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Italian Vegetable and Pasta Soup

We had a snow day last week. There was seriously an inch of snow covering the ground. In the South, that means everything shuts down…some things shut down for… 217 more words

Heart Healthy Recipes

Penne with Cherry Tomato & Red Onion Sauce

I wish I had a penne for every thought I have about pasta.

I saw that on a coffee mug today, and laughed and laughed…because I love pasta, and I love corny puns, and I love coffee, so it hit the trifecta. 207 more words

Heart Healthy Recipes

Tasty Tostadas

Real mom confession #472: my girls and I love Taco Bell. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s tasty, it’s cheap…and it’s soooo bad for us. I’m not going to say that we’ve completely cut the T-Bell out of our lives over the past year, but we’ve drastically reduced our intake. 205 more words

Heart Healthy Recipes

Faux Eggplant & Mushroom Parm

I don’t usually go for faux. In food, that is. Faux leather, faux fur, faux pockets – those things I’m good with…but when it comes to faux fried chicken or faux meat sauce, ew. 194 more words

Heart Healthy Recipes

Baby Food Flavors, Adult Palate

I love baby food. There, I said it…while some people are entirely grossed out by the texture and flavor combos, I can’t help but sample the liquefied cuisine that Layne gets to eat every meal. 209 more words

Heart Healthy Recipes

Chester's Muffins

Miss Short, my first-grade teacher, taught us that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day”. I’m sorry Miss Short, I always have good intentions but I’m not a breakfast eater. 1,222 more words

Balsamic Herbed Roast

“You put how much vinegar?”

I was talking to my Mom during my evening commute, excited about the roast beef that awaited the girls and me. 169 more words

Heart Healthy Recipes