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Deafness or deafness?

If anyone knows what this is from, let me know! I wanna watch it. XD

Hey fam! I know, right? Two posts in a week after radio silence for ages! 493 more words


Doctors still aren't sure why COVID-19 is causing hearing loss

“She describes it as a siren—sudden and sharp, with no stutters or pauses as it sears through her eardrums. The sound erupts intermittently throughout the day, without a distinct source triggering its arrival. 50 more words


Turkeys Behaving Badly

When I wake up each morning, I turn on the radio and listen to NPR news while I do my back exercises and get washed and dressed and ready for the day. 135 more words

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Can You Hear Me Now? – Part 2

Who is Hard of Hearing? In her later years, my white-haired elderly mother had to go to the Emergency Room. She was in a bed in the partitioned room, and I was seated as we waited. 1,948 more words

What About The Church?

My Dizzy Life: Balance Awareness Week, 2020

This week (20th-26th September 2020) is Balance Awareness Week. Charities such as The Ménière’s Society are running various events to raise awareness of vestibular (balance) disorders, which cause dizziness and imbalance. 976 more words

Hearing Loss


Gone for ever are the honey-silvered trills and songs of the nightingale, tit and blackbird

Though the raucous, but welcome, ‘caw’ of the crow, raven and magpie, lie still within my reach… 31 more words


Short post on my hearing aids

The irony of getting hearing aids is if I didn’t need to be able to understand speech, I wouldn’t even need hearing aids. This was hammered home as I tried to get to sleep last night, because I could hear all three noises made by the clocks in the bedroom, and the sounds of the dripping faucet in the bathroom adjoining the Master Suite of Casa de El Poeta. 299 more words

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