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When the battery dies at the most crucial time

Does that happen to you?

I’m sitting in, say, a rink watching my son play hockey. I position myself just so that my good hearing ear is next to the people I sit beside so I can hear them if they choose to comment about something. 365 more words


Will Hearing Loss Soon Be The New Normal?

Can you imagine a time when hearing loss would be commonplace? When it would be more prevalent than not in a social setting? When it would be the new normal? 604 more words

Hearing Loss

Enhancing Hearing Ability Hybrid Cochlear Implant

Hybrid cochlear implant is intended for individuals suffering from high-frequency hearing loss, who still can hear low frequencies. It uses Electro-acoustic Stimulation (EAS) for improving person’s hearing ability. 367 more words

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Smoke Detectors for the Hard of Hearing

Are you concerned you won’t be able to hear the smoke detector when you are sleeping without your hearing aids?

Research shows that 50% of people with a mild to moderately severe hearing loss or greater will not wake up from the smoke detector during a fire in their home. 413 more words

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids Market 2018 -Leading edge technology with the very best in speed and reliability giving you the competitive edge.

Hearing aids are devices utilized for the treatment of hearing impairment. It is an electronic sound-amplifying device that consists of varied components such as receiver, microphone, amplifier circuitry, and batteries. 730 more words


Apple's AirPods to get 'Live Listen' feature in iOS 12

”Apple has one hardware-specific feature planned that wasn’t announced at Monday’s WWDC keynote,” Steven Aquino reports for TechCrunch. “In iOS 12, users will be able to use Live Listen, a special feature previously reserved for hearing aids certified through Apple’s Made for iPhone hearing aid program, with their AirPods.” 235 more words