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Some women are magic,
they play with their hair,
let off a smile,
and quietly
in steps drown you
in a infinite pool
of unrequited love… 34 more words


Be Still My Soul

Hi everyone. Rob here.

In the older versions of the NIV Zephaniah 3:17 says that God will quiet us with his love. I am struggling to experience that at the moment. 551 more words


I’m staring at a different pair of eyes, tonight,

she comes with a different grip,

she’s a different trip,

she’s a journey, yet to unfold, 216 more words


Three Tiny Tots

Three tiny tots
and a fluffy dog,
laying on the grass
looked at the clouds.

the first one said,
look an elephant,
the second one said, 28 more words


Don't drown

Papa don’t drown.
We don’t want you to,
Me and momma, we don’t hate you,
You left us,
To fend for ourselves,
I was that little boy,
Whose eyes twinkled when you were around,
But that didn’t last,
You went out of town,
Yet I don’t wanna see you drown,
I wanna pick you up. 78 more words


Would you rather
float in chaos,
waiting for
an impending,
and untimely end

or surrender to the complex
and the orderly life
with a clock showing your definite end. 17 more words


Cover Reveal for "Who Would Do Something Silly Like That"?

I’m pleased to present the cover of my latest book titled, Who Would do Something Like That? 

You may recognize the two characters. They are the parents of the little girl Stephanie from my non-fiction children’s book… 141 more words