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Europe, David Tennant, and the voices

So I’m still feeling under the weather today. The funny thing is that I actually made an appointment to see the doctor and, as it turns out, he is not in the office today. 359 more words

Drawing project

One of the nurses suggested as a distraction excercise that I draw her dog. So here it is.

Mental Health

Cough medicine and babies

I’ve been struggling with some congestion and a really bad cough for the last several days. I went to the store early this morning to get some non drowsy cough medicine because all I had was NyQuil. 644 more words

Psychology Session 4

Today I spoke to my psychologist about maladaptive schemas. Apparently when I filled out the yards of forms to fill in I scored highly in various of these schemas including; 195 more words

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Tough day

It has occurred to me that I hear voices while driving my car. It sounds like the radio is on and someone is talking just beneath the air conditioner. 475 more words

Should I Loose My Job Because of my Mental Health Problems?

In the next few days I come to the end of my employment at a large but publicly owned bank. Im not a ‘banker’ but a human resources consultant. 418 more words

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Ward Round

I had my ward round today. That’s to when everyone involved in your care gets together to discuss how your doing, check your opinion on your medication, your routine, and what you would like to happen before the next ward round. 176 more words

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