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Sorry …

I umm completely forgot to do this update!

Well I have been somewhat … busy and … literally the day after, might have been two days after … cannot recall, I had to … hmm let us say I had a meeting of sorts. 1,173 more words


I am in bloody A&E once again.

I have not mentioned it previously but I’ve been having some … issues. This has been going on for about a month. 1,038 more words

Heart Palpitations

More coffee for lunch

Water for snacks

Where’s my heart attack?


Accepting Anxiety

I’ve been wrestling with anxiety for about 2 years now. As well as the mental unease, I’ve experienced heart palpitations and acne because of it. The funny thing is that people think I am very laid back, but I would describe myself like a duck floating around on a pond with legs rapidly paddling beneath the surface. 299 more words

Nutritional Response Testing – A Testimonial

Mid-September of this past year I began having serious heart palpitations. I felt nervous, anxious and jittery all the time. I kept expecting it to dissipate and go away, but instead, it got worse and worse until, sitting at work one day, 623 more words

Ghost Writing

Thoughts That Keep Me Awake at Night

Part of the reason I don’t like lying awake at night is, no matter how much I think of, I can’t do anything. I’m deadbeat, usually a bit hungry, and I just want to  619 more words

Writer's Corner

Anxiety and Panic

Sweaty palms, pounding heart, tightening in your throat. Oh no, it’s happening again. Your mind is racing with every dreadful possibility that could happen in this very moment, what do you do? 1,261 more words