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Are You Hearing Voices?

When blogging, do you find new voices within that were silent before?  They were there, but there was no place to speak them so they went unheard, unformed and just bumped around sticking to each other until some critical mass forced them in or out of your mind? 546 more words

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Signs of Possible Mind dysfunction

Sudden changes in behaviour- especially after surgery or a traumatic event

Increased anger, rage, mood swings

Increased depression ,Thoughts of suicide

Panic or anxiety attacks, Migraine headaches, head or neck pressure… 106 more words


Voices, family, music, yoga

I can’t tell you all how happy I am. I woke up and could not believe how lucky I was. The journey I’ve undertaken in my recovery has led me to autonomous self-care and I realised I have a life that is busy, active, bristling with friends and family and with opportunity. 368 more words


With God's Word

Do you want God to speak to you?  Would you want to hear the audible voice of God? Maybe sometimes we wish God would speak to us audibly. 776 more words


What is it like to hear voices?

I work with a lot of people who hear voices, sometimes called ‘auditory hallucinations’. These voices can be heard as though they are coming from people around them, from the television or radio, or can be felt as though they are coming from within the person’s own head. 632 more words


The life-liberating impact of feeling the feeling

By Georgi Y. Johnson

Did you know that when you are suffering in your feelings, the same area of pain lights up in the brain as when you are physically hurt? 2,334 more words

Mental Health

Nothing, nothing whatever

Right at this moment I am not hearing any voices.

How long this will last I do not know.

I observed the gaps in other peoples conversation and there was… 7 more words