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The Devil in the Confectionery Aisle

Standing with the devil in the┬áconfectionery aisle and all I can think to say is “Do you prefer Mars bar or Twix?”

After a brief period of silence he replies “Twix”. 109 more words

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An Afternoon of Stories HVN AGM October 9th 2016 Auckland

Come along and join us. Its a great movie. We would love any volunteers who can help us run the Hearing Voices Network Aotearoa NZ for the coming year. 6 more words

Out-of-the-Ordinary-Experiences (OOEs) and Psychosis (1/2): swimming against the current

A particularly shocking demonstration of the limitations of the genetic argument is an epidemiological analysis of the prevalence and incidence of schizophrenia in Nazi Germany, wherein it is estimated between 220,000 and 269,500 citizens with the diagnosis were forcibly sterilized or murdered by the Nazi regime (Read & Masson, 2013; Torrey & Yolken, 2010).

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A short little update

Okay, so if you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know that I hear voices. Well, once again it seems as if some of the voices I heard were future events that happened today. 168 more words

Coping Suggestions for Hearing Voices

There is a link on this website with a downloadable document with stratagies. It talks about taking care of yourself, keeping busy, avoiding triggers, dont believe what the voices tell you, use selective listening, support networks… 81 more words

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September Update

Sidd said something was coming and he was right. He didn’t say what or how it would present itself, only that there would be some kind of shift. 321 more words

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That lasted all of less than a day

You know how in my last blog entry I said that I had signed up for an online dating website? Yeah, that lasted for a couple of hours. 990 more words