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Next time on a Geek and the Sea!

After our first experience with our youngest geek’s challenge it seems that this whole “challenge week” is going to be a thing from now on and it’s my turn to give a theme. 207 more words


Pokemon retrospective: Pokemon Heart gold and Soul Silver

Colin Baker had the best Doctor outfit, Frozen sucks, Frosty jacks is nice and  was the best  ever. (I’m not doing political jokes)

There now I’ve said a few thing that people strongly disagree with and will probably argue over, I now feel safe enough for today’s review. 1,673 more words


The Journey of Gad

Okay, so today is a very special day for me…okay, well not that special actually. I am doing something that I have been waiting to do for a long, long while. 480 more words

Leaf Green


I finally caught it! Good lord, Metang was quite a struggle to get. I think it was harder to catch than Suicune, Entei, AND Raikou combined. 35 more words

Pokémon Soul Silver - A Soul-Searching Adventure - Intro

I love Pokémon. You can tell by the way that I use the accent over the e. You can also tell by the way I use my Pokéwalker, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk too busy training my Pidgey, sorry lass. 464 more words


Pokemon HG SS

Det här är en Pokemon HG SS Hemsida där du kan Tipsa om något tex ett Bra Pokemon team på HG eller SS