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SA Film Screening 'Healing Voices'

If you’re a South Australian local and interested in mental health, this Friday April 29th is a free/gold coin donation film screening you’ll probably be interested in. 357 more words

Mental Health

The Shutting Out: Month 4 Screams

Preface:My writings may seem a bit darker than normal. The first week I wrote about my decent into hell. This next week I write about the period of “shutting out.” That time when God, the great parent, began to take me away from all the things that were harming me, like a child on time out. 198 more words

I miss her phantom voices

So I’m at this meeting, with my sister, in the mental ward. It’s a small room, down the far end by the door we can never get out of afterwards (or fast enough) and which someone always has to come along with a plastic key on a chain to overrule. 1,270 more words


Talk: Hearing Voices…Hearing Peter

Date: 16/05/16

Time: 11.30am – 1pm

Talk: Hearing Voices…Hearing Peter

This is a unique opportunity to hear Peter Bullimore, leading expert in hearing voices. Peter is an international lecturer, research fellow and published author. 101 more words


The Voices Told Me To

Dear Reader,

This is the nth time I’ve tried making a blog. Time and again, I’ve failed the upkeep. So you might ask, dear Reader, “Why make one again?” and to that I can only answer “Why not?” 147 more words

The Mad Hatter's Daughter

Sheri's Writing Assignment - Chapter 6

The plot thickens. Lizzy’s friend Sheri completed her assignment for the GED class. Her GED teacher is not exactly comfortable with what Sheri has told him by way of the assignment, but she did more, a lot more, than he ever expected. 1,729 more words


I See Words, I Hear Voices. On Graphomania; or, the Obsessive Impulse to Write

I first encountered the work of the American poet Hanna Weiner (1928–1997) in the exhibition “Source Amnesia,” curated by Margit Säde at OSLO10 in Basel. In one of the vitrines of the exhibition lay… 3,820 more words