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Savouring Eternity

There are times when every moment of a day feels like eternity. There are days you want to savour every moment. When the moments you want to savour are punctuated by eternity it’s all you can do to catch your breath. 209 more words

Self Care

Does WebMD Cause Heart Palpitations?

If you are like most of us, then you’ve gone to WebMD for help, only to incorrectly self-diagnose. If you have an illness or general malaise see a doctor that owns at least two white coats. 248 more words

Ask Dr. Zee

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The Return Of My Muse

It’s a good day today. My Muse, aka The Pig (L’il Sis’ beagle) is with me for the day and is sitting behind me, snoring like a freight train, and as she does so, she inspires me! 822 more words


shedding snakeskin boots in moving cars-

washing hunger down-

with a glass of spider webs

and the pill bottles child proof cap

pez dispensing lead candy

fogged in mirror- no fun… 33 more words


Not alone

Old parts visiting

Lately, I have been doing TAT on coming into this body – and inviting dissociated parts to come back. I did not take into consideration that the energies/frequencies that these parts held would seem to create havoc in the nervous system And I share this here because of the many of us who found it necessary to dissociate parts of ourselves -and the wonder and beauty – and also maybe havoc – it will create to take them back. 538 more words

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