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The Struggle of being a Hearing-Impaired

I guess it’s time to voice out about this. I know I’m not the only one who’s hearing-impaired, there are deaf people and hearing-impaired, but I’m not deaf because I can speak and I wish I knew sign language (and I can read lips sometimes). 592 more words

My Team

I’m not sure I’m really up to a long post tonight.  Today was my fifth workday and they’ve all been full, busy, productive days that involved me communicating with a lot of people, which, as an introvert, always wears me down. 513 more words

An interdisciplinary and political approach 

An interdisciplinary approach means the intelligent combination of a number of different factors when observing and analyzing. These factors change in time and in dependence of each other. 441 more words


Newly-Wedded Dolly and Mahesh's Take On Life, Love and Hearing Impairement

I’m sure all you Bollywood enthusiasts out there must be familiar with the clichéd “When you’re in love, you just know” moment. But does that really happen? 1,064 more words

When dealing with the police, deaf people are at a major disadvantage --via The Convesation

Are you receiving me? Matt Antonio

Are you receiving me? Matt Antonio

We all have occasions when we need to deal with the police. Perhaps your car has been stolen and you have to report it; or perhaps you have witnessed a mugging and you have been called to the police station to be interviewed and provide a witness statement. 328 more words


Zika Virus and Microcephaly

Media coverage surrounding the Zika virus outbreak and its link to microcephaly in newborns continue as the number of cases continue to grow including a recent article on the discovery of infected mosquitos found in the state of… 674 more words

Developmental Disabilities

Preparing Deaf and Hearing Persons with Language and Learning Challenges for CBT

This is a "pre-therapy" workbook for staff working in educational, rehabilitation and mental health programs that serve deaf and hearing people who have language and learning challenges. 50 more words