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Gilmore Audiology opened it’s doors on April 4, 2016. The owner and audiologist, Dr. Terri Gilmore, may be a familiar name because, until March 31, 2016, she was the audiologist for Crawford & Fitch – ENT for almost 14 years. 136 more words


Why Is It Still OK To Make Fun of Hearing Loss?

“Do you mind if I switch seats with you? I have a hearing loss and it would help if I had a better view of the speaker,” I asked a well-dressed man at a recent lunch meeting. 669 more words

Hearing Loss

Our 'Deaf' Journey 

Written by Keighley Miles

May plays host to Deaf Awareness Week (2-8) May and they are celebrating 10 years since the launch of new-born hearing screening (NBHS). 1,608 more words

Hearing Loss

What Would You Do If You Couldn't Hear Your Children?

My children are not allowed to listen to music on their iPods like all their friends.

They can’t turn their backs to me when they talk. 263 more words

Hearing Loss

The Words of a Stranger: On Snapping out of Hearing Loss Denial

by Kimberly

When I explain to strangers that I have hearing loss, occasionally, people will respond by saying, “Oh me too. I should probably get that looked at.” This happens with shocking frequency, really because we live in a culture that normalizes untreated hearing loss. 1,240 more words

Hearing Loss

Listen Up! Treating Hearing Loss Promptly Is Important

May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month

Nobody wants to watch TV when Cal’s in the room. He commandeers the remote and turns the volume up so high that everyone else needs ear plugs! 1,409 more words