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Opportunity Cost

I dwell and dwell and dwell
At constant speed and drive

I observed and observed and observed
A neverending activity

My head turned and turned and turned… 38 more words

Heart Problems

Thinking Got the Better of Me

Why ponder about
That insignificant thing
What am I supposed to do with it

Should I use force?
Should I use gumption?
Should I use hate? 87 more words

Heart Problems

Following in Mum's paw prints...

I haven’t been well. Deana thinks I have what Mum has. She took me to the vet, so that I could have the same meds as Mum has but our normal vet had gone home to Romania for a few weeks and we had to see a vet who doesn’t know me well. 451 more words

Getting Old

In Front of Me

It suddenly appeared in front of my eyes
I suddenly confirmed where it came from
The face was down and obsessed with the phone
Bottle and bag down on the floor too… 203 more words

Heart Problems

Forbidden Fruit

It was momentarily shocked for a moment
For I was entering and about to see the forbidden.
No one else was there except us
“Hey, let’s go up.” It said to another of its kind… 98 more words

Heart Problems

a 4 letter word.

I heard it humming coincidentally at my ear
But I thought it was serenading to me
I saw it turning back from the top of the stairs… 133 more words

Heart Problems

pandora's box - secrets

Never wanted it to be a blank canvas.
Instead I want it to be colourful.

JC life is indeed mundane, but there are a lot of things you can always do. 204 more words

Heart Problems