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Your Mentality Creates Your Reality

Yes we’ve all heard it and yes most of us are starting to believe it. The whole think positive and picture positive images and you shall receive whatever it is you ask for. 476 more words


The Streak Continues, 25 Years and Counting

Back in the summer of 1989 the only connection I had to triathlon was maybe something I read in Sports Illustrated or saw during the limited coverage of this crazy event held in Hawaii called Ironman. 923 more words


T-72: Heart arrhythmia

I have been a regular blood and (more recently) plasma donor for more than 30 years. Plasma can be donated every 2 weeks, and I have been doing this fairly regularly for about 10 years. 331 more words

My Birth Story - Evangeline's Heart


I had a pretty normal, healthy pregnancy. Early on, I found out I had a large cyst on my ovary but it never caused me any trouble and it would be removed after I gave birth. 532 more words

The Road Ahead....

The biggest issue for me in these last 4 months while I’ve been banging my head in a sedentary underworld is: “what now?”
I’ve asked the question to both my doctors and although I’m diagnosed with one of the few genetic aliments where exercising is akin to putting a gun to one’s head, they’ve both given me the verdict that ‘for now, do whatever you want, but try to stay away from max heart rate exertions’ 2,355 more words

Heart Arrhythmia

Next Steps

I saw my OB-GYN yesterday and was reminded why I like him so much.  He not only remembers me, but he remembers my husband’s name without having my file with him despite the fact that he’s never met my husband.  1,264 more words


Sad News for 28 y.o. Champion Niels Albert

Albert, who read from a letter during the press conference, said retiring was the only option because of the health condition.

“The bike has always been the biggest passion of my life, but after six years, I have to abruptly give up my professional life,” he said, according to a  53 more words

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