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Thomas, Wednesday February 21

Still no Jesus but Peter and the other four who had been touring together for the past three weeks returned today, so there was plenty of bustle and noise.  373 more words

Shut Up

“Of course,” sarcastically said by the Bipolar who is tired of mental illness being used as the scapegoat… 😣😣😣



Hearing Voices

Anderson Cooper Hearing Voices

Before I started hearing voices I could not imagine what it was like. I did try to imagine it a few times growing up. 674 more words

The search for Anna

Dear Family and Friends,

You say you want Anna back. But I am right here. The Anna you want, the perfect Anna who handles everything and never moans, she is dead. 362 more words

Mental Health

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer: Book review and analysis

The Shock of the Fall. Nathan Filer.  2014. 320pp. ISBN: 978-0007491452
Review by Simon McCarthy-Jones


We bury our dead six feet down, but their memory lies in a shallower grave. 3,799 more words


Why I Say Special Messages Instead of Psychosis

For the past ten years I have used the words special messages to bring people together behind a better-defined notion of psychosis. I hope in this article will help better define what I mean by special messages and why I think that messages are part of a process that includes seven other components that I defined in my last article. 1,402 more words

Special Messages

A mindful whirlpool.

Mindfulness cannot stop the whirlpool.
Meditation will not end the storm.
But they allow you to find the peace at your centre.
The calm at the eye of your storm.

Mental Health