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I Make A Choice

A lot of the choices I have made in life have been questioned. People always wonder what kind of choices I make. Sometimes I think I’m seen as a weird human. 783 more words

I've Lost the Plot (On the Challenges of Hearing)

I’ve lost the plot, five months into the pandemic. I’m hard of hearing and rely heavily on lip-reading to understand conversations. I’m tired of people telling me that they can’t or won’t accommodate my hearing loss. 728 more words



You don’t really get to read or hear articles, news or posts about hearing impairment. Unless you dig deeper and use a specific keyword then articles related to hearing problems and deafness would pop up. 228 more words


The New Normal

The pandemic has driven everyone to change. It isn’t comfortable but necessary to go through everyday life and of course survive. The stress, anxiety it has given to everyone and the negative side effects it gives to children and the elderly, I couldn’t imagine. 391 more words


I Can't Hear You

I have a love hate relationship with the face-mask.

Mostly hate.

My Mom is hearing impaired.

She reads lips.

Due to her declining health, she is in hospice care. 125 more words


The case for clear face coverings

What’s your earliest memory? One of mine is sitting on my dad’s lap on a chair in the bay window of our suburban terraced house. I kept pretending I was going in to kiss him, and would lick his cheek at the last minute. 323 more words


A Noisy Picnic

A few days back I saw a heartwarming advertisement on Facebook. It is an ice cream advert showing a kid whose mother encourages him to learn the sign language to make friends with a differently abled new kid in the neighbourhood. 571 more words