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Waterproof Hearing Aids

The picture of me on this post is from before I had Landon. I had just been fitted with Siemens Aquaris Waterproof hearing aids. They were behind the ear hearing aids and I picked a blue color because it was the only fun color choice. 358 more words

Hearing Aids

Adventures of a Hard of Hearing Mom Part 3

On my first Hard of Hearing Mom post I discussed how people who have hearing loss are often deep sleepers.  We are not awakened by little noises throughout the night.  388 more words

Hearing Aids

Communication Strategies

Lets talk about some of the challenges someone with hearing loss can face in their adult life. I hear my patients say everyday “I can hear fine, but when my spouse is trying to talk to me from another room I can’t understand them”. 430 more words

Hearing Aids

Semester 2 : Placing Practice-Hearing Impairment and Cetacean Culture

‘For a biologist, culture is primarily a flow of information-both ideas and behaviours-between members of a population, which happens because they learn from each other.’

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Living Alone with Hearing Loss

On yesterday’s post I mentioned that during my 4th year externship at the Kansas City VA I grew in confidence both personally and professionally. Let’s explore the personal growth I am talking about. 300 more words

Hearing Aids

A Smile in the Midst

Hello, Thursday Morning friends. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks after taking a mini-vacation. We visited Indianapolis. It’s a beautiful city with lots to see and do. 867 more words

Betty Thomason Owens

4th Year Clinical Rotation at the VA Hospital

The last year of the Au.D. program is a full time clinical externship. Some of these positions pay a small salary or stipend. Some of these positions are unpaid. 435 more words

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