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Staying Active

Staying Active

There’s no doubt that keeping active makes us feel more energetic. But there are other more specific benefits, including helping to:


Three Things Every College Girl Should Hear

The three most important things I would tell myself in college to save years of heartbreak, fear, and FOMO:

1. Travel more.

There’s something amazing about the world outside of our little bubbles. 630 more words


This Brand New Start

The Sun is gone
As we still long

The Light is lost
How significant the cost

The trip not far
At least by car

The connection still close… 18 more words


Gar Husn Mein Wo Yusuf'e Aali Maqaam Hai, E'jaaz Mein Maseeh'e Alaihi' Salaam Hai

After nine years of my marriage, along with countless prayers, I was blessed with a child. Burhanuddin. One can imagine the bliss and happiness.

But it did not last long, as on the seventh day; we came across a disheartening news. 322 more words


❤ #4

When they called her a heartbreaker,
There’s no way they could have known,
That she had left no heart more broken,
Than the way she had left my own. 💔