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Put the Phone Down!

Hi everyone, Rob here.

A recent article in The Atlantic highlighted the dangers of excessive screen time and a heavy diet of social media for today’s teenagers. 597 more words

The Practice of Delight

Hi everyone. Rob here.

My daughter (8) has taken to impersonating her Mum’s dancing. It is hilarious to watch. My son (10) went off on a passionate spiel the other day about a lesson he had learned at school. 462 more words

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 7 - KINDNESS  DAY 172 :: intentional acts of kindness


I just returned from the emergency after hours veterinary clinic. Not with either of my dogs, but with my dear friend’s cat.

As I sat at the clinic waiting to find out the kitties results (he ended up being fine by the way!) I thought about Intentional Acts of Kindness. 51 more words


Love Thought

If you know that you’re not ready to date, court or marry someone. DON’T AWAKEN LOVE BEFORE TIME!!!

Some powerful words for someone struggling, let the words touch you and wake something in you.



a kiss at the back of neck,
a hand slowly reaching between thighs,
this night gonna devours over and over,
for once in my life, I never wanted the sunlight.

– S. Bhardwaj

Fiction And Poetry

Basketball Catharsis

Heart driving
Courting life
Spotting treys
Facing strife

Minds melding
Hitting spots
Facing adversity
Drilling shots

Inspired pain
Stability shaken
Making move
Risk taken

Lion roars… 18 more words