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The Voices Part 2: This is What It's Like

I wrote my last post, The Voices, the day before all hell broke loose. Now I refer to life as BE and PE (before episode and post episode). 694 more words

The paranoia monster

I’ve had this picture in my head for a year,  it’s what paranoia feels like to me.  It creeps in some days, completely insidious.

Because of the shadow my lips do not look right,  and it’s a mirror image as I drew this self-portrait with a selfie on my phone for reference.

In graphite and charcoal.


My Peculiar Orchestra and Learning to Give Myself Credit

A few minutes after I took my medication last night, I began to hallucinate. It grew very loud and chattery. I noticed the narration a lot more. 291 more words


My companion, my monster

He is my monster.

He hides behind the curtain I can’t draw anymore by myself. I know if I could open it I’d see there was nothing behind. 8 more words


Learning to be with ourselves: a response to Understanding Psychosis

By Elisabeth Svanholmer

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.
I will meet you there.
~ Jalal a-din Rumi

The report…

1,858 more words
Mental Health

Hallucinations, Violence and a Closed-Ended Question

Last week was delusions. This week hallucinations.

The authors of the MacArthur Study of Mental Disorder and Violence write:

“The presumption of a link between hallucinations and violence is, if anything, even stronger than the supposition of a relationship between delusions and violence. 444 more words

Assertive Community Treatment