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World Hearing Voices Congress 2017

The annual World Hearing Voices Congress has just taken place in Paris for the past 4 days. If you’re on twitter you can check out the #worldvoicescongress to see some of the things that were happening. 12 more words

Hearing Voices

Voices - An Update

I’ve written before about hearing voices here.  This post is an update and a chance for me to express my feelings surrounding the voice I hear. 502 more words

Time travel part 2


Welcome. Wilkommen

Wow that’s one fat hamster.

Urghh cockroaches! Urghh the scuttling sound is really disturbing.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. 149 more words

Time travel part one


Why is the door making a creaking sound like that?

Dass ist nicht gut!


Dancing dancing.

Liver and kidney beans. Mix them up in a big pot and then add the brains. 495 more words

Super fluffy

1 2, 3, 4. Who’s that knocking on the door…
Why is there always one that wants to sing. You should go to broadway dear they’re the only ones that’ll put up with this racket you insist on making! 559 more words

Foot tapping

You’ve got to collect all the missing ones.

Which ones? These ones?

These ones!

On the left. Written in the margins of the paper.

Well that was scary. 537 more words

Bill the duck

It’s behind a post though, how would you take a photo of it.

There’s still a lot of dirt on there dust and everything.

I’m hunting for achievements. 493 more words