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Hearing loss for Senior Citizens


I’ve actually been to a convention for hearing impaired people. We went with a communication partner, a person who you communicate with often in your daily life. 464 more words

Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Seminar at the Dundee Community Center presented by Catholic Charities ...

A Hearing Loss Seminar will be held at the Dundee Community Center , 603 Lake Marie Boulevard , Dundee, FL 33838 , this    upcoming Thursday ,     20th July , 2017    from    10:00 am     and will be presented by Catholic Charities. 125 more words

What the heck is a headset amplifier and why do I need it?

If you’re in the market for wired headsets for your office, you might need headset amplifiers to go with them, depending on your phone.

It’s often thought that a headset with its cord is all you need. 466 more words

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Hearing Loss Terminology

There are lot of different terms used to describe a person with a hearing loss, and a lot of acceptable and not acceptable terms are widely misunderstood. 736 more words


Mute | I lost my hearing... Again

For the story of the first time , click here.

The second time I lost my hearing, it was like deja vu. The first instance I was 7 and this go-round I was 27 – funny how life plays out. 590 more words

Colorful Molds and Pride


So this will be about having colorful hearing aid molds. First hearing aid molds, are the soft squishy part of a BTE hearing aid that sits inside of the ear canal. 431 more words

Hearing Aids

Rewind | Here's the backstory

There was a primary motivation for me beginning this blog, but there’s about 20 years of context that’s important to the story. Some of it is in the… 977 more words