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Women's March - Is it inclusive enough?

You’d think that a year after one of the most historic protests ever, something would change for the better? No, not enough has changed. Drumpf’s just making things worse. 1,146 more words

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Fire Angels and Stay-At-Homes

Mum came home a few days ago — they say she’s in the early stages of heart failure, and needs to be on a low salt diet. 707 more words

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Lost my 'earin' - The Unpunished Crime

A hypothetical conversation:

“Lost my ‘earin’.”

“What?  Lost yer earrin’?”

“Nah!” Don’t use earrin’s! Don’t ‘ear as well as I used to.”

“Why don’tcha use a … ‘earin’ aid?” 873 more words

Hearing Loss

How Can We Make Our Hearing Loss Less Invisible?

Hearing loss is invisible. It cannot be seen, especially if someone is trying to hide it, which many people with hearing loss still are. When I mention my hearing loss to others, many times, the person will reply, “ 846 more words

Hearing Loss

Don't Force a Door To Stay Open

Someone said this to me after speaking of a longtime friendship ending, and how ephemeral they’ve become, in general.  Thought back to my best pals in childhood, how they stuck around for better or worse, like a marriage…in sickness and in health. 211 more words

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8 Tips For Better Communication With Hearing Loss

I am proud to share my hearing loss story and tips on Hearing Tracker

Hearing loss can make conversations more challenging. Often we must rely on our conversation partners to practice… 291 more words

Hearing Loss

February 2018 - Understanding speech happens in the brain

Providing advocacy, education & support for OC’s deaf and hard of hearing

Come join friends who understand the challenges of living with hearing loss

HLAA – The City of Orange Chapter Presents: 281 more words

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