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Pain Relief Drugs Are Not The Answer

Pain relief drugs may help when you’re in pain but are they really doing you any good? Although they help relieve your pain they don’t fix the underlying issue causing the pain, so the use of pain relief can turn into a long term, unnecessary addiction. 585 more words

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The Science Behind Our Heart’s Intelligence and Tips on How to Start Listening » The Event Chronicle

(Danielle Benvenuto) “Listen to your heart.” How many times have you heard this phrase in the course of your lifetime?In mine, I have encountered it countless times.

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Heart Intelligence

The Time I Talk About My Heart

I was checking my Facebook posts that I put out in public, and one of those is my post last year after I had my heart procedure. 737 more words


Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar » The Event Chronicle

(Amy Goodrich) Apple cider vinegar (ACV), the kitchen staple made from fermented apples, has a long history as a folk remedy for numerous conditions ranging from curing hiccups and alleviating cold symptoms to making your hair shine, whitening your teeth, and freshening your breath.

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What is your legacy? 

My journey is wrought with Tough decisions, I will not have kids, the best legacy of them all. So what legacy will I leave? And how long will I have to create it. 139 more words

Foods That Will Clean Your Arteries Naturally And Protect You From Heart Problems

Heart problems are one of the leading causes of death in many countries. A major risk factor for both heart attack and stroke is clogged arteries, which can interrupt blood flow throughout the body. 838 more words

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Stress and Heart!

Everyone feels stressed in different ways and their reaction to it varies from person to person. Stress can lead to many health problems. When stressed some people panic, smoke, drink and overact and react.  169 more words

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