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Today a random man in the parking lot gave me a speech of how beauriful I am, and how precious my smile is, and how it shines. 169 more words

Heart Out

It's like you're my mirror...

Life will put mirrors for you, if you ask for help.

It’ll give you helpers


Moments and situations for you to see what you need to see. 109 more words

Heart Out

Una tarea inusual

Mi vida perfecta

Mi psicóloga y, ya a este punto, amiga, me pidió que escribiera cómo sería mi vida perfecta.

Y pues tengo horas pensando, y creo que he llegado a entender un 10% de lo que quiero. 154 more words

Heart Out

Lost soul

Today I went down another step.

I was eating with my family and it hit me hard.

Suddenly everything became noisy

Things became blurred

Voices went far away… 125 more words

Heart Out

Indigo kid

I ask for forgiveness to anyone that got confused by me somehow.

I follow my mind when I should have feelings.

And my feelings is all that exists when I should follow my mind. 168 more words

Heart Out

A ratos

Si mis lagrimas sirvieran para comprar, Tal vez me alcanzara para comprar un poco de felicidad.

Si el dolor sirviera para intercambiar, Tal vez me alcanzara para un poco de tranquilidad. 225 more words

Heart Out

A Pantone 2132 C night

We close our minds to the things we do not want to see.

We hold on to the idea of what we think is right. 123 more words

Heart Out