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'Rock singer's hearing loss is an important moment for change' by Stu Nunnery

Here is one of the many vital reasons why each and every one of us needs to look after and protect our hearing, written by Stu Nunnery for the… 959 more words

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REVIEW: Song of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti

Lucy Tuttle, long-time and devoted music teacher, finds out she has been RIFFED.  Arts and music are often on the chopping block and Lucy’s program is destroyed by budget cuts.  119 more words

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Is Notched Sound Therapy a Cure for Tinnitus? by Stu Nunnery

Here is yet another informative piece regarding tinnitus by the lovely Stu Nunnery, originally written for the awesome Hearing Like Me website.

Those of us with hearing loss and tinnitus may be living at a good time in “hearstory.”

860 more words

Don't Talk to me I'm deaf

Alright, I’m not totally deaf, I definitely wasn’t born Deaf, but I can’t hear hardly anymore.  What does the doctor say?  “Profoundly deaf,” “Severely Hearing Impaired”.   1,122 more words

'Are You Listening?' by Durham Deafened Support


There is also a BSL version and an audio described version.

by Durham Deafened Support.

For more information about what ‘Durham Deafened Support’ do, please visit their website.

Thank you.  :-)

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'That Long and Winding Road...' by Mervyn James

That Long and winding Road…

Has nothing to do with this article, I just like the tune…. 9 out of 10 people I meet have no idea I am profoundly deaf,  I could easily make them aware by using sign language, but people tend to put a label on you as a random member of some subculture based on not hearing anything if you do that, and I’d rather be seen as an individual who just happens to have a profound hearing loss. 909 more words

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'Start With A Smile' by Emily Owen

On May 11th 2016, Emily Owen’s book called “Still Emily: Seeing Rainbows in the Silence” will be published.

Emily, who is deafened, was asked to give some tips to hearing people for when they meet someone who can’t hear. 664 more words

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