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My kidneys I can feel them

  1. Walls
  2. Walls are part of halls.
  3. Have you ever been to s fancy dress party
  4. Yes and they are absolutely the worst
  5. Isn’t it something that just means that they were a Scottish person…
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Cold Weather and Hearing Loss

It seems ridiculous to blog about cold weather just one week after we posted our “Spring Allergy” entry, but nature had other plans for us! 557 more words



One thing I do not really talk about much is my hearing. As a result of being premature and a side effect of the medication I was given I have severe to high frequency hearing loss.  544 more words


A Bicyclist's Sense Of Hearing: How Important?

by John S. Allen

Other than warning about loose parts on the bicycle, what can the sense of hearing do for a bicyclist, and what can it not do? 1,965 more words

General Interest

Binaural In-Depth.

by John Sunier


The binaural experience places the listener sonically where the sounds on the recording or broadcast originated, and requires no special equipment of any sort other than the binaural source and a pair of stereo headphones. 2,394 more words


A Lively Drummer

Happy “First Day of Spring” to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. Though it doesn’t look very much like spring here, a friend reports seeing a flock of Canada geese fly over. 469 more words


How My Children Taught Me To Accept My Hearing Loss

I never expected my children to be my greatest teachers, but seeing myself reflected in their eyes showed me the path I needed to take to overcome my struggles with hearing loss. 234 more words

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