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Keep me alive

As I begin to hear cracks in your voice,
I lower mine, and ask you to make the choice
Of what we’d both rather die than do… 124 more words

Best Friend

Callous charity

Dear Best Friend, it’s funny how love and hurt always come together. When someone has the power to make you the most elated, happiest person in the world and in a flash, you tumble from your castle of dreams and hopes. 380 more words

Best Friend

You're the only home

When my whole life,
Is the echo of your absence.
Before you walked in,
But an abyss of pain,
And emptiness that swallowed me,
You found me through that… 79 more words

Best Friend

Goodbye came sooner

A fortnight ago, I would have thought that what we have is forever. I would have believed that maybe karma has let me off hook. I would have believed that you can push me away, no matter how hard you try, I’ll be next to you. 267 more words

Best Friend

12 November 2015

The universe provides all the answers I need.

– Jodi Reeves Life

I used to think I needed to ‘find’ all the answers almost through trial and error. 269 more words

A Letter to My Future Parents in Law

To my dearest parents (in-law),

I’m writing to you today to say a few things that I probably cannot tell you personally. First of all, it is truly an honour for me to have you as my second mom and dad. 468 more words


Thank god you're not dead!

Today is the third anniversary of the worst day of my life.  The day my husband had open heart surgery which left us wondering if we would ever see him again. 489 more words