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#HushDontSpeak - A Fresh Visual Narrative on the Hearing Impaired.

Deafness is one of the most common disability worldwide.

Communication and community are a huge aspect in our lives but deaf people are cut-off from this part of life, which may cause them to feel isolated and challenged to get information or receive help in an emergency. 275 more words


Captions for Phone Calls

For years I’ve known of the development of a phone that would provide captions real time for people with a hearing loss while talking on a telephone. 545 more words


ASL - a language all its own

I heard something last week while listening to Spark (on CBC radio) that created a shift in perspective. I love that!

American Sign Language (ASL) is not the same as English. 351 more words

Stop Using Sign Language Interpreters...

The title above may seem strange coming from a deaf man but I really do think we have to stop using sign language interpreters for public announcements.   549 more words


87th Precinct

87TH PRECINCT/NBC/1961-62 (Deaf Mute)

Teddy Carella (Gina Rowlands/costar), the deaf mute wife of New York police detective, Steve Carella (Robert Lansing). Some critics called her performance “magical.” 17 more words


Family Surprises Four-Year-Old On His Special Day

Ashley Hart (mom) teamed up with Ear Suspenders to surprise her son on the biggest day of his life. Michael’s biggest day wasn’t the day that he heard for the first time with cochlear implants. 229 more words


The Struggle of being a Hearing-Impaired

I guess it’s time to voice out about this. I know I’m not the only one who’s hearing-impaired, there are deaf people and hearing-impaired, but I’m not deaf because I can speak and I wish I knew sign language (and I can read lips sometimes). 592 more words