBRARY BOOKS

It can often be difficult to convince a child that reading can be as much a pleasure as it is a necessity, though not so with the younger version of myself. 616 more words

How can I deal with Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ears with no external sound source. This can take various forms, such as buzzing, ringing, hissing or clicking. 540 more words


Overcoming the Stigma of Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Chances are you know someone with hearing loss. In the United States alone, over 34 million people, roughly 1 in 10, have some level of hearing impairment. 416 more words


Does My Hearing Loss Make Me Disabled?

I sometimes write about my experiences with hearing loss for other reputable blogs or magazines to help build awareness of hearing loss issues and advocate for people with hearing loss. 403 more words

Hearing Loss