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Not alone

Old parts visiting

Lately, I have been doing TAT on coming into this body – and inviting dissociated parts to come back. I did not take into consideration that the energies/frequencies that these parts held would seem to create havoc in the nervous system And I share this here because of the many of us who found it necessary to dissociate parts of ourselves -and the wonder and beauty – and also maybe havoc – it will create to take them back. 538 more words

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CalciumMagnesium with Vitamin D

GNLD Cal-Mag Chelate is my focus today

Did you know that Calcium is the most deficient mineral in our diet?

But I eat cheese and drink milk I hear you say….which are usually high in calories, fats and cholesterol too which is what we don’t usually want, well I certainly don’t. 316 more words

Nutritional Supplements

What's the point of praying?

  Two visits this week to the ER, one around 4:45 am and the other around 6 :00 am (earlier time gets you more attention) have made this week difficult to say the least.   734 more words


Oversize Load

Boats are made to float on the water, not balance on their keels in mid-air. Happy Dance made sure we were aware of that by jumping off the boat hauler a little too early! 1,063 more words


Breakdown at the Bank or: What My Anxiety Feels Like

It’s Wednesday afternoon, roughly 4 o’clock, and I’m standing in line at the bank trying not to pass out.  My heart is beating a mile a minute, my face feels flushed, and surely someone has lit a small fire under my jacket because I am just burning up.   1,047 more words


Side effects of reducing carbs

Going low-carb is very beneficial, but not the easiest thing to do in the first few days. Once you have passed that first week however it is much easier sailing. 151 more words


Pausing to Breathe

Fall arrived up here on the hill and with it a lashing rain against my window, blowing the leaves to the ground. I don’t mind. This is what fall does — it reminds us of how the winds blow, how life is a series of impermanent moments. 416 more words

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