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An Open Dialogue around 'Psychosis'

“The deepest hunger of the human heart is to be understood” Stephen Covey

Cabiria, 1914 (from a silent movie by Giovanni Pastroni). Trying to capture how terrifying Psychosis sometimes feels like, which is difficult and the clip that goes with this photo reminded me of the experience. 2,138 more words

1-Day Hearing Voices Awareness Training for people working in Immigration Removal Centres

We’re offering free Hearing Voices Awareness training to people working in Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs). Training will be on 11th January at a central London location. 44 more words



Second chapter of the short character based anthology – Sarah. Hope you enjoy!

Water suds flew up in the air, dirty and foamy, splashing her hands and face, droplets rolling down her neck and beneath her shirt as her hands methodically washed plate after plate. 1,713 more words

"What he hears is normal, it’s his fear"

  • ‘Hearing voices’ can occur in asylum seekers.
  • The voices may arise from traumas they suffered in the country they fled.
  • They may also arise from fears caused by the asylum system in the country they seek refuge in.
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paranoia, the baseless fear that there is an evil plot against you; that people you see pass by your house are spies who are part of the conspiracy. 260 more words

The Soul

Self help guide for Talking with Voices

We’ve been working on this guide for the past couple of weeks. We imagine we will keep working on it and we welcome feedback. Our hope is to also create videos to illustrate some of the things in the guide. 2,134 more words


'its a long way to Tipperary'

After a week and two workshops in Dublin we are now on our way to Galway to deliver one more. The workshops are called ‘Talking with Voices – Learning from the Dialogue’. 1,007 more words