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Let us wake up someday
in the shadow of the dreams
where your lips are the only light
and I am inured to blindness.

Guide me to them… 125 more words


A shadow that hides.

I am sloshed,
barely walking,
This warm air makes me dizzy,
“A-12″,”A-12”, I keep repeating
to avoid being the uninvited drunk poet
in the wrong hall. 146 more words


Half Sleepy Memories

my pillows turns cold
the tongues go dry
an uneasiness dissolves in the air
as it realizes a possibility
where you turn into a shadow… 85 more words


Gods - Paradoxical Poetry

Gods are few,
Some say only two,
Some prefer counting one,
Some abhor openly; claiming none.

Some believe it’s a he.
Some pray to it as she. 46 more words


Lets Taste the Sunlight - I

The night dissolved with us,
muted to the voiceless moans.
The clothes lay on the floor
as a tribute to the tempting aches,
given in to. 65 more words


The Ruined Cathedrals - Haibun

Desolation is a pause on a meaningless journey to a possible peace. It snowed all night.The cathedral crumbles slowly; seeking warmth in its inevitable destruction.The Priests and Pagans watch from their windows while sipping fine single-malt whiskey. 109 more words