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Symptom Poetry: Heart Palpitations

I’ve not been running.
I’ve not been walking.
No activity, have I been doing.
But it happens.
The beating of my heart.
It skipped! 115 more words

Mental Illness (Main)

Top ways I calm my ass down

I recently went to a new naturopath  and one of my concerns was my twitchy eye.  I wondered if it was a sign of adrenal fatigue. 480 more words


Why you should not use every sex enhancing pill

Most sex pills are safe to use unless you don’t know how they work and how to use them. 419 more words



Caffeine: (n) a crystalline stimulant that is found especially in tea and coffee

I was twenty years old and was thoroughly convinced that every idea that popped into my head was granted by the supreme fairies of genius notions. 306 more words

B Words

The Cup of Coffee That Could Cause Heart Palpitations

If you love your caffeine in the form of a brewed cup of coffee, then know that the “world’s strongest coffee” is now available. That’s the good news. 260 more words


The irony of a stress test

Perhaps you’ve had a stress test done to check the condition and performance of your heart. I’m having one this morning. Precautionary, mind you. Given a family history of heart issues, it is important to keep track of how everything is working. 942 more words

After the nuke

After the RAI,  I  wasn’t able to leap any tall buildings, shoot webs out of my wrists or have x-ray vision to see what was through any door. 1,500 more words

Thyroid Journey