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How Many Gate Changes Does It Take to Trip Up A Traveler With Hearing Loss?

You know the jokes about how many (fill in the blank)s does it take to change a lightbulb? Well I have a new one: How many gate changes does it take to trip up an air traveler with hearing loss? 445 more words

Hearing Loss

How To...

Considering that my father is deaf, one would assume that I’d at least know how to take care of hearing aids. Well, I hadn’t the faintest idea about any of it until my son came home with a… 237 more words

Hearing Loss

Erika is Amazing

Yesterday I had my week 12 speech perception test and it went very well. It went so well that Erika (my audiologist) asked me what the title of my latest blog post would be. 454 more words

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A Boomer's Date?

It’s the festive party season and it’s the twice yearly fete. I”m not a party goer although I admit I like to shake out my fancy clothes and preen in front of the mirror. 703 more words

Fair Time

It is the busy time of summer again called, county fair. Both kids are active in a 4H group and projects had to be made and deadlines were looming. 284 more words

The Upgrade part 3: Will hissssssstory repeat itself?

“Good news, no great change since your last hearing test”, announced the charming audiologist as I handed the sweaty button-push back. “There’s a mild loss in the low frequencies, but nothing significant”. 576 more words

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Improv Class Challenges the Art of Listening

I thought being hearing impaired and taking an improvisation class was not the greatest idea, but I wanted to challenge myself. Improv is a skill that requires a lot of listening skills. 527 more words