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Does WebMD Cause Heart Palpitations?

If you are like most of us, then you’ve gone to WebMD for help, only to incorrectly self-diagnose. If you have an illness or general malaise see a doctor that owns at least two white coats. 248 more words

Survival Tips

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The Return Of My Muse

It’s a good day today. My Muse, aka The Pig (L’il Sis’ beagle) is with me for the day and is sitting behind me, snoring like a freight train, and as she does so, she inspires me! 822 more words


shedding snakeskin boots in moving cars-

washing hunger down-

with a glass of spider webs

and the pill bottles child proof cap

pez dispensing lead candy

fogged in mirror- no fun… 33 more words


Not alone

Old parts visiting

Lately, I have been doing TAT on coming into this body – and inviting dissociated parts to come back. I did not take into consideration that the energies/frequencies that these parts held would seem to create havoc in the nervous system And I share this here because of the many of us who found it necessary to dissociate parts of ourselves -and the wonder and beauty – and also maybe havoc – it will create to take them back. 538 more words

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CalciumMagnesium with Vitamin D

GNLD Cal-Mag Chelate is my focus today

Did you know that Calcium is the most deficient mineral in our diet?

But I eat cheese and drink milk I hear you say….which are usually high in calories, fats and cholesterol too which is what we don’t usually want, well I certainly don’t. 316 more words

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