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Odd Fellows Makeover

Have you seen any of the variety of reality “makeover” shows on TV?  Where an “expert” is brought in and by then end of the hour everything is radially transformed?   496 more words

Why be Odd? Why Not!


You gain a new family in the members of your Lodge and a vast network of Brothers and Sisters worldwide. By joining Odd Fellows with your friends it helps to give a deeper purpose and meaning to your friendship.   170 more words

Can't We All Just Get Along? By Bro. Page of the GUOOF

In my studies of the many different social clubs, fraternal orders, and civic groups that we as humans partake in, I have found a sense of pride in the fact that Oddfellowship still exists today! 408 more words

Conversation about "Streamlining the Ritual." Counter to the Dedicated Members for Change's opinion.

A Facebook conversation about a post by the Dedicated Members for Change.

There is so much more that could be discussed on this topic, but hopefully this will get a discussion from both sides going. 758 more words

Famous American Odd Fellows of the Mid-1800s Digital Painting

by Ainslie Heilich

Several months ago I was commissioned by Louie Blake Saile Sarmiento to create an image depicting a specific list of famous American Odd Fellows of the mid-1800s for his upcoming book on the Odd Fellows.   230 more words

I.O.O.F. Certificates: A Lost Art by Scott Robinson

I.O.O.F Certificates
A Lost Art

By Scott Robinson
Lewisburg, PA, Lodge No. 96

​The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is steeped in traditions and a rich history. 808 more words

Part II: Bro. Page of SC GUOOF Shares His Journey

Again FLT to Bro. Ainslie for allowing me the opportunity to ultimately get the word out about Oddfellowship as a whole! I joined the Grand United Order of Oddfellows for a multitude of reasons. 482 more words