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We sign.. preach and teach...

Hi! We are a part of a worldwide group of volunteers who engage in Bible educational work focusing on the needs of the hearing impaired.  We have various digital videos that feature 3D Animations, articles in Filipino Sign Language and other Sign Languages available for download through our official website, … 27 more words

We Can Do Everything Except Hear? By Mervyn James

More grist to the ever-growing mill of deaf independence and the myth that it actually exists. Savage cuts to UK deaf and HI support are throwing out of work what jobs deaf people were able to get, and removing hard-won hard of hearing financial support and back up, because they are labelled the same as those cultural deaf despite not using same systems or communications or allude to a culture. 652 more words

Views From The Tree House

What It's Like To Go On A Picnic With A Cochlear Implant

This past weekend I did something I’ve always wanted to do, but never really had anyone to do it with. It’s something very simple, but no one would ever do it with me in the past; I went on a picnic with my boyfriend. 1,636 more words


Learning disability and hearing loss

This article was originally written for the Netbuddy website which has since merged with Scope where an edited version appears. I have re-published it here for… 1,673 more words


Israeli Occupation Forces Detain Disabled Palestinian Near Hebron

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained a disabled Palestinian youth from al-Arrub refugee camp near Hebron on Monday, a prisoners committee said.The Palestinian prisoners’ affairs committee identified the detainee as Yahiya Muhammad al-Huwar, 19, adding that he suffers from speech and hearing disabilities and faces regular health difficulties.Hussein al-Sheikh, a committee lawyer who visited al-Huwar on Monday at the Etzion detention center, said the young man had been detained from his home around 2 a.m. 67 more words


BayAudio Hearing Experts

Since 1993 in New Zealand, Bay Audio has become the strongest team of hearing experts for anyone who happened to facing hearing challenges and difficulties. Founded by a group of audiologist, we believe that hearing solutions should not just be offered at cold clinics or hospitals, as it stigmatize hearing aids users as sufferers – not ordinary people who happened to have a hearing issue.With that thought, Bay Audio’s innovative retail concept was thus born. 54 more words

Wealth Accumulation With A Purpose

You could barely see the house when driving down the suburban Baltimore boulevard.   The old two- story home had grass so high that it was nearly obscured from view.  484 more words