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Repeat again

Wow, that is a lot of fake accounts out there on the web and stuff.
Well yes. It is what happens when you just let people make stuff without having to put their name to it. 188 more words

Hearing Voices?

Read Numbers 7
Focus on verse 89

Typically when a person tells me that they are hearing voices when there are no other people around who are speaking, it causes me to wonder a little about just how stable they might be psychologically. 348 more words

Daily Devotional

Hearing Voices or Hearing God?

Have you ever heard a Christian say, “God placed it on my heart” to do such and such? Let’s take a brief look at what a statement like this might mean, and what it says about the relationship between God and human beings. 665 more words


Conditions in the camp worsen

Jesus worries about Peter’s aggressive behaviour and about the increase in infectious diseases, which faith does not seem able to cure.

Jesus, Thursday September 14… 491 more words

Peter shakes his stick

Peter instigates a search of the camp and confiscates any remaining belongings, kicking out any transgressors.

Thomas, Wednesday September 13

I awoke extra early and headed out through the vineyard with a flask of water, a stale loaf and Cyrus’s draft lease, all of which I had kept by my side overnight.  565 more words

The end of the world draws nearer

Peter’s voices are getting louder as the countdown to Yom Kippur and the end of the world continues.  Peter introduces harsh rules, seizing possessions and banning contact with the outside world. 1,058 more words

A long trek home #doubtingthomas #worry

Tom catches up on his diary after a walk of several days. Jesus can’t stop worrying. Peter is on the verge of a breakdown. Tom mentions the gold coin. 1,293 more words