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Movies and fragments

Tonight, I went and saw a movie with some friends. It happened again. This time I was thinking of a particular obscure word and one of the characters in the movie said it. 236 more words

Changing Perspective

I used to live in a binary world. I thought I could split everything into two categories. Gay or Straight. Male or Female. Well or Unwell. 286 more words

Writing To Heal

Is Anybody Out There? The Support Group with One Member.

I hear voices. I don’t say it often, but I do. There are voices and characters who I can see and hear that you can’t. It’s sometimes scary, sometimes comforting but it is always isolating and confusing. 709 more words

Mental Health

A highway full of thoughts

I just got home from an event and I have a new theory. Okay, it’s not really new because I’ve thought about it before. This could be the reason why I heard a voice say”This is why he’s had anxiety”, many months ago. 503 more words

Lost in Time

I don’t understand when I hear bits and pieces of conversations. I’m obviously talking about my auditory hallucinations or voices. I heard someone say something about Genesis and then someone said the word universe. 399 more words

Deja vu and medicine

Both yesterday and today, I seem to be much more aware of “the voices”. Yesterday, I had the deja vu thing happen twice. I’ve been looking at articles and other stuff online involving the temporal lobes. 345 more words

El café de las voces: 20 de julio

En el tercer encuentro del Café de las voces contamos con la presencia de David Vicente,  escritor, guionista y colaborador en números medios de comunicación quien nos introdujo en la construcción de personajes sólidos,  capaces de  generar luces y sombras. 292 more words

Fundación Manantial