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The cold

Blood goes away.
Runs deep to hide
the heart.
(as if it is the last
to stand and not surrender)
Hands cold.Shaking.
Ice fever captures me. 34 more words


Interview: James W. Ziskin Returns with Heart of Stone

I love James W. Ziskin. Well, actually, he’s great—but it’s Ellie Stone I truly adore. The young heroine of Ziskin’s mysteries set in 1960s upstate New York is smart, adventurous, and “modern” (more about that later). 2,818 more words


Stone heart

For the prayers He made true
one cries the most, sincere bitter tears.
How I prayed to God for you…
How I prayed for Him to make you mine. 74 more words


After All - Cher & Peter Cetera

After all the stops and starts
We keep coming back to these two hearts
Two angels who’ve been rescued from the fall
After all that we’ve been through… 21 more words

The Witcher 3 Heart of stone review

I’m not going to lie, this review is just another excuse for me to play the Witcher 3 until early morning and feel okay about it. 1,852 more words


Heart of Stone

So lost and alone,

The man with the heart of stone.

And where he lies down his head

Doesn’t feel like his own bed.

No, instead a strange place… 254 more words