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Giving up alcohol and sugar aged twenty eight

Today I am making the intention to give up alcohol, caffeine (1 cup is allowed) and refined sugar for one month.  But hopefully 2.5 months, as that is when I go back to the UK for my brother’s wedding but 1 months sounds less serious and less like I have a problem. 937 more words

The Cup of Coffee That Could Cause Heart Palpitations

If you love your caffeine in the form of a brewed cup of coffee, then know that the “world’s strongest coffee” is now available. That’s the good news. 260 more words


The irony of a stress test

Perhaps you’ve had a stress test done to check the condition and performance of your heart. I’m having one this morning. Precautionary, mind you. Given a family history of heart issues, it is important to keep track of how everything is working. 942 more words

After the nuke

After the RAI,  I  wasn’t able to leap any tall buildings, shoot webs out of my wrists or have x-ray vision to see what was through any door. 1,500 more words

Thyroid Journey


Sorry …

I umm completely forgot to do this update!

Well I have been somewhat … busy and … literally the day after, might have been two days after … cannot recall, I had to … hmm let us say I had a meeting of sorts. 1,173 more words


I am in bloody A&E once again.

I have not mentioned it previously but I’ve been having some … issues. This has been going on for about a month. 1,038 more words

Heart Palpitations

More coffee for lunch

Water for snacks

Where’s my heart attack?