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The joys of birth control, Crimson Rose Alexander, Tatal Nagtatago, Mir Landzaat


From Whisper: The joys of birth control… no period! One month… two months… three months… four months… surprise, bitch! I’m back!

From Not Always Right: Crimson Rose Alexander?! 26 more words


Rechargeable Pair Digital Hearing Aids Amplifier Sound Personal Ear Value Usb

Rechargeable Pair Digital Hearing Aids Amplifier Sound Personal Ear Value Usb
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Talking hands, hearing eyes.

A meal with the experience of learning something new; that’s exactly what Talking Hands, an eatery in Hyderabad, offers. Sign language on table mats, sign gestures on the walls, and the employees communicating in sign language, making Talking Hands a unique place to be in. 293 more words

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Curiosity Question

You know how sometimes, people will plan something and “everybody” will know about it… except “that one person” because everybody else just assumed they knew about it already? 415 more words

Lost opportunity

you came whispering ~ but through the noise I was deaf ~ so I missed your song

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/


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Another beautiful haiku by Lize Bard...

The strangest feeling

Isn’t it the strangest feeling
To be able to experience a person
That’s no longer with us
With video, audio, images
Aiding our perception
Feeding it, making it stronger… 70 more words