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Our Past Will Save Our Future -by Joseph Dowdy


Joseph Dowdy
Lompoc Lodge #248

(Editor’s Note: If you would like to learn more about the historical context and impact of Odd Fellows member benefits see… 1,224 more words


Why didn’t you have something decent like Butcombe or 6X ?” said Pub Curmudgeon of my trip to the reservation-friendly Fosse Bridge. Good question, though the choice of… 385 more words

The Certain Future of Your Lodge -by Joseph Dowdy

Joseph Dowdy
Lompoc Lodge #248

In 50 years, the most senior members of your lodge are in their 20s and 30s right now. Your lodge, if it still exists, is going to be run by today’s millennials and their children. 1,721 more words

Communication Breakdown - by Seth Anthony

Submitted by Seth Anthony

Triune Lodge #307 Middletown, PA

This week, I received the latest issue of the Sovereign Grand Lodge magazine. I’m guessing that many of you did as well. 740 more words

Where is Your Lodge’s Focus - by Toby Hanson DGM

By Toby Hanson, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Washington, IOOF

Since I joined the Executive Committee of the Grand Lodge of Washington upon my election as Grand Warden, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling and visiting lodges in my jurisdiction.  950 more words

The Millenial Generation: Seeking The "Authentic" by Todd E. Creason

This piece originally appeared on the Midnight Freemasons blog and reposted with permission from the writer.

by Midnight Freemasons Founder Todd E. Creason, 33°
(also a member of…
1,315 more words

Do You Have a Plan? by Toby Hanson DGM, WA

Do You Have a Plan?
Toby Hanson, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Washington, IOOF

On a cold December day I finally realized something important about my knowledge of Odd Fellowship: I knew how to find answers to just about any procedural question in the Code of General Laws; I knew the signs and passwords of the lodge, Grand Lodge, encampment, and Grand Encampment; I knew the Grand Secretaries of all the neighboring jurisdictions; but I didn’t know how to turn on the heat in the lodge hall. 1,180 more words