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JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 8 - DAY 147 :: joyful breath


Every day I stretch. I wish I could report that I stretch my body, but I’m not very consistent with physical workouts. I am, however, very consistent with growing and expanding my heart and mind. 83 more words

Crimson Sky

It’s the driest summer,
the toes do not talk to each other.
The sweat arches its voyage
through the moulded shoulders.
Every moment is a warm echo, 92 more words



Waves, the grieving mothers:
always keep coming back to the shores.
With a hope of being embraced
and held forever.

But all I see is their exodus… 72 more words


Creating Poetry with Music

This is one of the finest pieces of Poetry\Prose dissolved in music. I decided to share this with all of you. Let me know what do you think of it. 7 more words

Fiction And Poetry

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 8 - DAY 132 :: oh joy

{ask and recieve}

Want joy? Ask for it.

I suppose it is that simple. I know that when I set out at the beginning of the year with a promise, it is really a question. 67 more words


In the Rain.

Have I told you lately?
Of how I trace your scent
every time it rains violently.

This very ground trembles today,
nonchalant to our unending sighs. 102 more words


Trespassing within myself

It begins with
a melodious blur
as a taste of forgetfulness slithers
over my humble skin.

A yearning evolves slowly,
to disappear away
from this meaningless pursuit of flesh, 105 more words