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Why My Family Walks For Hearing

The weather turns cools, the leaves begin to change and school begins. It is Fall in New York City and that means it is time for another… 365 more words

Hearing Loss

Cookie Bite Hearing Loss – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

What is Cookie Bite Hearing Loss?

Cookie bite hearing loss is a form of sensorineural hearing loss. It is associated with impairment and a loss of hearing to mid-frequency sounds. 1,024 more words

Cochlear Implants – Hear about them from members of the City of Orange chapter

What’s all the fuss about cochlear implants? Come to the HLAA City of Orange October 6th meeting for a panel discussion of recipients of the 3 leading cochlear implant (CI) manufacturers – Advanced Bionics, Cochlear Americas and MedEl. 233 more words

Meeting Info

October 9, 2018

Meetings are open to Laguna Woods residents and their guests.

How to prepare for club meetings.

Did you miss a meeting?  Watch it now on demand:    168 more words

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Heart Failure

At first glance, hearing impairment and heart disease seem to have very little in common. However, the relationship has been hypothesized since the 1960’s, and more recently has been established in epidemiologic studies – with a particular emphasis on heart failure. 268 more words

Spatial Hearing

We rely on our ears to tell us where sounds — from the chirp of a bird to the call of your name in a crowd — are coming from. 585 more words


What is Person-Centered Care From the Patient's Perspective?

I am proud to be writing a series of articles for Ida Institute on person-centered care. This first article is about what person-centered care means to me — the hearing loss patient. 395 more words

Hearing Loss