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April 6 2019 - Hearing Wellness - John. W. House, M.D.

HLAA CITY OF ORANGE CHAPTER PRESENTS: John W. House M.D. of the House Providence Hearing Health Center

W. House, M.D.

Saturday, April 6, 2019… 333 more words

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What's wrong with your face?

Adults don’t really ask me
questions. They stare, that’s for sure. I’ve gotten better at noticing when
people are staring at me. Sometimes I definitely think it’s in my head, and I’m… 416 more words

EHDI 2019: Chicago

  • Hey there! I wrote a guest post all about the EHDI meeting over at the Georgia Hands & Voices Guide By Your Side blog! Go on over and check it out! 42 more words
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    There but for the Grace of God Go I...Mother Fucker

    I’m writing this for me, not anyone who may happen to read it.

    I am so colossally tired of apologizing for my hearing loss.

    It’s to my credit, and believe me, deserve an award, that I haven’t stabbed anyone. 241 more words


    And it begins.

    Midway thru my first cup of coffee, I have the FoodNetwork up on the TV. Giada is talking about Rotten Fruit.

    Rotten Fruit? I had to stop to find out why. 13 more words



    I wear bilateral cochlear BAHA hearing aids, they are truly amazing and have given me my independence back. Honestly, I couldn’t hear a thing before getting them; conventional hearing aids simply amplified sound and pushed it down the broken part of my ears, resulting in a lot of distortion and discomfort but these bypass the middle ear and go straight to bone conduction, making everything sound so much more natural. 263 more words


    April 9, 2019

    Meetings are open to Laguna Woods residents and their guests.

    Date:   Tuesday, April 9, 2019

    Meeting schedule:
    1:30 pm Doors open for refreshments
    2:00 pm  Announcements, Program/presentation… 138 more words

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