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Don't Take Your Hearing Loss Journey Alone

My latest post for FindHearing.com talks about the importance of finding hearing loss peers. Thank you to all my readers for making this site a vibrant source of support and learning for people with hearing loss. 277 more words

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Hearing Loss blog

When I was a baby, I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss from birth. I grew up using the old-style box hearing aids with a wire attached to it and to the ear mold in each ear. 155 more words

Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Covers for Sweat, Rain, Wind, Dirt & Moisture

As you know hearing aids are very expensive an a lot of insurances want cover the cost. So we really got to protect our hearing aids. 102 more words

All You Want to Know About the Different Types of Hearing Aids

Are you not able to participate in normal conversations? Do you have to ask people to speak louder when they are interacting with you? Well, all these signs are not good and clearly indicate that you have already started experiencing hearing problems. 735 more words

Older adults with hearing loss have increased risk of cognitive problems

People with hearing loss are more likely to experience
difficulty with thinking and memory than their peers with normal hearing, says
a new study by Doctor’s Health Press. 215 more words

Situations at the stadium

Today my husband and I went into Baltimore to watch the Orioles play the Tampa Bay Rays. We used to watch baseball more closely and I even kept records of the number of games won and lost. 483 more words

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Hearing Aid Feedback

Don’t hug me. It makes me whine.

No, seriously, when people hug me, my ears whine (I actually like hugs. Maybe not from you…I mean no offense but we just met). 2,422 more words