Application of Plotinus #screenplay Heart of Clouds #amwriting

“The Enneads contain a chapter on Beauty (I.6) which was highly influential in the Middle Ages. After considering other theories of what beauty is, Plotinus concludes that it is formal Unity. 306 more words


Screenplay, Heart of Clouds *music as intervention #amwriting

So, as I have given thought to the opening and action scenes in my screenplay,  which is very simple… I am thinking like Kubrick and how he used music.  252 more words


The finest actors in Hollywood...

How to know why they are?

The films.

In six days I will be back at the SB Writers Conference with my screenwriting teacher Walter Halsey Davis.  1,255 more words

"Heart Of Clouds"

The simple twists of fate...

Life is strange.

For instance, I think I am in the midst of a karmic experience right now.  I am.  So let me try and put it into words because, it’s kind of many different things, but perhaps numinous.  761 more words


Heterosexual kids -- a book for them & hopefully a film...

I just happened to write it.


love from Adrienne

I have some dream actors I love, and when I was writing the book I saw them in the roles. 91 more words


The Giver nails it...

Spent the day looking at this whole thing and it is fantastic.  Also it nails the problem. SAMENESS.  That is what we are seeing in the EMO HEART images.  171 more words


Is it possible to write love? Yes.

I did.

We are all living in such dark times.  I want to leave that so that kids can see.  I do.

Here is the puppy “Brownie” in my tale — or a puppy that might be him: 24 more words