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She’s quite the celebrity,

but she diggin on me,

she hug like she mighty,

but she isn’t quite really.

She pushes me away,

and pulls me closer, 87 more words


Black Attack

Your hues of well, black,
I’ll miss it always,
I call it the black attack,
that whizzes by our pathways.

I hear you’re gonna see about an island, 53 more words


Open Doors

Does it really matter who you keep company with? Do books you read or movies you watch really have negative impact on you? Some say no. 115 more words


Insights into myocardial mechanics after a heart attack using MRI

For accuracy in prognoses and effective treatment of the heart post a cardiac arrest, quantification of the damage in specific sections of the heart is crucial. 381 more words


Heart Part 1

This is an abstract acrylic painting of the heart. It involves valves and the connection between love and the true answer in life. I am influenced in my abstract art by Jack Bush (a Canadian Artist) and Lawren Harris of the Canadian Group of Seven. 18 more words

Mary Mikawoz


This is my reset,
She fine as hell,
This is my comeback,
The stories she’d tell.

24, but what a mind,
Traveller and activist,
Tell me what a find. 94 more words