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The problem isn't.....

The problem isn’t guns.

Or abortion

Or gay marriage

Or divorce

Or terrorists

Or democrats

Or republicans

Or global warming

It isn’t the education system… 185 more words


The 5 Pain Points to Consider that would STOP Alcoholism Now!

History can hardly identify the origin of a predicament which is undeniably detrimental to every society – alcoholism. Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, ranging from stressed, pressured and troubled, would tend to neglect the consequences which might not just risk their health but would also turn badly their humble lives into pandemonium just to escape from the reality and experience a short pleasurable feeling. 723 more words


Keep your heart healthy by eating milk chocolate every day

Good news, chocolate lovers! The new time you find yourself indulging in a slab of milk chocolate, you won’t have to feel so guilty…


According to a new British study, eating milk chocolate regularly can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. 330 more words

Honestly I'm discouraged

I don’t know if I have ever written a blog post when I am discouraged. You don’t feel you have anything to offer, so why would you try to share something with others, especially in written form when your mind and your heart are not “sharp.” Nonetheless – and this post may confirm the wisdom of not blogging when discouraged – here is what I have to share today. 515 more words


Your 20s Are The Time To Sort Out Your Sleeping Habbits

In your 20s you’re supposedly in your physical prime. Biologically it’s as good as it’s going to get. This doesn’t mean you can take this for granted and a lot of 20 somethings are starting to realise they have to cut down on alcohol, not smoke and even take radical steps like joining a gym. 704 more words


The Chicago Blackhawks and Your Blood Pressure: Doctor Kevin Most Diagnoses the Hawks

The Chicago Blackhawks aren’t trying to kill you… but the stress of watching them is actually something to be aware of. Doctor Kevin Most explains what you should look for, and understand we aren’t kidding when we say that. 903 more words

Steve Cochran


Lowering Cholesterol, Burning Fat, High Blood Pressure

Two factors that can develop hypertension is being overweight and having an unhealthy lifestyle. Both cause hardening and narrowing of arteries that can lead to possible heart problems. 456 more words

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