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July 28th 2015

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Sometimes a thought takes hold of me, and continues to stay at the back of my mind until I have finished thinking about it. 508 more words


Learning About Deafness

I spent hours and hours staring at this deaf guy in my history class a couple semesters ago. I sat in the very back row and he sat in the front across from a man and a woman who took turns translating the lecture into sign language. 976 more words

Lessersound and the Power of Woof

Did you know that both the bark of a dog and the subway have equal decibel ratings of 101?  Who would have thought a barking dog could harm your hearing?  261 more words


CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD and Proper Deaf Representation

I am a hearing person. Therefore, I hope that any non-hearing people who wish to further contribute and/or correct any statements I make in the following post feel free to do so. 1,014 more words


Hearing-impaired NDG man fighting for subsidy for his service dog

Shannon Moran is furious that he’s been denied funding for his service dog.

Despite qualifying for a Hearing Ear Dog from the Lions Foundation of Canada, Quebec’s subsidy program doesn’t seem to recognize his dog as a legitimate service animal. 437 more words


Moncton cheerleading group offers program for kids with special needs

Moncton’s Wild Cheer Athletics is helping children with special needs in the community soar to new heights.

For the second year, cheer instructor Kaitlin Phillip is holding cheerleading classes for children with different abilitiesto be part of “Team Courageous.” 291 more words


How accessible is Rogers Place?

It markets itself as one of the finest sports arenas in the world, but how does Rogers Place stack up when it comes to accessibility for those living with disabilities? 619 more words