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What Is The Best Hearing Aid Onlines?

Many nano hearing aid onlines offered online do no longer come with an expert fitting

Many websites sell hearing aid onlines without an in-person expert becoming. 1,051 more words

Hearing Loss

Partners In Hearing Workshop - Developing Tools To Better Navigate Hearing Loss

I recently attended a workshop hosted by The Ida Institute in Skodsborg, Denmark. Ida is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and integrate person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation.  992 more words

Hearing Loss

Guest blog: Parents give daughter with Treacher Collins Syndrome the gift of hearing through bone conduction

Six months before writing this, father Emre, 31, and mother Öznur, 30, welcomed “miracle baby” Elif into their new family. Emre wrote Elif’s story from Istanbul, Turkey, where he works as a customer manager in a private company, and Öznur works as a banker. 852 more words


Children's Hearing May Be At Risk From Portable Music Players

Music plays a big role in most people’s childhoods.  Who can forget the song that was playing when they had their first kiss, or first breakup, or first sugar-fueled dance-off?  463 more words


Hearing Loss and quality of life

WESTBOROUGH, MA July 16, 2018  I have recently been taking care of a couple of men who have experienced significant hearing loss as they aged. The loss of any sensory system contributes to a significant change in independence and satisfaction in life.   509 more words
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Fingernails on a chalkboard

“Like fingernails on a chalkboard”… this phrase dates me, I suppose. They don’t use chalkboards anymore, do they? But if you know the phrase, you’ll understand when I say that listening to most music now, with my cochlear implants, is an experience much like listening to someone scraping their fingernails on a chalkboard. 350 more words

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How To Get The Most From Your Hearing Assessment and Hearing Aid Fitting.

Whether you’ve raced straight to your audiologist at the first signs of hearing loss, or you’ve put off the inevitable for decades, your hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting appointments often lay the foundations of your entire hearing aid experience.   844 more words

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