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a heart of stone

I walk along a sunlit Bowery, littered with people on late morning coffee runs and hurried dog walks, freshly fallen leaves in reds and golds and oranges, and then the not-so-fresh leaves speckled with candy wrappers and the occasional lost glove, cars honking: the day is beginning. 283 more words

The Heart of The Matter

Reading the Bible daily is something that I’ve been observing since I surrendered my life to the Lord. For the past years, I’ve learned to appreciate the benefits of the practice. 1,171 more words



Expansions and DLCs have always been a bedrock of modern video games, especially RPGs. But as far as I can remember, no developers or publishers have done what CD Red Project did. 365 more words


Radio 59, side A, track 10: "Heart Of Stone" by Cher

Oh, Cher, it’s Friday and I’m feeling lazy so I don’t know that I’m going to have too much to say about this song.  Except, of course, OH MY GOD YOU’RE AN AMAZING SINGER!!!!! 398 more words


CD Projekt Red Poke Fun At Witcher 3 Exploiters

Players are finding that their dubious pasts are catching up with them in the newest Witcher expansion, but not in the ways you might imagine, as user WhatsMyGame shows in the video below of his Heart of Stone playthrough. 94 more words


Heart of stone?

It’s okay when stones shapes hearts. But when humans turn their hearts into stones. Then it’s not okay, or is it?

Att stenar formar sig till hjärtan har jag inget emot, men när vi människor formar våra hjärtan till sten, då börjar jag fundera på om vi gör rätt.


What Ever

a Real Heart

I will bring them together and make them like One Person. I will put a New Spirit in them. I will take away that heart of stone, and I will put a Real Heart in its place.

Ezekiel 11:19