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One of the first telltale signs that you or a loved one may have a hearing loss is the way you see them listen. By this I mean, radio or TV really loud, not understanding speech on the telephone, answering questions incorrectly, not hearing in noisy places such as restaurants, not participating in on group conversations and asking you to repeat statements.

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Hearing Aids

The cost of hearing

Those of you in the hearing world, please don’t take your hearing for granted. Besides hearing loss being a dibilitating disabiliy, it’s a costly one. 820 more words

Hearing Loss

Spin class making you deaf?

You take the first step towards a healthier life and there is chance that even that could be doing you harm. Spin classes are synonymous with thumping music to get your heart racing and fuel your body to perform better than if you were in silence. 161 more words


In between two worlds

Good Afternoon….

This is my very first blog!

I decided to open up with something that you should know about me. That being, I have adult onset hearing loss. 828 more words

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The Story of My Hearing Loss: Part 3—Kindergarten

I seem to have jumped ahead with the story of my surgery, let me backtrack to Kindergarten, when my hearing loss was first discovered. Specifically, my Kindergarten teacher’s reaction. 501 more words

Hearing Loss

Mission in the Media: Marriott Hotels & Resorts Make Traveling Simpler for the Hearing-Impaired

The folks at DeafFriendly, an online resource that provides awareness to deaf-friendly businesses, and corrective feedback to deaf-challenged businesses, shared the news that Marriott Hotels in Portland, Oregon, United States have installed doorbells fit for hearing-impaired and deaf occupants. 20 more words

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