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Voices in Our Heads

I used to hear people’s voices before falling asleep when I was younger. It doesn’t happen so much these days because when I fall asleep, I’m tired enough to be oblivious to voices. 473 more words


Hearing Voices: Links

I’ve been hearing voices for over a year now and it is something I will blog about in the near future. Today, as I’m still trying to put strategies and ideas into words I will leave you with a few links to do with hearing voices. 55 more words


Five Character Flaws of the Fiction Writer

Fiction writers are a conniving, controlling breed. I mean, who else gets to make stuff up for a living (ok, hobby), orchestrate the lives of dozens of people (ok, … 620 more words

Meandered Musings

The Voices

My mother has always had an active imagination but it took me a long time to fully understand that she has her own take on reality. 238 more words

On Being Sane...

“How many people, one wonders, are sane but not recognized as such in our psychiatric institutions? How many have been needlessly stripped of their privileges of citizenship, from the right to vote and drive to that of handling their own accounts? 558 more words


My world. 

My world is a scary one, every waking moment is filled with fear and anxiety. I tread carefully terrified of who I will upset whether friend or foe. 455 more words


It's getting eerie what's this cheery singing all about?

Here’s my theory. This isn’t universal so I’m not sure how far this would extend to anothers’ experience of a psychotic illness, although I’d like to see a good comparison. 315 more words