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Hearing aids used to be those huge conspicuous gadgets on people’s ears. This makes the wearers kind of reluctant and embarrassed to use them at all. 262 more words

Hearing Aids

5 Reasons You Should NOT Ignore Your Hearing Loss

Today I share an excerpt from an article I wrote for Hearing Tracker.

Let’s be honest. It is tempting to ignore your hearing loss. You rationalize the times you don’t hear things, thinking, “If only he would stop mumbling,” or “This restaurant was just too loud.” Those things may be true, but so, too, is your difficulty hearing. 212 more words

Hearing Loss

Why I don't wear hearing aids

Proud is not my strong like,

But I will tell you another word of proud,

I am happy that I am Deaf,

And I don’t proud if I wear hearing aids, 113 more words

Hearing Aids Give You Back Your Hearing

Hearing aids, which utilize extremely advanced technology and provide elevated benefits to people suffering with hearing loss. Hearing Aids are designed to help the person who suffer from hearing loss to have greatly improved hearing. 395 more words

Hearing Aids

April 6 2019 - Hearing Wellness - John. W. House, M.D.

HLAA CITY OF ORANGE CHAPTER PRESENTS: John W. House M.D. of the House Providence Hearing Health Center

W. House, M.D.

Saturday, April 6, 2019… 343 more words

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Hearing loss can also be called as hearing impairment, which is kind of inability to hear. Hearing loss might occur in one or both ears. As day by day time passes solutions are also developing. 160 more words

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I wear bilateral cochlear BAHA hearing aids, they are truly amazing and have given me my independence back. Honestly, I couldn’t hear a thing before getting them; conventional hearing aids simply amplified sound and pushed it down the broken part of my ears, resulting in a lot of distortion and discomfort but these bypass the middle ear and go straight to bone conduction, making everything sound so much more natural. 277 more words