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The Reality of Finding Jobs for the Hearing Impaired: Collaboration # 2

Finding jobs is an already tough task, imagine those who are discriminated against because of a “disability”. I use the word “disability”, but the deaf community do not see it as such. 338 more words

Friday Thoughts

I have been having trouble with my hearing.  I think six times up and down in planes in a ten day period was a bit much for my delicate Eustachian tubes and they have become resolutely and immovably blocked.   775 more words

Daily Life

The Perfect Storm --- A White paper by Izabel E. T. de V. Souza (Arocha) & Louis F. Provenzano Jr.

Louis and Izabel have worked together to advocate for language minority patients since 2007.

All of their work, including this white paper, is dedicated to all medical and healthcare interpreters, the essential healthcare professionals who work alongside providers to ensure patient safety and save lives. 12 more words

Hearing Impaired...and Communicating

I am hearing impaired and have worn a hearing aid since I’m 6 years old.  Back in “those” days, they didn’t have the techniques and equipment they do now for infants to determine hearing loss.  811 more words

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About MyHearGear

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Qu'est-ce que

Q is for Qu’est-ce que.

Dr. Ralph Woods stopped me one day at Laity Lodge.

“I’ve noticed you,” he said.

Noticed me? I thought. … 516 more words

Laity Lodge

Senate Bill 58

Provides relative to the Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights.

Filed By: Sen. Conrad AppelE-mail & Rep. Franklin FoilE-mail


Present law… 1,123 more words