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Assisting Older Persons with Adjusting to Hearing Aids.

Lane KR, et al. Assisting Older Persons With Adjusting to Hearing Aids. Clinical Nursing Research 2014 Dec 17

This intervention study tested the feasibility and initial effect of Hearing Aid Reintroduction (HEAR) to assist persons aged 70 to 85 years adjust to hearing aids. 90 more words

Issue 01 (Winter 2014)

Improved hearing could delay mild dementia

Audiology World News Preliminary findings of a new study on dementia have found that correction of hearing loss with hearing aids may delay the onset of mild dementia. 164 more words

Issue 01 (Winter 2014)

Fifty Shades of Grey...

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the book series / movie series “Fifty Shades of Grey”. But I bet I piqued your curiosity! 697 more words

A great joke in honor of my birthday.

“My wife and I were recently attending a church service.
About halfway through the service, I took a pen and paper and wrote a note…

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It Has To Fit Somewhere

HLAA Convention Recap: Feeling A Hearing Loss Connection

Have you ever been to a place where hearing loss was the norm rather than the exception? Where hearing aids and cochlear implants were on proud display as far as the eye could see? 517 more words

Hearing Loss

Now Hearing Machine at Your Ease of Purchase

The body functions basically functions with the sensory organs of eyes, ears, nose. The hearing sensation is a vital element in every person’s life as it only helps to interact, socialize and communicate with people. 325 more words

Hearing Aids

Worried About Hearing Loss? Hurry! Buy Hearing Aids

The sensory organs of a human body are eyes, nose, ears, and tongue. Ears are used for hearing and ear drums are very sensitive in nature and thus one has to be very careful when hearing very loud noise as it damages the ear drum and affects the sensory organ and it can even result a person to be deaf for lifetime. 298 more words

Hearing Aids