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Desiderata (Sign Language Alphabet Version)

We had an activity in our class SPED 605 (Teaching the Hearing Impaired) about the Sign Language Alphabet earlier. Our professor just wanted to check if we really mastered it. 7 more words

BeHear Now - The Swiss Army Knife of Hearing Technologies

Tech Report/CES 2019

Have you ever had trouble hearing what people are saying in specific situations – like at a party, or talking on the phone, or while watching TV – but you don’t think hearing aids are the answer? 186 more words


Government pulled up by High Court

Neighbourhood News Desk/New Delhi/Avi Arya

On January 14, 2019, Delhi government was pulled up by the Delhi
High Court for not responding on time to a five-year-old differently abled boy’s… 85 more words


The Journey Begins

Hi, I’m Betty Jo. I’m starting this blog as a way to (hopefully) help myself and maybe others that feel like I do: stuck in two worlds.  175 more words


Hearing Loss Facts

Hearing loss is a global and national health crisis. It is an often misunderstood disability that has some very inaccurate stigmas attached to it. For the majority affected by hearing loss, they main difficulty comes from a lack of clarity of speech, especially when there is any background noise. 534 more words

Understanding Hearing Loss

Best Phones for the Hearing Impaired

Telephone communication is the primary type of communication in today’s society. There’s an estimated 1.263 billion landlines and 4.77 billion mobile users. It’s absolutely incredible how connected we are as a global society. 209 more words

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