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My Life as a Listener ...

Well, hello again. Remember me? Your friendly ‘creative with words’ blogger lady with a hearing loss? I’m back! Yes, I know, it has been months since I lasted posted anything, and I do apologize. 1,324 more words

Hearing Loss

A Side of Kindness

The best part of this story is that deaf people are going to this specific Taco Bell, because they know they’ll be able to sign their order.

Video Of The Day

Deaf U.S. man sues Pornhub over lack of closed captioning in porn videos

When a delivery man and a college student are arguing over the price of pizza in a porn video, people who are deaf shouldn’t feel left out of the discussion. 416 more words


How to break a hearing aid...

Well, not that you should, but it happens. Just because I this week broke my hearing aid (again) did a little list of how many different ways I have managed to lose/break mine in the years that have gone by. 103 more words


Twittering Tales — Sign Language

“Gallaudet U is proud to be the premier institution of learning for deaf and hard-of-hearing students. As new graduates, you have learned to make your voices heard above the din, whether it’s by using ASL or by using signs, literally. 51 more words

Flash Fiction

Ed's Guide to Deaf Awareness

Deaf awareness. 

The mainstay of every deaf person’s requirements on the rest of the population to communicate with us and be inclusive. We strive every day and, yet, we are constantly surprised by the situations that comes about – namely the ones that are misconceptions about deaf awareness from other people – for example – if you do notice that we are deaf, you start slowing down your speech in the thought that we understand you. 94 more words


The Online Dating Chronicles Victim #16

Hello All,

This is the sixteenth installment of “The Online Dating Chronicles.” As you can imagine dating nowadays can be a struggle, and you run into some of the biggest buttholes and creeps. 627 more words