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Stress and Heart!

Everyone feels stressed in different ways and their reaction to it varies from person to person. Stress can lead to many health problems. When stressed some people panic, smoke, drink and overact and react.  169 more words

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Poem of the Day:  Not Ready To Die (They Don't Care)

Two years back, as I was running around that track, I felt the pain and stress in my chest during that test. Only to find out I had a heart attack. 789 more words


Blood Donation: Why and who should do it

There is an ever increased demand for blood in hospitals. It’s unfortunate, many people die because of loss of blood and its non-availability. There are multiple reasons as to why people don’t donate blood much often and one of them is they are hesitant. 415 more words


You've got that dreadful feeling

I have to write. I’m terrified.

I’m also a little tipsy at the start of writing this, which most definitely did not help what I’m currently incredibly nervous about. 388 more words

Well that could have gone better

Yesterday was one of the worst concerts I have ever performed. To top it off, it was the concert with my idol as well – absolutely fabulous. 619 more words

No Time For Depression

Because life just can’t seem to stop fisting me enough lately, it thought it would take another stab yesterday.

As I sat in the rink, early in the morning, feeling shitty because I was the only mom that didn’t sparkle at 6am, my phone rang. 478 more words