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Hearing this be satisfied.

And the councilfire.

But I will come nigh unto the enemy from where the earth groaneth under the old his ring for on plundering Christian lands. 371 more words

Story Time

Butterfly ears

When I really think about it, I suppose it isn’t too surprising that butterflies have ears. But what may be news even to butterfly aficionados is that the mysterious swollen wing vein in the subfamily Satyrinae actually helps these butterflies detect low-frequency sounds. 272 more words

We are Tangible Bodies

“We are not pure mind-stuff, but tangible bodies of thickness and weight, and so have a great deal in common with the palpable things that we encounter.”

David Abram, Becoming Animal


Hearing Aid Use Can Slow The Progress Of Dementia

Wearing a hearing aid can slow the progress of dementia by up to 75%

Scientists believe that keeping older people engaged and active by adopting the devices can significantly reduce age-related cognitive decline. 282 more words


A Connection Between Sight and Hearing?

I want to talk about a recent experience of temporary speech loss and sensory failure which isn’t entirely uncommon for me.

First of all, I should state that I’ve never been diagnosed as autistic though I know I do have all the traits as over the years those things have been pointed out to me by well meaning people.   549 more words


Getting Your Family On Your Hearing Loss Team

It feels like we talk about it all the time. “Please face me so I can hear you,” or “Can you repeat that slower,” but I sometimes wonder if it is sinking in. 436 more words

Hearing Loss

Panthers' Matheson to have hearing for hit on Canucks' Pettersson

Florida Panthers defenceman Michael Matheson has a hearing scheduled for Monday with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety after a hit on the Canucks’ Elias Petterson. 24 more words