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'Start With A Smile' by Emily Owen

On May 11th 2016, Emily Owen’s book called “Still Emily: Seeing Rainbows in the Silence” will be published.

Emily, who is deafened, was asked to give some tips to hearing people for when they meet someone who can’t hear. 664 more words

Deaf Awareness

U.S. Attorney’s Office Obtains ADA Settlement with Saginaw Hospital

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan has reached a settlement with a Saginaw hospital to ensure effective communication with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, U.S. 597 more words


'So you have hearing loss too? Soundz Off can help' by Tania Le Marinel

Welcome to a very large club – 11 million of us in the UK have hearing loss (that’s one in six people) predicted to rise to more than 14.5 million by 2031 (Action on Hearing Loss 2015).  545 more words

Physical Attibutes

Wayne Lewis Lesser, Wayne's World, Wayne's Words

In 1944, I was born to loving parents. I came into a world of what I call “lesser” sound—I was born hearing-impaired. As a kid, I did not know or did not pay attention to my lesser sound. 159 more words


The Story of My Hearing Loss: Part Six: ASL

In college, I needed to complete a foreign language requirement. I had taken Spanish in middle school and high school, a language I struggled to hear clearly. 578 more words


'Whole New Take On Glue Ear' by Carl Gammon

Last year on the 10th August, I accidentally got superglue in my right ear, after trying to remove it myself with acetone (nail varnish remover) I went over to my local hospital to explain and for them to remove it. 393 more words

Deaf Awareness

Hearing Impaired.

I am hearing impaired and began wearing hearing aids in 2012. I was pretty much forced to by my job and my wife.

As for the job, I decided it was a bad idea to continue to complete meetings with clients and then have to ask my account executive what we just agreed to do. 779 more words

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