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Hearing Loss Facts

Hearing loss is a global and national health crisis. It is an often misunderstood disability that has some very inaccurate stigmas attached to it. For the majority affected by hearing loss, they main difficulty comes from a lack of clarity of speech, especially when there is any background noise. 527 more words

Understanding Hearing Loss

Best Phones for the Hearing Impaired

Telephone communication is the primary type of communication in today’s society. There’s an estimated 1.263 billion landlines and 4.77 billion mobile users. It’s absolutely incredible how connected we are as a global society. 209 more words

Hearing Impaired

Creed’s New Call: SPOILER ALERT

There was no question that I would head to the movie theatres to see the highly anticipated film Creed 2. To witness the boxing match between Adonis Creed and Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago who infamously killed Apollo Creed (father of Adonis Creed) in the ring three decades ago sounds to be good to miss out on. 456 more words


Reflections from recent ill health

Recently I suffered two bouts of chest infections and it got me thinking about memories of being ill at other times and how times have changed. 596 more words


A Pearland doctors gift: the gift of hearing

Announcing the Gift of Hearing!

This holiday season Pearland Hearing Aids & Audiology is proud to give back to the community by awarding one deserving Pearland resident with a pair of premium digital hearing aids! 72 more words

Pearland TX

Accommodations May Be Needed for Hearing-Impaired Job Applicants and Employees

Q: I understand that employers may be required to offer reasonable accommodations to hearing-impaired applicants and employees. When are accommodations required?  What kind of accommodations must employers offer? 546 more words