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Three Link Plan by guest contributor Scott Robinson

Three Link Plan Progress – The Certificate Lewisburg Lodge No. 96

One of the “Links” of our Three Link Plan is to embrace our rich history and heritage that guide our purpose. 800 more words

Attracting Attention to Your Lodge for Potential Members

A Brother sent me a Facebook Message the other night. I wanted to share my reply and give our Conductor a chance to chime in as well! 857 more words

On the Edge of Revival

I have only been a member of the Odd Fellows for a small handful of years. But I have noticed a sharp uptick in Pop Cultural interest in these last several years in Odd Fellows and Secret Societies in general. 734 more words

The Culture of the Lodge: Advice on Growing a Strong Lodge

Two years ago when my Lodge was working toward being reinstituted, I was given some of the best advice by Eric Smith PGM while he was serving his term as Grand Master of Illinois. 924 more words

Artwork: Reworking Old Images. Vol I.

Artwork: Redrawing the Cast Iron Horseshoe/Heart in Hand with Symbolic Analysis

Several years ago, I acquired this cast iron trivet/plaque.  Despite the damage to the dove and the rough appearance I had fallen in love with this depiction of the heart in hand.   224 more words