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So this will be about how to communicate more effectively with both someone with who is hard of hearing or who doesn’t have any hearing loss, though a few will be specifically for those with hearing aids and hearing loss. 1,051 more words

Hearing Aids

Deafness Part 2: Hearing Aids

Getting my hearing aids was definitely a process. I couldn’t afford them, and the health insurance I had didn’t cover them. By the way, did you know that many insurances don’t cover hearing aids because they are deemed “cosmetic”. 886 more words

Vertigo : Causes, Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

There are various treatments for balance pathology which can be employed only after a proper work up of the patient has been done.

We as a specialist centre for balance related problems use special balance tests to find out how well you are using the information from your eyes and joints to keep your balance. 368 more words


The Toll of Hearing Loss is Global

A new study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet offers an unblinking look at the tremendous burden of hearing loss worldwide. “Global hearing health care: new findings and perspectives” was published on July 10th. 701 more words

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OTC hearing aids: Awaiting US Senate vote

Cheaply priced reading glasses have long been available to buy without prescription in supermarkets and pharmacies. While there is an available OTC product for some living with farsightedness, there is still yet to be an approved inexpensive over-the-counter equivalent for those living with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. 260 more words

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Tips for enjoy the summer party with hearing loss

Today’s hearing aids are technological marvels, with sensitive microphones designed to between speech and background noises. It never hurts to be prepared and take extra safety precautions.  305 more words

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss for Senior Citizens


I’ve actually been to a convention for hearing impaired people. We went with a communication partner, a person who you communicate with often in your daily life. 464 more words

Hearing Aids