Tags » Heart


It makes me somewhat afraid,
that we never know
when we will turn from
healthy laughing bodies
to ashes and dust
and hung up in some corner… 47 more words


Hide and Seek

from all I could remember
hide and seek was my favorite
when I hid from everyone,
literally I wanted to disappear
from everyone
or maybe… 41 more words



i read diary of hers
while she slept
about tales of me and her
in lands never imagined

they did scare me
when I saw her sleeping on the bed… 13 more words



shining mirrors
literally a dozen of them
or maybe hundred
stacked against each other
as I walk past them,
with the grey sky above
I see two worlds… 85 more words


The Endless Night

Go deeper still,  the  velvet touch

Curse the darkness , lose the fight

Shimmer stars within my blood,

Take me from this endless night

Pierce my spirit, steal my soul… 249 more words

Envy for the Never

It’s a mere little crack, somewhere close.
You don’t know how deep, how far it goes.
It pulls, moans, stretching as you breathe-
Infringing cold, like daggers unsheathe. 49 more words



Some women are magic,
they play with their hair,
let off a smile,
and quietly
in steps drown you
in a infinite pool
of unrequited love… 34 more words