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Breathe For Heart with Most Trusted Air Purifiers

Breathe For Heart with Most Trusted Air Purifiers

Because a healthy heart needs clean and blue air to beat!

Imagine a scenario where every breathe we take has zero pollutants wandering in it even in the most urbanised and industrialised areas! 393 more words

Air Purifier Mumbai

I am iron woman!

Well ok not quite but my faulty body has required attention from a cardiology nurse. He has a few theories as to why I keep having unscheduled meetings with the floor, all of which require me to wear a gadget on my chest. 122 more words

Oh help

Life is… interesting?
In the past 9 days, I have moved house, sorted said house, depped for two high standard bands, been asked for by another one, sorted my audition material, and lost the ability to sleep. 250 more words

When it comes to care of the heart

The doctor must always play smart

Though I’m working for free

I’ve no EKG

And Urgent Care¬†only offers¬†a start… 482 more words

Adventures In Iowa

A Long Delayed Post-surgery Update Here

Most of my blog readers here are, I believe, among my circle of personal friends, so most of you are well aware of my recent crises in life without reading about them here. 3,023 more words


Luck be a lady tonight

Just a short update today. In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I had a rather sudden appointment with my cardiologist this morning. I was full of hope for it, my friends and fellow performers were full of hope (almost more so, I think), and fingers crossed all round, it would have been a diagnosis. 108 more words

My Job and My Heart

This has been a rather unbelievable week, and I promise I am trying to condense as much as possible. Theater is interesting business, especially since this job is the only experience I’ve ever had with theater. 1,708 more words

Ehler's Danlos