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WHO-ITU release new Standard for Safe Listening Devices and Systems (12 February 2019)

In the run-up to World Hearing Day (3rd March), the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have released a new international standard for safe listening devices and systems. 1,014 more words


How To Love Someone With Hearing Loss

Do you love someone with hearing loss? With almost 50 million Americans and 360 million people worldwide with disabling hearing loss, chances are that you do. 683 more words

Hearing Loss

NICE rule change on cochlear implants

The clown with the funny face has gone.  Or almost so.

I’ve been putting off writing this post because the initial announcement from NICE* on changed eligibility criteria for cochlear implants in England and Wales was flagged as confidential, with a publication date of 27 February.   555 more words


Hearing and Visual Impairments

Many children with HIE-related cerebral palsy are known to have vision impairments, which can include acuity loss, field loss, oculomotor problems, sensory processing difficulties, and hearing loss. 28 more words

Types of headsets (PNR vs ANR) and Renting vs Buying (Part 2 of 3)

As mentioned previously in Part 1, the noise in the flight deck can range from 80 db to 120 db. The more common planes (C172, PA44, A320, B737, etc) have cockpits that measure 90-110 db of noise. 1,057 more words

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Tinnitus Week

This week was Tinnitus Week. Usually described as a buzzing or ringing sound in your ear but more accurately explained as the perception of (a wide variety of) noise which originates in your brain – or, in cases of pulsatile tinnitus, coming from a physical source causing you to hear the inner workings of your body such as; your eyeballs moving, your blood flowing, or your heart beating. 682 more words

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Type 2 diabetes and the risk of incident hearing loss

Gupta, S., Eavey, R. D., Wang, M., Curhan, S. G., & Curhan, G. C. |2019|Type 2 diabetes and the risk of incident hearing loss| Diabetologia|62|2|P. 281-285. 312 more words

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