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Does a writer's mind ever turn off?

Well, in a word, no!

It seems to me that the musical score: Flight of the bumble bee  perfectly describes a writer’s thoughts. Frantic, scurrying about, always on the move, are also equally suitable metaphors to describe an author’s thought processes.  205 more words


Pedro Lara sobre cómo fue para él participar en el Café de las Voces el pasado 8 de Marzo.

Es difícil desnudar y abrir el alma a otras personas, más aún cuando llevas tiempo sin hacerlo. Mostrar el interior y dejar que salgan las voces en forma de canciones y poemas y se hagan oír ante el público. 474 more words


Afraid to Forgive

Tormented, grieved, forsaken. Oh, what pain he felt inside,

Beset by views of ugly news, from which he could not hide!

He knew he should dismiss past hurts still screaming to avenge… 526 more words


Vox Deae

Lucy was having the same dream again, one of those weird, embarrassing ones that nobody could ever figure out. She heard a knock at the front door and went to answer it, lamenting that she was still in her pajamas. 658 more words


'Eleanor you'd be better off with cancer, because cancer is easier to cure than Schizophrenia'

I agree with her view about being compassionate with yourself and others suffering in such situations but I disagree with showing compassion to voices – whether your own, those that sound different or ‘others’ (as some believe e.g. 342 more words

Time And Culture

Mediatiation & Voices

Practicing meditation away. Seems like an enjoyable process. The autogenics and mantra meditation are much easier than just mindfulness breathing. I find just trying to be aware of my breathing extremely difficult as my mind can be very busy and if it’s quite the voices are not inclined to speak up. 890 more words

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hi. skard and fraid

it taylor. and i sad. i sad cuz i hear bad peple in my head. voises. tell me bad fings. tell me i no good. tell me hurt tha bodee. 81 more words